Amarraron a dog to the train tracks to amputate their legs – San Antonio (Chile)

Wild tortured dog in San Antonio: There are 3 cases in the sector.

Born bad they seriously injuring the tender dog, It asks only love: You coratron legs and tail.

A horrible case of animal cruelty was exposed in Llolleo, in the Region of Valparaiso, where a neighbor found a mutilated dog and bleeding near the train lines.

It is a sweet and harmless white and hairy cachupina, with a few eyes full of goodness that only called for love. But that anything served him when he crossed in the way of some thugs who amarraron it tracks so the train it desmembrara.

Pure miracle, the straw, still has no name, he survived the mutilation of their two glides, his right hand and its tail.

After the savage and cowardly attack occurred last Saturday, the animal was abandoned to their fate in the middle of a peladero of Llolleo. Destiny wanted that dog lover Fernando Orellana happen out there.

"Missing two legs", It bled a lot and was full of mud, "I was frozen when I saw", was the man, that, without hesitation, he rescued the cachupina with some friends.

"I took the dog to the animal rescue of San Antonio Center and there gave him emergency aid", but now need to collaborate us a veterinarian that you operate the right leg, "because you can be saved", begged gold ladle.

The director of the Museum and center of San Antonio's Animal Rescue, Jose Luis Brito, he lodged a complaint with the police investigations for punishment and justice for mutilated dog and other canitos who would have suffered the same fate.

"Already three cases of dogs that are tied and thrown into the train lines in the sector of the fundo de Llolleo where they found this bitch going in San Antonio", that's why we did the complaint, "so that this stops", explained Brito.

By now, the cachupina receives the love and care of his Savior, that unfortunately not you stay with her because he has other three collected dogs.

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Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds.

Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds. These greyhounds have been used by hunters in the hunts that are held throughout the country and one time the hunting season ends or simply animals are useless, These are abandoned or are prisoners of a slow and painful death. They will be sprayed with acid, beaten, tortured, thrown into wells or hung from an olive tree or tapia with a slight margin in the rope so that they die slowly. Sometimes you are trying to burn for not leaving a trace and avoid problems with the ecologist associations of the area.

Since the 2010 the article 337 the Penal Code condemns the cruelty against animals. The view is that the laws are not sufficient to stop the deaths and retirements of this beautiful, affectionate and noble animal. The carelessness of the institutions and the lack of response to complaints is that year after year repeat the suffering of Spanish greyhounds.

Numerous associations working so that in other countries they know the terrible situation facing these animals in Spain. Many associations of my adopted country (Sweden) are you dedicated to the rescue of dogs, they bring galgos that are hosted by families. And it is that despite the prejudices that exist in Spain the greyhounds are excellent pets that adapts to live to any home. They are clean, quiet,just barking and are ideal for people who have allergies.

In Spain there are 180.000 galgueros engaged in the breeding of greyhounds. Hunting with greyhounds is still be forbidden even though the scandal involving the neglect and torture these animals each year and despite the fact that this kind of activity is prohibited in most of the European countries. In villages where there are hunts people simply look away and ignore what happens year after year. And look for another side in this case makes us complicit in this outrage.

In front of my house of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) one of these galgueros lived when I was small. Throughout his life this galguera had crammed in tiny rooms to greyhounds who only saw the light of the Sun when they were mobilised to the hunting. The streets were full of fleas and ticks in the summer. This situation remained always as well unless the City Council nor the authorities do nothing to close the atrocity. Although what more regretted always is the lack of initiative of passivity and the people who saw this situation as normal.

The greatness of a people is measured by how it treats its animals. We are all accomplices to look away when they start hunting seasons and these animals are brought to a certain death. The allegations are necessary, but it is also necessary to take action and rescue these animals of their torturers. Adopt a Greyhound instead of buying another type of dog is an excellent action and also to avoid the proliferation of farms that are real dogs factories without taking into account the well-being of dogs living there.

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A gauge is doldrums shot dead at the gates of the protective of Albacete


The Animalist party denounces the mass abandonment of galgos by hunters in Castilla La Mancha. Between May and November the protective 'Noah's Ark', Albacete, It has collected 185 greyhounds.

A gauge was found dead next to the facilities of the Albacete animal shelter. His body was filled with pellets and had a rope tied around his neck. In addition, He had started the microchip so it is not possible to identify and denounce the guilty party.

Thousands of greyhounds are abandoned during the season of hunting in Spain, drowning, tortured, hanged. From party animal we denounce the galgueros and hunters as responsible for an absolutely illegal practice, and we are responsible for this situation to our rulers and the own justice, that show is unrelated to this drama.

Every day, protective of all Spain reported us reports warning of the seriousness of the situation. "This is the truth and the reality of hunting or races with Greyhound", "this is the truth that politicians and the authorities ever want to see", Javier Navarro highlights outraged, spokesman for the protection of animals.

The past 4 in October of 2011, the Intergroup for Animal welfare in the European Parliament requested explanations Spain the treatment that hunters give the greyhounds in our country. In the letter, transmitted its concern at the cases documented by rescue organizations: the greyhounds are severely beaten, burned alive, sprayed with acid, lying in Wells, tied up in caves or abandoned to death by hunters when not already serve them.

The Animalist party regrets that” politicians consistently ignore the reality of a country in which, by the gutters, dogs that nobody wants to roam. A country that supports, It promotes and subsidizes the torture of animals. One country to the tail of Europe and the rest of the world, that turns its back on the terrible treatment who receive animals”.

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Sealed in Italy a Kennel of dogs for scientific vivisection

The Italian Police today sealed installations in Montichiari (North Italy) Green Hill company, dedicated to the breeding of dogs for vivisection in scientific research, suspicion of a possible crime of animal abuse.
This action, carried out in an operation involving some 30 agents, It is the result of the complaint lodged by the associations Legambiente and League Antiviviseccion (LAV) the judicial authorities of the province of Brescia (North Italy), According to police sources reported today.

The agents seized the Beagle dogs, both puppies and adults, they found onsite at Green Hill, composed of four ships, offices and land for a total of about five hectares, This Wednesday it remained under the seal of the Italian authorities.

“We look forward to inquiries in progress can shed light permanently on the actual conditions of enclosed animals”, said the Chairman of LAV, Gianluca Felicetti, in a statement.

Green Hill facilities were some 2.500 dogs, both puppies and adults for procreation, bred for this practice of dissection of live animals, even without anesthesia, scientific purposes, as they have denounced the associations for the defence of animals.

The past 28 April platforms “Green Hill close” and “We deal with Green Hill” They convened a protest that ended with the arrest of twelve activists, Once they managed to release around 30 dogs of installations in Montichiari.

Activists denounce every year 900.000 animals, including a few 1.000 dogs, they are used in six hundred Italian laboratories for scientific research of different types, something seeking to change soon with a law which provides for the prohibition on dog breeding Italy, cats and primates for experiments.
This draft law, that currently handles the Senate, do not close the doors to these animal experimentation, but forcing the use of anesthesia in the laboratories.

After the operation against Green Hill, both LAV and Legambiente called new senators to approve this law as soon as possible, with a view to “a clean research, Scientific and ethically acceptable”.

Source: EFE

The DPZ sensitized to avoid the abandonment of animals

Perro Abandonado...The Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza you try to educate the residents of the province to prevent the abandonment of animals, through various campaigns and with the work that develops the hostel dogs available in move.

Speaking to Europa Press, the Deputy delegate of these facilities, Francisco Artajona, It has pointed out that, Although the issues related to public health and hygiene in the developing are competence of Councils, in the year 1995 provincial services already carried out a study on the problem posed in many localities the abandonment of animals and the presence of dogs ' vagrants’ or dangerous in the municipalities.

“Many consistories have no economic capacity or human resources to provide this service” and give a solution to this problem, so in 1996 the Diputación de Zaragoza signed an agreement with the town councils of the province to offer a service of collection of abandoned animals.

Like this, dogs that are collected in the municipalities are the hostel provincial institution has in the Zaragoza move district, with capacity “for twenty or thirty dogs and our own collection service”.

Alongside the collection of dogs 'vagrants' service, the institution also came free of charge to pick up animals whose families wanted to get rid of them “for various reasons, by not being able to keep them, by sick or because did not want to have them more”.


After analyzing this situation with associations, with the aim of “do not dispose people just like that” your pets and to avoid “foster” This attitude, the Diputación de Zaragoza has changed the terms of the agreements with municipalities so that it will not attend pick up animals from individuals, Although Yes it will maintain the service in case of stray dogs, to try to “avoid conducive to its abandonment”.

When began to provide this service, over the years 90, “We gather thousand dogs a year. Now people are more sensitive and no longer exist these abandoned dogs, the problem has disappeared almost in a 80 per cent”.

In this way, This provincial service workers already not attend private houses to pick up pets, Although it will “people come to leave them here (in the hostel of move)”, a service which will be charged now “a token amount”.

Is about maintaining the service in case of stray dogs but also of “not to provide facilities to the abandonment“, It has highlighted Artajona, to underline that this question “We are quite concerned about”. With regard to the future of the dogs listed, He has commented that “We have also encouraged the adoption free”, so that the persons concerned may adopt a dog in these facilities “totally free”.

Last but not least, the honourable Member has detailed that the institution is going to outsource the service of the kennel in move, with the agreement of the provincial groups of the DPZ, to improve the conditions of service and with the same objective of “foster adoptions” and, you have completed making, “We will be vigilant so that it works”.

Source: Europapress

They are a dog with a possible hanging in Bolaños injury (Ciudad Real) – Spain

A young couple were found yesterday in one of the ditches of the highway that goes from Bolaños to Almagro de Calatrava a dog with "obvious signs of having been hanged" and a fracture in one of his legs. A year of life animal is a crusader of various breeds (mestizo) and he was transferred to the Equican clinic in the capital, where your veterinarian, Carlos Espinar assured that the dog has "important injury of having suffered a hanging", because as explained "it has the rope wound in the neck".

The bitch, It carried no microchip, need to now be operated. An intervention, said for Espinar, It is a cost of a few 500 EUR, so with the aim of seeking funding shall be carried out some posters with his image, It will be distributed by different parts of the capital and the province, and thus to raise the maximum money possible. Although at the moment it is unknown who has been able to carry out this fact, from the protective of animals of Ciudad Real and with the help of Espinar, Veterinary partner of the protective, We will work to clarify what happened, because «you have to give out this type of things». And is that, According to the own veterinarian is not the first time that throughout his entire professional career he has encountered situations like this, "somewhat frequently", Adds.

It could be many cases like this, says, so well remember the time where he had to go to a container in search of a living dog with a bait in one of his legs.

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They throw a puppy to a container of crystals the night of the final of the UEFA European Championship – Rota (Cadiz)


Last Sunday, during the celebration of the victory of the Spanish football team, someone tossed to a container buried glass to a six-month puppy in the area of the stadium 'Arturo sailing tips'. Thanks to a neighbor heard the cries of the animal and he provided the voice of alarm, This dog, that from the humane ' Siempre Contigo’ He has christened 'Spain', is in perfect condition and ready to be adopted.

The dog was not injured, only some scratches, and after the veterinary assessment, their State of health is good, But if it fails to be by the neighbour he probably heard their howls its end would have been another more dramatic.

The protection of animals, that has taken charge of the US, He wanted to thank the persistence of its neighbour which warned of the event, that was not it moved from the scene of the accident until the rescue occurred, as well as the Local police, he rescued after the opening of the container to the animal and gave him first aid before being brought to a veterinarian.

From ' Siempre Contigo’ they have expressed their profound rejection of this event, and they have highlighted the fact that “While all Spain and the rotenos celebrated as healthy and happy for the victory of the selection, someone tossed to the puppy to a container. We do not know what can lead a person to do something so wretched”, They explain through their official website,

In holiday seasons such as summer drop-outs of animals percentage rise in a remarkable way, and the work of the protective of animals as ' Siempre Contigo’ Multiplies. It is not uncommon that they are with cases of ill-treatment and cruelty towards animals like this bitch, that if not for the intervention of a citizen would have faced certain death.

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Defenders of animals published stunning images on the consumption of dogs in China.

The Chinese market where they killed and cooked dogs in Beijing, China

The Asian giant is one of the eleven countries of the world where dog meat is not only legal practice, but socially accepted. But defenders of animals flows have grown dramatically in recent years, demonstrating against this practice.

A group of activists infiltrated in a market in which kidnap, kill and cooked dogs to collect images. The dogs are served on makeshift tables to a large clientele which attends daily.

While customers eat in that same market, an important group of owners of bars and food buy meat to prepare in their respective businesses.

CAUTION: The stunning images taking activists may offend the sensibilities of the reader.

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