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Stopped by to kill your dog locked in a trunk to which


The national police have arrested a man accused of a crime in Huelva's animal abuse to cause death to a dog which left locked in the boot of his car for almost 24 hours without ventilation.

As reported by the national police in a statement, the detainee, C.D.M., has of … Read the rest

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Amarraron a dog to the train tracks to amputate their legs – San Antonio (Chile)

Abused dog

Wild tortured dog in San Antonio: There are 3 cases in the sector.

Born bad they seriously injuring the tender dog, It asks only love: You coratron legs and tail.

A horrible case of animal cruelty was exposed in Llolleo, in the Region of Valparaiso, donde un vecino encontróRead the rest

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Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds.

Abandoned Greyhound

Each year are abandoned to their fate a few 60.000 Spain greyhounds. These greyhounds have been used by hunters in the hunts that are held throughout the country and one time the hunting season ends or simply animals are useless, éstos son abandonados oRead the rest

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A gauge is doldrums shot dead at the gates of the protective of Albacete

Gauge dead


The Animalist party denounces the mass abandonment of galgos by hunters in Castilla La Mancha. Between May and November the protective 'Noah's Ark', Albacete, It has collected 185 greyhounds.

A gauge was found dead next to the facilities of the Albacete animal shelter. Its … Read the rest

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Sealed in Italy a Kennel of dogs for scientific vivisection


The Italian Police today sealed installations in Montichiari (North Italy) Green Hill company, dedicated to the breeding of dogs for vivisection in scientific research, suspicion of a possible crime of animal abuse.
This action, llevada a cabo en una operación enRead the rest

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The DPZ sensitized to avoid the abandonment of animals

Abandoned dog

The Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza you try to educate the residents of the province to prevent the abandonment of animals, mediante distintas campañas y con la labor que desarrolla el albergue de perros de que dispone en Movera.

Speaking to Europa Press, el diputado delegado de estasRead the rest

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They are a dog with a possible hanging in Bolaños injury (Ciudad Real) – Spain

dog hanged

A young couple were found yesterday in one of the ditches of the highway that goes from Bolaños to Almagro de Calatrava a dog with "obvious signs of having been hanged" and a fracture in one of his legs. El animal de un año de vida es unRead the rest

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They throw a puppy to a container of crystals the night of the final of the UEFA European Championship – Rota (Cadiz)

articles-132373 - 460 x 345


Last Sunday, during the celebration of the victory of the Spanish football team, someone tossed to a container buried glass to a six-month puppy in the area of the stadium 'Arturo sailing tips'. Gracias a que una vecinaRead the rest

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