They were going to kill to 500 dogs in China to produce food

 505 perros iban amontonados en 156 jaulas
Caged: The 505 dogs were stacked in 156 cages. Many died on the way. Photo: courtesy Daily Mail

The myth and prejudice that some retaurants serves food based on dogs is increasing with this news.

Last Tuesday, in the province of Yunnan They stopped a truck that was loaded with 505 dogs that went right to the slaughterhouse. The authorities suspected that the dogs (living and dead) they were to be used to produce food and in this way, they would be marketed in the culinary industry.

The truck was stopped Thanks to Twitter and Weibo users complaints (a widespread social network in China), It warned several activists who made the corresponding complaint that they stopped the truck.

But officials of the Department of inspection of animals could do nothing, According to Daily Mail, the owner of the truck had license to sell dogs. In China, as in other 10 countries, they believe that dog meat is fit for human consumption, which is why there is a law to protect animals in these cases.

Thus, the Group of defenders of dogs activists, opted to purchase the cargo (amounting to close to the 10 thousand dollars) to avoid that they become food.

To lower the truck, many animals had already died by the overcrowded conditions in which they were travelling. While in this case saved many dogs, the law protects not them, so ruled out that situations like this continue to occur in the Asian country.

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They rescued a dog that was spraying poison and sandwiched in a cave in La Gomera – Spain

Hunting with dogs in La Gomera

The Association Pro Animal Gomera It was reported that collaborators of the protective and the Civil Guard officers have rescued a dog that was spraying poison and sandwiched in a cave in the area of La Hoya, in Valle Gran Rey.

The rescue occurred thanks to a few neighbors notice, those who having heard continual amourning dog that came from the cliff decided to upload to inspect the site, explained the Secretary of Pro Animal, Dominique Lecroc.

Neighbors found the bottom of a cave walled with stones to a large black dog, with rottweiler German Shepherd miscellany, tied with a rope and that gave off a strong smell to poison. The dog, about seven years, presented malnutrition and dehydration, lack of hair and muscles, and burns on the eyelids, noted Lecroc. The animal was transferred to the veterinarian to receive first aid and later evacuated to a canine hotel Tenerife.

Pro Animal Gomera, that it had submitted complaint before Civil Guard and the city of Valle Gran Rey, It has requested the cooperation of citizens to find out the identity of the owner of the animal. Remember that the cave where he found the dog is located in a steep and very little frequented place, so it believes can be a neighbor in the area.

It denounces that in so far this year already has been in La Gomera more dropouts of animals than ever, as well as a considerable increase in acts of cruelty. In this regard, It refers to some recent events as puppies thrown into a container inside a garbage bag or other seven launched from a car could only of those who save two.

Photos: – canariasactual / gomeraverde


100 slaughtered dogs, each month, in the wings Peruvian University of Lima (Peru)

(Photo: Channel 5)

The Organization of advocates for animals Group charity, He denounced that hundreds of dogs are slaughtered on the premises of the Peruvian wings University, as part of a course of the Faculty of veterinary medicine.

Through a video recorded by one of the students of the University are scenes of torture carried out animals, alleged medical purposes.

"We are very indignant at this massacre", "by the savagery that is when the dog bleeds they take anesthetized blood and live yet", the representative of this group indicated, Fernando Moreno.

Also, He said that "in that power they sacrifice monthly" 100 dogs, purchased to 50 "Suns and they are collected by the students on the street".

At last, He noted that students are being threatened with disprove the course if they sacrifice not dogs. The Association has scheduled a seedling from the University Centre, next Friday 20.


More than 20.000 stray dogs are brutally murdered each year in Mauritius

A dog jump in search of its owner. He is sentenced to death in the Kennel of Port Louis, Mauritius. The 80% the captured dogs are pets with owner.

Up the 80% These dogs they are snapped up to their owners in the doors of their houses while they rest placidly in the porch or simply while walking uncaring of the looks of their owners.

A dog frantically back kicks, with their legs tied by a rough rope while a man with a red Baseball Cap, It deeply sinks a needle into his heart.

There is a final and desperate struggle, then a heartbreaking howl rips the shameful morning tropical surprise to traders of the market fence and silencing the singing of the birds. When the Yelp becomes groan, the dog is kicked to the interior of a Kennel awaiting almost certain death. It is a slow and painful death, the result of a lethal injection administered by a death squad.

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Denounce the abandonment of 22 horses on a farm of Manganeses la Lampreana – Zamora (Spain)

Caballos abandonados
A Mare, in deplorable health and hygiene conditions in Arucas

Animal defence ensures that they have symptoms of 'severe malnutrition'

The Zamora Animal defense Association has denounced the situation of «abuse» and «symptoms of severe malnutrition"with 22 horses on a farm of Manganeses la Lampreana. The facts, they have been reported to the Seprona of the Guardia Civil, they were corroborated by two members of the Association in defense of animals joined in the plot where the horses after receiving the notice of several citizens.

Once there, Defence Animal volunteers proved that horses were «symptoms of severe malnutrition as well as unequivocal signs of abandonment».

The Organization sources have pointed out that «horses lacked access to water», «Since the brook that drank another years gone due to current drought». According to witnesses, «the animals have survived drinking the urine through the estate from the town of Manganeses la Lampreana». As aggravating, «equines have no shelter to shelter from inclement weather and predators».

Faced with this situation the association defending Animal Zamora has lodged a complaint with the nature protection service of Castile and León for breach of the law 32/2007 of 7 November, for the care of animals in its exploitation, transport, experimentation and sacrifice, as the Royal Decree 804/2011, of 10 of June, which regulates the zootechnical management, health and animal welfare of corners farms and establishing the equine health plan. Defenders of animals also requested that horses «are withdrawn to the defendant in a preventive way», «to prevent the Commission of further infringements».

The Association calls for end of «few before with this social scourge which is abuse», "torture and mistreatment of non-human animals".

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400.000 signatures in Congress to stiffen penalties for animal abuse, including the bulls

Perro abandonado

The platform for the defence of animals ' No Al maltrato animal’ He asked with 400.000 signatures in Congress that harden this type of penalties in the criminal code, without making distinctions between pets and others as the bulls.

The platform for the defence of animals ' No Al maltrato animal’ He asked with 400.000 signatures in Congress that harden this type of penalties in the criminal code, without making distinctions between pets and others as the bulls.

Speaking to Europa Press, the representative of 'No to animal abuse', Marta Esteban, He pointed out that abuse and killing of an animal in Spain only responsible for has a penalty of three months to one year in prison, at the same time that has highlighted that if the perpetrator has no history “only pay a simple fine”.

Accompanied by the exministra of environment and spokesperson for the PSOE in the Congress of climate change, Cristina Narbona, the spokesman of the advocacy has spoken out against tolerance which exists in Spain with the bullfights where, in his view, They torture and murder the bulls.

“Abuse cannot be exceptions depending on the animal species to which it relates. Why can not understand how in the bull Yes it is tolerated and supports from many areas of society”, It has insisted, at the same time which has been pointed out that these signatures have been collected in its website and through demonstrations that have taken place in the past year against animal abuse, as the of this last Sunday in Madrid and elsewhere 25 Spanish cities, to ask for the hardening of those penalties.


Precisely, last week a group of Spanish bullfighters presented Congress a legislative popular initiative in requesting that the bulls pass to be considered an asset of cultural interest, After the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia.

For this reason, This platform also calls with these firms to the Executive that accede to the European Convention for the protection of domestic animals, so the animals can enjoy the same protection as the rest of the animals part of Europe, as I have asked many countries of the EU.

The same, Esteban explains that, faced with the impossibility of having a National Animal Protection Act, Since it is a competence of the autonomous communities, with this collection of signatures is exercised the right of petition, It recognizes the Constitution, to ask the courts a hardening of the “ridiculous contained penalties” in the criminal code.


It is an organic law, the criminal code may not be a Popular legislative initiative (ILP), but its modification is Basic for the promoters of this collection of signatures to ensure its implementation throughout the Spanish.

Speaking to Europa Press, Narbonne has explained that, Although the Spanish legislation provides for penalties on this type of crime, the interpretation of them is still “laxa”.

In fact, He recalled that during the last Socialist term in Congress was studied this issue through a Committee of experts to reinforce the basic legislation on animal protection. In addition, It has apostils than the Executive of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero “had everything ready” to ratify the Convention before cited of 1992.

' No to Animal abuse’ born as a popular initiative on the Internet a year ago and she gone adheriendo different associations in defense of animals as the Foundation Altarriba, Greyhounds without frontiers, the Animal Association for the defence of animals (ANDA), the Association of veterinarians abolitionists of the Tauromaquía (AVAT), the Spanish Coordinator of Animal protection (ECA), as well as Equo, among other organizations.

Via Europa Press
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Can travel with my pet in the hold of an aircraft?? Not, Thank you!

Mascotas en avión

Can travel with my pet in the hold of an aircraft?? Not, Thank you! Yes, is a task. I know.
If to my tell me that my kitten has to travel in the cargo hold, probably I fell the soul at the foot, but is what is.
Animals only may travel with us in the cabin if a number of conditions.

Otherwise, your choose: or are they going to the winery, or they do not fly.
Each company varies a bit conditions, but in general, to carry in the cabin, It must be that:

-Either a dog or a cat. The parakeets, Canaries and birds in general are not allowed in the passenger cabin, and less with the theme of influenza avian. Most airlines do not allow the transport of exotic animals.
-You must provide all the necessary documentation: international pet passport, implanted microchip and Primer of vaccinations. If the animal is less than 3 months, as still not so you can be vaccinated against rabies, You can not travel.
-The pet will have remain enclosed in a container or carrier which can be comfortable, and to be rigid and resistant to water.
-The total weight of the animal + container, ranges between 6 and 8 kg. If the total weight exceeds, It will be sent to Winery.
-You will have to pay a supplement for your friend. Between 20€ and 150€ depending on the route. If Winery, between 50€ and 200€.
-Must stay the entire trip within the container. You are not allowed to remove them from the carrier nor a single second. It is advisable to sedate them half an hour before the flight. The measures of the carrier, again dependent on the airline, but they must not exceed the 44cmx21cmx23cm.

Eye, that in some countries it is not allowed to travel with animals or in cabin, or as cargo in warehouse.
And as always, as no…la final decision that the animal can fly, is the Commander. There are never problems, But if a passenger quejase, It will be he who decides if you can fly or not.
Guide dogs, they can always fly in cockpit, regardless of weight, and without carrier. I know from experience that they are more docile and obedient animals that I have never been on a plane. They do not bother, they do not protest, they do not move and are always awaiting his master's.

Now well, If you have to go down to cabin, is supposed to be pressurized and equipped. Remember as if they were not air conditioned, the animals returned you them made ice cubes. In cruise altitude, It can reach temperatures of up to-40 °.
Even so, to be realistic, It will always make more cold in that cellar in the cabin. And van solitos…

So already know to your pets diet already!

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FIMASCOTA 2012: Exposition canine in Valladolid

Fimascota 2012: Antonio Horcajo y Tuna (Galgo Afgano)

Last Saturday (25 February), We were visiting the dogshow whose title heads this post. Already then in house, plays investigate, because it is interesting to know from where emerge things and what type of event is this. Because, We found history narration.

FIMASCOTA It is an event on an annual basis that organizes the Society dog show Castellana, This year we have been able to enjoy it in the 25 to the 26 in February of 2012 in the facilities of the fairground of the Feria de Valladolid. For lovers of pets is an unmissable, because it is an ideal time to see close rare breeds ('rare' because they are not fashion, or because it is difficult to get ejemplares…).

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