Posted by tiadoc | 3 March 2012

FIMASCOTA 2012: Exposition canine in Valladolid

An Afghan Greyhound in FIMASCOTA 2012

Last Saturday (25 February), We were visiting the dogshow whose title heads this post. Already then in house, plays investigate, because it is interesting to know from where emerge things and what type of event is this. Because, We found history narration.

FIMASCOTA es un evento de carácterRead the rest

Posted by pets | 2 March 2012

Spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria


Defenders of animals have managed to thwart the strange tradition of spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria which is in turn dogs over a river, tied to a rope, in order to prevent rabies. … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 18 January 2012

11 countries who still eat dog meat

caged dog

Eleven countries around the world still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the Arctic and Antarctica and two cantons of Switzerland.

China: While the Chinese were the first to domesticate dogs and keeping them as pets, … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 8 January 2012

Support with your signature to avoid the horrible slaughter of animals in China.


Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and massacred in China each year. Their skins have high demand in the world and the Chinese supplied the goods. That is not sent abroad usually ends in the dishes.

El triste hecho es que los animales generalmente sufren doloresRead the rest

Posted by pets | 18 December 2011

Young mother, torture of his yorkshire up to kill him with his daughter for three years – Brazil

animal torture

Image of the video for torture

Still you have not shutdown in Brazil Titan eco, the buried four months dog live in the city in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo, in the city of Novo Horizonte, When another case of animal torture, This time, llevada hastaRead the rest

Posted by pets | 16 December 2011

They are banned circuses with animals in Germany

German circuses

Circuses that offer shows at Germany may not have future numbers by elephants, bears, Tigers or lions, in a measure based on the protection of animals, as media in Berlin reported.

La prohibición fue solicitada oficialmente al Parlamento por los jefes deRead the rest

Posted by pets | 15 December 2011

The 60% the pet that give away just abandoned or abused – Spain



Sixty percent of pets which give end up abandoned or abused, as he has denounced the Association Zamora Animal defence at the launch of an awareness campaign to warn that at Christmas, ‘Los animales no sonRead the rest

Posted by pets | 13 December 2011

Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog buried alive


The small live buried Titan

Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog of four months who its owner, the Peddler, Alexandre Rodrigues, to get rid of it, After having abused, buried it alive. There was the puppy buried under the Earth, during 12 … Read the rest

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