Spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria


Defenders of animals have managed to thwart the strange tradition of spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria which is in turn dogs over a river, tied to a rope, in order to prevent rabies.

For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of a rural area of Bulgaria, Brodilovo, in the southeast of the country, they have carried out this annual ritual of spring.
It's turn dogs clamped by a rope extended until that was tense and then thread the dog through a knot at the end.

Local residents then leave the animal to fall into the water with the inertia of the giro.
Terrified dogs reach such high speeds are unable to swim at the time of fall River.

However, the Pagan tradition – prohibited by law in 2006, but it is still practiced – This year was thwarted after that organization for the rights of animals montaroan a campaign to denounce the cruelty.
The members for the rights of the animals of Sofia have guarded the shores of the Veleka River, passing the weekend for locals to comply with the law.

Video with cruel images, not recommended for sensitive people:

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11 countries who still eat dog meat

Eleven countries around the world still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the Arctic and Antarctica and two cantons of Switzerland.

China: While the Chinese were the first to domesticate dogs and keeping them as pets, dog meat has been a source of food since at least the time of Confucius, and possibly even before.

Indonesia: Eating dog meat is generally associated with the people of the culture Batak Toba, which they cook a traditional dish called saksang which is like a dog meat stew.

Mexico: The dogs were historically bred by the Aztecs for its meat. These dogs were called itzcuintlis, and they were often photographed in the pre-Columbian pottery from Mexico.

Philippines: In the capital, Manila, the law specifically prohibits the slaughter and sale of dogs for food, except in certain circumstances, including research and animal population control.

Polynesia: The dogs were traditionally eaten in Tahiti and other islands of Polynesia at the time of first European contact in 1769.

Taiwan: Taiwan dog meat is particularly food in the winter months, especially black dogs, Since it is believed it help retain body heat.

Korea: Gaegogi literally means “meat dog in Korean. Gaegogi, However, It is often confused with the term for Korea soup from dog meat, bosintang. The aversion felt by lovers of dogs, especially in the West, It has made this dish is very controversial.

Switzerland: According to a newspaper report of Switzerland in 1996, the rural Swiss cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen is known to they have had a tradition of raising dogs to eat, dog jerky and sausage meat curing, as well as the use of lard for medicinal purposes.

Viet Nam: Dog meat is eaten in all Viet Nam. For many northerners, is very popular and relatively expensive. It is served in several specialty restaurants.

Arctic and Antarctic: Dogs have historically been an emergency food source for the various peoples of Siberia, Alaska, North of Canada and Greenland. The sled dogs tend to keep to pull sleds, but occasionally eaten when no other food available.

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Support with your signature to avoid the horrible slaughter of animals in China.

Tens of millions of animals are slaughtered and massacred in China each year. Their skins have high demand in the world and the Chinese supplied the goods. That is not sent abroad usually ends in the dishes.

The sad fact is that the animals usually suffer indescribable pain. They are captured on the streets and locked up in small cages, without ability of movement. They are then released from the truck to the ground along with cages, as if they were loaded, hit with each other and with iron cages.

MAS tarde, the same cages are stacked on each other and then the real nightmare begins.
The worker gets brutally to the animal's cage and tied it so don't fight it, then he hit on the head to stun him, but it is still alive. Sometimes, If the animal is not heavy, the worker takes it by the hind legs, it spins it in the air and hit his head on the floor; After that the animal surrenders, starts a new and incredible stage in this endless nightmare, the worker makes a small cut in the rear of the animal and then begins to Flay the skin carefully, a proceeding that takes as a minute, until that takes all the skin the animal, and during this time, worker is concerned let him live.

The explanation is that while the animal is alive and hot, and the blood flowing in their veins, It is easier to get the skin.

Nor then ends the nightmare and the last stage in this incredible process is when they released the animal to the pile along with fellow, all despellejados, all still alive, until slowly, Unable to endure their sufferings, exalan one by one his last breath.

In other cases, When is the skin of animals not necessary, usually it's cats, they get a certain number of cats in a sack and introduce within a drum with boiling water, Thus cooked alive cats.

This process is extremely difficult to understand, but we believe that it is not driven by the cruelty, but by ignorance and lack of knowledge. Workers do not think to kill the animal at first and are not aware of their suffering.

In this case is our responsibility to others to open their eyes. It is our duty moral for these animals. If we close our eyes, will this not end!!

Sign the petition now.


[stextbox id=”warning” float=”true” width =”660″]Video with harsh images, not recommended for sensitive people.

“>Stand by animals in China. from 00″>ptroa on Vimeo.

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Young mother, torture of his yorkshire up to kill him with his daughter for three years – Brazil

Image of the video for torture

Still you have not shutdown in Brazil Titan eco, the buried four months dog live in the city in the interior of the State of Sao Paulo, in the city of Novo Horizonte, When another case of animal torture, This time, done to death, It has shaken this Friday afternoon to all lovers of Brazilian animals.

The case, It is in the hands of the police in the town of Formosa, a 75 kilometres from the capital of Brasilia, It is more serious than the Titan for three reasons: because this time it's a woman, a young mother of 23 years; because acts of torture were carried out in the presence of his daughter about three years and because the animal has been killed not to bear the bad durados tratatos, apparently, several days unlike Titan, that buried alive during 12 hours managed to survive and appears to have been saved because it improves every day and has already begun to walk and eat only.
The news has jumped to newspapers and social networks because the police reported the three minute video duration that he had received anonymously and it has immediately come with indignation social networks.

In the video, I did not want to link because of the hardness of your images, see young throwing the dog against the wall, one it and trying to suffocate him in a bucket. The video features the girl who does not seem to have more than three years.

See the rest of the news via blogs.elpais.com

They are banned circuses with animals in Germany

Circuses that offer shows at Germany may not have future numbers by elephants, bears, Tigers or lions, in a measure based on the protection of animals, as media in Berlin reported.

The prohibition was officially requested to Parliament by the heads of provincial governments, competent for the circus shows in the country. It goes without saying that the provision will have parliamentary approval.

The measure does not affect domestic animals, like dogs, chickens or rabbits, but considered "savages", that they "need attention", "food and special care that travelling circuses cannot offer", According to the motion submitted officially in Berlin by the executives of provincial governments.

"Joy and fun of the audience that attends a circus performance not can be purchased with the suffering of the animals", notes the initiative.
It is estimated that in Germany Act between 200 and 250 circuses.

Via: prensanimalista

The 60% the pet that give away just abandoned or abused – Spain


Sixty percent of pets which give end up abandoned or abused, as he has denounced the Association Zamora Animal defence at the launch of an awareness campaign to warn that at Christmas, 'The animals are not a gift'.

As explained, the objective is to prevent “the irresponsible acts” in dealing with animals and in particular, with cats and dogs, it become very requested gifts at this time.

To draw the attention of the society, from Animal Defense they pegarán 300 posters in shops and Zamoran facilities, allocated 3.000 diptychs, and have sent letters to the AMPAS to give talks on this issue of trade with animals.

In addition, during the weekends of the 17 and 24 in December they will have information tables in the city where also offer questionnaires to ensure that potential buyers will realize if they are really capable of having pets.

From this partnership, In addition to remember the existence of two protective of animals in Zamora, released questions that must be taken into account before purchasing an animal.

However, They agreed to adopt an animal that is in a protective, Although they believe that it should be made personally and not as a gift to a third party.

This campaign is financed to 100% by the Association, Although they have the support of the City Council of Zamora.


Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog buried alive

The small live buried Titan

Brazil has mobilized that Titan will not die, the dog of four months who its owner, the Peddler, Alexandre Rodrigues, to get rid of it, After having abused, buried it alive. There was the puppy buried under the Earth, during 12 hours, victim of a useless cruelty and without a name, unless someone saw remove earth and got him out still alive.

The citizens of the industrial town of Novo Horizonte, in the State of Sao Paulo, site of the event, they have turned the fight to save the small Titan, in a symbol of resistance, that has jumped much further away from the city of 40.000 inhabitants. Up from the United States, have been interested and offered assistance to veterinarians who are trying it to so that they can save it.

Multipart come to Novo Horizonte, dozens of specialty products to try by all means that the baby will not die. It is almost a challenge against barbarism and they would consider its survival as the best Christmas gift.
According to the veterinary, Viviane Cristina da Silva, Titan situation is very serious because it suffers from a very strong anemia which prevents them from currently operate it.

The owner of the dog buried alive, for which there is already a national and international list of persons willing to adopt it if survives, It has disappeared and he could be jailed for cruelty to animals according to Brazilian laws.

The case of Titan, a totally useless and barbaric violence and the thousands of articles that the case is causing on the internet and the comments on social networks, It has once again put on the table the so discussed subject of "animal rights". Can human torture for free these defenseless creatures?? Precisely these days in Brazil, on networks, the more impressed with the horror of the dog buried alive, children are, whose outrage creates enormous tenderness and at the same time forcing adults to think. Perhaps children, fragile and helpless as his friends the kittens or cats or birds, are reflected, better than us, in the symbolism of the gratuitous violence.

My friend and admired philosopher, Fernando Savater, with who I usually identify almost always and always I have read with use and admiration of disciple, usually defend the animals may not require rights because they do not know the duties. And that violence against animals ( starting with perpetrated in the Bullfight) It is more a problem of aesthetics than ethics.

The truth is that every day more science discovers how animals and not only mammals, they have feelings and emotional requirements and manifestations that occur in the relationships as jealousy, passion, pain, Thanks etc. If they do not know their duties, We know your requirements and needs. We also know that without them, the Earth would be a desert and that often they are those who give us lessons on how to love life and how to be grateful.

Hopefully Titan, emblem of all the pain that humans inflict animals and nature in general, It can survive as a hope that care and our love for them can be stronger than the barbarism we inflict them.

Source: elpais.com/wind-of-brasil

They leave and kill hunting dogs to save money – Catalonia (Spain)

Hunting dogs kept in a hideout in Tarragona. (F. Altarriba.)

Tied up in the middle of the forest or kept in warehouses, seriously injured by wild boar and suffering ill-treatment continuously. Thus living hundreds of dogs in hunting in Catalonia. According to denounce the protective, their owners stuck them a shot which lead them to the vet, so save some 400 EUR. Needless to say that this course of action is illegal.

Read moreThey leave and kill hunting dogs to save money — Catalonia (Spain)

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