They leave and kill hunting dogs to save money – Catalonia (Spain)

Hunting dogs kept in a hideout in Tarragona. (F. Altarriba.)

Tied up in the middle of the forest or kept in warehouses, seriously injured by wild boar and suffering ill-treatment continuously. Thus living hundreds of dogs in hunting in Catalonia. According to denounce the protective, their owners stuck them a shot which lead them to the vet, so save some 400 EUR. Needless to say that this course of action is illegal.

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Extermination of cats and dogs by euro – Ukraine

Ukraine prepares to host the European Football Championship 2012 and its efforts to present a country more elegant has caused that want to eliminate all street animals. The solution to the problem has been to kill them.

The Ukraine Government has decided get rid of all cats and dogs Street of the city to clean it before the arrival of journalists, players and tourists visiting the city with a view to the holding of the euro 2012, According to the daily "The Sun"

An investigation found that the animals were not relocated, but they were poisoned or shot. Only in Kiev, the capital of the country, It is estimated that a 20.000 animals have been killed.

In the city of Donetsk, a Kennel has received approximately 40 euros per each dog who has sacrificed. This news will certainly affect both to the animal lovers as lovers of football.

Ukraine, together with Poland organizes the European Championship 2012, It was announced earlier this month that would kill dogs. But Judith Pein, of the German branch of PETA, People for the ethical treatment of animals, It has ensured that this It is still happening.

According to Judith, “It would be cruel to do this anyway, but do it for football is outrageous. The people in these shelters which we call told us it was old and sick dogs, but there was no puppies from there”

"These murders this directly related to the holding of the euro" 2012. The killing of dogs is a business very cost effective”. PETA claims that they are not aware of how many dogs are killing in Poland.

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Romania approves it sacrificed the wild dogs

The Parliament of Romania sought to end on Tuesday with the chronic problem of the wild dogs by approving a draft law that will allow citizens to catch and kill the animals, a decision that has angered activists.

According to the authorities, There is more than 40.000 wild dogs in the streets of Bucharest, a problem exacerbated by dictator Nicolas Ceaucescu Communist, that forced thousands of people to move to apartments which could not do is charge of the animals.

In the 80, Ceauşescu ordered the destruction of many villages in the capital to make room for concrete apartment blocks. The problem of stray dogs has not undertaken properly since, and every year there are thousands of people receiving treatment for dog bites.

The new legislation allows that authorities slaughtered dogs no one take 30 days after his capture. However, municipalities would need to organize local referendums or carry out surveys if they want to impose this practice.

Activists for the rights of animals from around the world, including French actress Brigitte Bardot, they have begun to raise awareness of the problem, criticizing the project in Romania to kill dogs and instead proposing his capture and sterilization, a more complicated and expensive process.

“This is immoral”, He told Reuters by telephone Marcela Pisla, President of the Association of Cutu-Cutu animal rights.

“In any way, the wild dogs may not be captured, and animal lovers will hidden to many others, In addition to that there will always be puppies abandoned on the streets”, said.

During his tenure as Mayor of Bucharest at the beginning of the last decade, President Traian Basescu provoked protests by his attempt to clean up the capital of herds of stray dogs, throwing back finally in the face of international criticism.


Mistreating an animal in Aragon (Spain) It can cost 150.000 EUR

Complaint not be fed to 22 dogs in Fañanas, Huesca...FILE

It is the community with the penalty high for this type of crime. Since the beginning of year, the Seprona has received 25 allegations of mistreatment of animals, including that of a man hanged his dog

Mistreating an animal in Aragon It can cost up 150.253 EUR, the highest fine of all Spain and a lot distance which can be found in the rest of the country communities, Although it is not almost never imposed and also, "it is common that no one should pay", According to Mar García, President of the Aragonese protector of animals Alborada.

Since the beginning of year, the Seprona (Protection of the nature of the Civil Guard service) He has received 25 allegations of animal abuse in the three provinces. 17 of them took place in Teruel.

In most cases, denouncing the lack of food or the lack of control, and almost always it's pets. In a same farm in Zaragoza, for example, they arrived to find up to five irregularities. A serious, by keep livestock bravo in "poor sanitary conditions" and "weather, "lack of blocks".

The Law 11/2003 animal protection in the autonomous community of Aragon It establishes fines stepped by the type of crime: the light reaches the 600 EUR, the bass up to 6.000 and the very serious are punishable with 150.253 EUR.

The services provincial of agriculture de la Diputación General de Aragón are responsible for determining the seriousness of each case. In the BOA still not reported any cases that have received the highest fine. In fact, the majority does not nor the thousand euros.

Anyway, the potential penalties are far superior to the other communities of Spain. In Madrid, the maximum is of 30.000 EUR, in Asturias of 90.000, in Galicia of 15.000 and in Navarra, of 3.000.

A hanged dog

L'aliaga, ADPCA, PAW, Animal equality, Equanimal and Anima Naturalis are just some of the many associations that are working to ensure respect for the rights of animals in Aragon. There is even a party, PACMA-party animal in Aragon.

Alborada is on that list. "We take care of communicating the Seprona when there is any irregularity", has the President, that addition It praises the work of this unit of the Guardia Civil because it says that they act very quickly.

"The problem is that they reported", "be punished and then can not change the situation", says García. Those reported are declared insolvent or simply ignore the sanctions.

Remember a case that happened in Fañanas, Huesca, where a neighbor received a complaint by not feeding to 22 dogs. "The first warning was given in" 2005, he fined more than thousand euros. Three years later, He received another similar sentence, "but even last year was a live dog", says.

Also in Huesca, a few months ago was reported a man hanged his dog. In Zaragoza, so far year already several equidae and wild cattle by lack of feeding of owners have died.

"Recently we learned of a woman who called the police because in their building had two dogs on a low terrace". When speaking with the community of neighbors, "the woman owner of animals almost hit and since suffering harassment", says Mar García.

Source: Herald

A man buried alive to his dog and the police found two days later

The animal was saved ' in extremis’

That dog is man's best friend is a cliché, because the cruelty suffered by Jerry is him not nor an enemy. Its owner, an Italian of Desenzano del Garda, in the Lombard region, buried it half a meter in depth and covered with rubble. Their moans alerted to a pedestrian who told the police, After digging found the animal to die dehydrated.

The dog had been two days buried, a blindfold tied eyes completed torture planned by its owner, According to published ' Il Corriere della Sera'.

Jerry lay beneath the Earth and his salvation has been a miracle. A Walker, weird in that area in open country, he heard about from moans in an area near.

He alerted the police who arrived shortly after and after a few brief minutes of inspection on the ground they heard a somewhat distant cry, that came from bass about rubble.

There dug the officers who found the dog that was breathing with difficulty, soaring eyes with signs of dehydration.

After several hours of research, the police identified the owner of Jerry. The man admitted having buried alive his dog 40 hours before.

He is now charged with animal abuse, aggravated by the cruelty of the fact, While the dog has been relocated to a refuge for animals in Brescia, location where the event occurred.

  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano

  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano
  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano
  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano

Source: Telecinco

Mayor of San Joaquin (Chile) It could be removed by abandoned dogs killing case

Image: Press animal

Determined to reach the ultimate conclusion is Patricia Cocas, This, According to the same, It is to see during the investigation of the case the responsibilities of Sergio Echeverría, Mayor of San Joaquin, in the facts occurred the 17 October where township officials injected a lethal substance into dogs abandoned on public street.

The leader of the NGO, He noted PrensAnimalista that on Monday they stand securely 24 October in the twelfth Court of guarantee of Santiago, one action criminal against those who are responsible for the brutal and massive elimination of dogs abandoned in the commune. He stated that the cause we are adding more background, which agravarían significantly the facts.

"Here there are two serious crimes". The first is abuse and animal cruelty; and the second is the improper manipulation of drugs by non trained personnel. Add to this the lack of administrative probity by Sergio Echeverría. In case of correct fraud, "the consequence would be the removal of the aedile's duties".

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A Hunter, charged for shooting a cat in Córdoba – Spain

Image of Tula, the injured cat | The refuge

Tula lost his left leg wounds caused by the ammunition.
For the first time in Spain, Fourteen guns is addition to a Hunter for firing an animal.

A Hunter in Alcaracejos, Córdoba, declares today as for allegedly shooting a Gata It responds to the name of Tula, and he lost his left leg wounds caused by the ammunition. In Court No. 1 of Pozoblanco,Córdoba, a criminal procedure for an alleged crime of maltreatment has opened up to domestic animals, in which the Organization The refuge is specified as a popular accusation.

This is the first criminal procedure in which the shelter is personado from the entry into force of the reform of the criminal code the past 22 of December. Since this organization, that complaint the abandonment and mistreatment of animals, are satisfied, that thanks to the reform of the criminal code the people that they will commit such acts eventually sat in the dock.

The facts date back to the past 25 April, When the refuge receives one called alert of the family of Tula that they warn of its cat is shot supposedly from a neighbor of Alcaracejos, Córdoba, in the presence of them. Tula is removed urgently to a veterinary Centre where, At last, him they maiming the left leg by the serious injuries caused by the ammunition. Immediately protectionist members moving to the location of the incident and presented two complaints: in the barracks of the Guardia Civil of Pozoblanco, Córdoba; and another at the courthouse in that same location.

The Civil Guard decided to requisition to the defendant, alleged perpetrator of the shooting, a total of fourteen guns, include a compressed air carbine, six shotguns and seven rifles. For the first time in Spain, Fourteen guns is addition to a Hunter for firing an animal.

The refuge is immersed in more of 150 criminal proceedings, Civil and administrative in different autonomous communities.

Via: LaVanguardia

Coslada dog owners will have to pay a fee of 25 EUR – Madrid (Spain)

The Mayor of Coslada ensures that you have to introduce new rates for the situation left by the previous socialist mayor, Angel Viveros.

Already the first mayor warned it a week ago. “Every time I see more likely have to put the rate of garbage back”, said Raul Lopez. And now the time has come. The mayor says that the cosladeños will have to pay this tribute to the consistory again before “the bad situation econoómica” living the municipal coffers, as reported by

Waiting for the budgeting with a view to next year, What is sure is that residents of Coslada will have to scratch the Pocket to help clean up the municipal accounts. Like this, as confirmed the Mayor, “Let's put the rate of garbage. They be a 45 euros per year approximately”, ensures.

This rate was eliminated during the last legislature where Lopez was Mayor. Behind him, during the tenure of Angel Viveros, It did not return to collect the neighbours. Now, the situation “very bad”, as as López, forced to reimpose this collection. “We bring forward this or this Council would have to be forced to take more drastic alternatives”, says the first mayor.

In the same way, There will also be a sewer rate “It will be included in the receipt of water” and whose amount, still to be determined, “will be small, little appreciable”, According to Alderman.

To finish, a novelty. The Ayuntamiento de Coslada will also impose a new rate to those neighbors that are owners of a dog. In this case, the amount would be of 25 euros per year.

“To all this I call him Angel nurseries rate, It is the heritage left to us by the Socialist Party. We are obliged to do this. What else would like I do but I am in the unfortunate situation of having to implement a rate and that is by mismanagement of Angel Viveros”, explains Raúl López.

Desiree Santos

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