Portuguese water dog
Portugal FCI 37

Perro de Agua Portugués

The Portuguese water dog It is little known, both Spain and the rest of Europe.

The Portuguese water dog (Water Português Cão) It is a breed of dog of the Algarve, Portugal. They were used as working dogs by fishermen from time immemorial, but in the 20th century have become a rare breed.

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  • Otros nombres: Cão de água português / Portie / PWD / Water Dog / Portuguese Water Dog / Portugiesischer Wasserhund / Chien d’eau portugais.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water dogs.

Dogs breeds: Portuguese water dog

Hungría FCI 56


The Pumi is a rustic dog, docile, independent and very protective with their own.


The Pumi It is a herding dog size medium of the Terrier group, originally from Hungary.

The Pumi has been used as a "farm dog" in general, in grazing sheep not only, but also cows and pigs, and also for catching small rodents. Originated from the 17TH and 18th century, When the grazing done by dogs Terrier, brought to Hungary from Germany and France, It was somewhat common. These Terrier-type dogs, Hungary indigenous pastors were mixing with dogs, and the result of such crossing gave rise to the sympathetic current Pumi, It is a dog of Terrier blood but with the heart of dog. He was raised as a working dog, an autonomous and free animal.

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Francia FCI 30


The Porcelain It is a dog living in the family, is extremely friendly and affectionate.

The Porcelain (Porcelaine) It is a breed of dog of French origin, possibly the most ancient race of Hounds in the country.

His original name is Chien de Franche-Comté, dog of the Franche-Comté, French region bordering Switzerland, which led to a debate on its origin, Although it has been decided his Gallic origin.

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Alemania FCI 97


The Pomerania very active, independent, Intelligent, brave and loyal.


The Pomerania (Dwarf German Spitz, Lulu from Pomerania or Deutscher Zwergspitz) It is a dog of the Spitz family, named for the region of Pomerania Central, Eastern Germany, and is classified as a dog “Toy” because of its small size.

The ancestors of the Pomerania were Iceland and Lapland sled dogs, He came to Europe because of Pomerania.

The region of Pomerania, washed to the North by the Baltic Sea and bounded westward by the island of Rügen and on the East by the Vistula River, It was occupied by many peoples, Celtic, Slavs, Poles, Swedes, Danish and Prussian. Its name comes from Pomore or Pommern, what it means “by the sea”, and it was given in times of Charlemagne. Is in Pomerania where the Spitz won fame as a pet and dog work.

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English pointer
Gran Bretaña FCI 1

Pointer Inglés

The English pointer It is a dog of great kindness and loyalty to its owner and docile.


The English pointer, Dog shows or Perdiguero, It is a type of dog traditionally used in England.

Originated in the 17TH century, When some English began the breeding of hunting dogs that are adecuasen to the practice of this sport with shotgun. The first canine exhibition held in England only supported Pointer or Spaniel breeds dogs.

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Francia FCI 172


The Poodle is a CF dog, Alegre, Nice, curious and intelligent.

The Poodle or Poodle It is a breed of dog that is considered to be of exclusive use for the luxury of the aristocrats and nobles from the 15th century to the present day. Until the Renaissance, This was a collector of water dog: they did recover already hunted prey that had fallen into the water, such as ducks and swans.

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  • Otros nombres: Caniche / Barbone / Pudle / Chien Canard/ Barboncino.
  • Group 9 / Section 2 – Poodles.

Dogs breeds: Poodle

Pinscher miniature
Alemania FCI 184

Pinscher Miniatura

The Pinscher miniature has much temperament, vitality and is an excellent companion dog.


The Pinscher miniature (Zwergpinscher) It is a breed of dog of the family of the original Germany Pinscher, where are called Zwergpinscher.

It's a miniaturization of the Pinscher German that was originally used for hunting rodents, especially in rats.

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Pinscher German
Alemania FCI 184

Pinscher Alemán

The Pinscher German is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.


The Pinscher German (German pinscher “bite”) It is a breed of dog that belongs to the family of the Pinscher.

This race, whose origins date back to the 15th century and which is also related with the Schnauzer, It was originally a dog used by the farmers of Germany to control rodent pests. It is believed that he is descended from crosses between old German dogs and some black Terrier used to hunt rodents.

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