Pinscher German

1Pachón Navarro


The Pachón Navarro It has a striking split in the truffle which is also referred to as 'double nose'.

Pachón Navarro is a Spanish breed of dog originally from Navarre, This is a sample dog used in small pen and hair game.

Scholars of the race, argue that the

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The Papillon He was recognized by the AKC in 1935. The variety of drooping ears is called Phalène.

The Papillon (in French: Butterfly), water dog is a breed of dog of the type. One of the oldest of the Toy Spaniel, which owes its name to

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3Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is a fearless dog, very happy, energetic and friendly.

Parson Russell Terrier is a breed of dog of the Terrier group born in Britain.

The promoter of the breed, Reverend John (Jack) Called Russell “The sporting Parson”, born in 1795 at Dartmouth in Devon. Pastor, He served for

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4German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd It is one of the most popular dog breeds, the world's largest and versatile.

Its origins date back to late 19th century, When Germany began a breeding program for care and protection of herds of sheep against Wolves. Read more

5Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd It has a stable temperament and is good in nature.

The Australian Shepherd It is a breed of dog of grazing which has developed on ranches in the West of United States. Despite its name, the race, commonly known as the Australian Shepherd, It did not originate

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6Belgian Shepherd

Breed Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd originates from Belgium, the Campine region and North of Brabant.

The Belgian Shepherd Dog or Belgian ovejero dog is the name of four races or varieties of dogs, Depending on the Association Cynologique we consultemos. The four breeds or varieties are: Read more

7Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Belgian Shepherd Groenendael you need a lot of exercise on a daily basis.

The Groenendael Belgian Shepherd Dog It is a breed recognized by all the major canine clubs. In the United States is recognized under the name of Belgian Shepherd.

Like all Belgian shepherds, the Groenendael is size

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8Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is the dog more former pastor and the rarest variety of Belgian Shepherd.

The Belgian Shepherd Laekenois is a dog inside the 4 varieties in which divided the Belgian Shepherd. Laekenois is named after the suburb of Laeken, located in the

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9Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren He is very observant and attentive to any changes in their environment.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren It is one of the four varieties which splits the Belgian Shepherd. Tervuren is named after the Belgian city of Tervuren where was

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10White Swiss Shepherd

White Swiss Shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd is a dog of great temperament, attentive and guardian and never nervous.

Pastor Swiss white a breed of dog is pastor of Swiss origin. Share origins with the German Shepherd, but has been recognized provisionally as a breed apart by the FCI.

The 3

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11Catalan Shepherd

Catalan Shepherd

The Catalan Shepherd He is friendly and has a strong protective instinct especially with children.

Pastor of the Catalan

The Catalan Shepherd (GOS D ’ Sheepdog) It is a breed of dog of Catalonia, Spain. Se utilizaba sobre todo para vigilar los rebaños durante el día a la zona de los Pirineos

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12Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd (Pastor of the Caucasus)

The Caucasian Shepherd It is a healthy animal and stable temperament.

of the Caucasian Shepherd

The Pastor caucásico It is a very popular breed of dog in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and other countries where shepherds need much protection for their flocks and properties.


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13Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd is quiet, bold, independent, Intelligent, docile.

The Anatolian Shepherd or Anatolian Mastiff, also known as Karabash (black head in Turkish) It is a breed of dog of the Anatolia region in the center of Turkey.

The Shepherd

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14Pastor of Central Asia

Pastor of Central Asia

The Pastor of Central Asia It is a cat with dog skin, sensitive and partner.

The dog Pastor of Central Asia (СРЕДНЕАЗИАТСКАЯ ОВЧАРКА or Sredneaziatskaya Ovtcharka, also known as, Volkodav or The Crusher Wolf) is recognized by the FCI, as a breed of molosser dog Russia, where is

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15Pastor of Beauce

Pastor of Beauce

The Pastor of Beauce It is one of the best job in the world dogs.

The Pastor of Beauce (Beauce Berger or Bas Rouge), It is a breed of dog originating in the French Brie region; This race is quite old and well known in

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16Pastor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Pastor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

The Pastor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia It is a very sensitive and quiet dog.

The Pastor of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia or Tornjak is a breed of dog native mountain Shepherd of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

It is a dog type moloso, big and strong, Not bad

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17Berger Briard

Berger Briard

The Berger Briard It is an excellent race to raise with children of all ages.

The Berger Briard or Briard It is a breed of dog of French origin, one of the many existing breeds of dogs pastors. The Briard is known for some centuries.

It has blood of Read more

18Pastor of the Shetland Islands

Pastor of the Shetland Islands

The Pastor of the Shetland Islands is very familiero, lovely with children, intelligent and loyal.

The Pastor of the Shetland Islands, comes from the Shetland Islands (Scotland, United Kingdom), intentionally was raised in small size. At first sight, It seems to be a copy of Collie

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19Pastor of the Pyrenees

The Pastor of the Pyrenees It is capable of detecting mood of each Member of the family.

The Pastor of the Pyrenees (Pyrenean Shepherd) is a breed of dog originating in France monitoring pastor, consists of two different varieties: the Pastor of the Pyrenees of hair

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20Tatra Shepherd

Tatra Shepherd

The Tatra Shepherd is intelligent, quiet and independent, loyal and protective.

The breed of dog Tatra Shepherd, It originated in the region of Podhale, in the area of the Tatra mountains of Poland, that's whay the origin of it´s name .

The race lived the Polish mountains since thousands of years ago,

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21Pastor Ganadero Australian

Pastor Ganadero Australian

The Pastor Ganadero Australian is rustic unperro, robust and without health problems.

The Pastor Ganadero Australian (or Stumpy Tail) It is a dog originating in australian. In comparison with other races its history is very well documented, because it is a relatively recent.

At the beginning of the 19th century the livestock industry in

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22Pastor Garafiano

Pastor Garafiano

The Pastor Garafiano It is a very docile and friendly dog.

The Pastor Garafiano is a breed of dog indigenous native to La Palma Canary, Canary Islands. The name receives it from the North of the island, specifically in the Garafía municipality, as the place where this race was more common,

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23English Shepherd

English Shepherd

The English Shepherd It resists the pressure of long demanding hours.

The race English Shepherd (English Shepherd) It is extremely versatile as a working dog. It is a line of Collie developed in United States from farm dogs brought by English and Scots in the early stages of

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24Leonese Pastor

Leonese Pastor

The raison d ' être of the Leonese Pastor It is the management and guidance of herds.

The Leonese Pastor (or CareA Leonese language) is a herding dog, native of the province of León (Spain) and their surrounding populations.

It is a dog of medium size with a height to the cross between 48 and

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25Pastor Maremmano-Abruzzese

Pastor Maremmano-Abruzzese

The Maremmano-Abruzzese Shepherd be really happy sleeping with livestock before that on the couch.

The Pastor Maremmano-Abruzzese (Maremma Sheepdog or Maremma Sheepdog-Abruzzese), It is a breed of dog originating in central Italy and used Boyero for centuries by shepherds to protect their flocks from wolves.


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26Polish pastor of Vale

Polish pastor of Vale

The Polish pastor of Vale is a lively, Intelligent, playful and lots of memory.

The Polish pastor of Vale about perro Pastor de las Tierras Bajas Polonia (In English Polish Lowland Sheepdog, in Polish: Polski Owczarek Nizinny, PON), It is a breed of woolly dog half original size of

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27Basque Shepherd

Basque Shepherd

The Basque Shepherd is not recognized by any international Cynological organization.

The Basque Shepherd (in Basque: Euskal Artzain Txakurra) It is a breed of dog originally from the Basque country. Is a breed traditionally used as a sheepdog and guard livestock. There are two varieties, the Gorbeiakoa and Iletsua.

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The Pekinese She loves being the center of attention and will ask to be integrated in all family activities.

The Pekinese or Pequinés It is a breed of dog of company, developed in China. This small breed of dog is a native of the East Asian area, and is considered to be a deviation from the

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29Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is extremely intelligent, loving and has a great personality.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Pembroke Welsh CORGI) It is a small dog native of Great Britain. He has served for centuries as a shepherd, still considered one of the oldest dogs of Great Britain. There is another race

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30Perdiguero de Burgos

Perdiguero de Burgos

The Perdiguero de Burgos is smart and learns easily, above all, tracking tasks.

The Perdiguero de Burgos (or Burgos Pointer) It is a breed of dog Spain. Originally from Castile, especially in the province of Burgos, this rustic breed is intended to

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31American water dog

American water dog

The American water dog always delivered to work, is obedient and easy to train.

The American water dog (or American Water Spaniel) It is a breed of dog originating in United States, little-known outside of North America.

American water dog is known since the middle of 1800,

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32Dog of water Spanish

Dog of water Spanish

The Dog of water Spanish is a faithful dog, obedient, Alegre, laborious, courageous and balanced

The Dog of water Spanish (Spanish Water Dog) It is a breed of dog originally from Spain, traditionally used as pastor, Assistant in boats and hunting. The breed was recognized by the Read more

33Frisian water dog

Frisian water dog

The Frisian water dog is - virtually- unknown outside the Netherlands.

The Frisian water dog (Wetterhound. CRF not. 221) It is a breed of dog originating in Holland of small mammals and waterfowl hunting. The name comes from the Frisian language Wetterhûn, What

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34Irish water dog

Irish water dog

The Irish water dog She loves children and happily participates in their games.

The Irish water dog (Irish Water Spaniel), as its name suggests, It is a water dog and the largest and one of the oldest breeds of Spaniel dog. However, is one

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35Portuguese water dog

Portuguese water dog

The Portuguese water dog It is little known, both Spain and the rest of Europe.

The Portuguese water dog (Water Português Cão) It is a breed of dog of the Algarve, Portugal. They were used as working dogs by fishermen from time immemorial,

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36Canaan dog

Canaan dog

The Canaan dog It is especially reliable and very affectionate with children.

The Canaan dog (Canaan Dog) It is a very ancient breed of dog of the Eastern Mediterranean, in the place which today occupy Palestine and Israel. Known in Israel as (Hebrew: כלב כנעני, lit. Dog Cainita,

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37Cordoba fighting dog

Cordoba fighting dog

The Cordoba fighting dog was combative, tremendous control value and resistance.

The Cordoba fighting dog (Cordoba Fighting Dog o Cordobese However) is an extinct breed of dog, Argentine-born.

The Cordoba fighting dog was a Mastiff cross, Bull Terrier, Read more

38Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound in family is smart, friendly, affectionate and playful.

The Pharaoh Hound or Pharaoh Hound, It is a breed of dog of the family of the Podencos Malta native. It is the Maltese national race, and it is known in Maltese as 'Kelb - such Fenek' (conejero dog).

Various genetic studies

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39Pinscher German

Pinscher German

The Pinscher German is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.

The Pinscher German (German pinscher “bite”) It is a breed of dog that belongs to the family of the Pinscher.

This race, whose origins date back to the 15th century and which is also related with the Read more

40Pinscher miniature

Pinscher miniature

The Pinscher miniature has much temperament, vitality and is an excellent companion dog.

The Pinscher miniature (Zwergpinscher) It is a breed of dog of the family of the original Germany Pinscher, where are called Zwergpinscher.

It's a miniaturization of the Pinscher German that is

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41Pit Bull Terrier American

Pit Bull Terrier American

The Pit Bull Terrier American in Spain it is considered potentially dangerous race.

The Pit Bull Terrier American (American Pit Bull Terrier) is a pure breed of dog, originally from United States, It was forged from dogs imported from United Kingdom. Were used as dogs fight until

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42Basset Hound

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound It is a dog that shows always eager to please her master.

The Basset Hound is a great hound, in particular a Coonhound, originally bred for hunting wild boar. It is one of the least known in United States breeds of dogs, despite being

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43Andalusian Hound

Andalusian Hound

The Andalusian Hound It is a dog alive and well balanced character.

The Andalusian Hound It is a breed of dog originating in Spain, specifically in Andalusia. They are similar to other Iberian breeds dogs such as the Ibizan Hound, the Portuguese Warren Hound, the Read more

44Canarian Warren Hound

Canarian Warren Hound

The Canarian Warren Hound is brave, decided to, generous and extremely loyal to his master.

The Canarian Warren Hound It is a breed canine Spanish Canary.

The Canarian Warren Hound, It is one of the oldest breeds that are known today, According to scholars of race data of ago 7000

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45Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is quite reserved, It only gives their confidence to its owner.

The Ibizan Hound or En Ibiza, It is a breed canine Spanish Ibiza (Spain). It gets its name from the island Ibiza, belonging to the Group of islands in the Balearic Islands, bathed by the Mediterranean.

It is a type

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46Portuguese Warren Hound

Portuguese Warren Hound

The Portuguese Warren Hound It is a breed of dog found in danger of extinction.

The Portuguese Warren Hound (Warren Hound Portuguese, In English) It is considered one of the oldest dogs breeds, that has its origins in the Phoenicians, cultural matrix of which descend the Portuguese.

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47English pointer

English pointer

The English pointer It is a dog of great kindness and loyalty to its owner and docile.

The English pointer, Dog shows or Perdiguero, It is a type of dog traditionally used in England.

Originated in the 17TH century, When some Englishmen began breeding of

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The Pomerania very active, independent, Intelligent, brave and loyal.

The Pomerania (Dwarf German Spitz, Lulu from Pomerania or Deutscher Zwergspitz) It is a dog of the Spitz family, named for the region of Pomerania Central, Eastern Germany, and is classified as

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The Poodle is a CF dog, Alegre, Nice, curious and intelligent.

The Poodle or Poodle It is a breed of dog that is considered to be of exclusive use for the luxury of the aristocrats and nobles from the 15th century to the present day. Until the Renaissance, This was a Retriever's

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The Porcelain It is a dog living in the family, is extremely friendly and affectionate.

The Porcelain (Porcelaine) It is a breed of dog of French origin, possibly the most ancient race of Hounds in the country.

His original name is Chien de Franche-Comté, dog of the Read more



The Pug It is a friendly and affectionate dog with other dogs and with people.

The Pug or Carlino (also known as Chinese Pug, Mops, Puggu) is a breed of dog miniature with wrinkled face and a body of small to medium-sized, originating in China.

This breed is often summarized as

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The Pumi is a rustic dog, docile, independent and very protective with their own.

The Pumi It is a herding dog size medium of the Terrier group, originally from Hungary.

The Pumi has been used as a "farm dog" in general, in grazing sheep not only, but also

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53Razas of Podenco

Egyptian God Anubis

Different Races Hound They are characterized by little ladradoras, extremely clever and agile for hunting.

It is called Hound a type of dog of ancient origins. There are several breeds today throughout the entire Mediterranean: it is believed that the origin of

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