How to shower a dog

Tips to keep your pet clean and healthy


Hygiene is so important to people for dogs. It is not just a question of appearance, but also a matter of health.
It is important duchar a dog at least once a week or fortnight. To wash them is important to perform a series of steps in an orderly manner. First it is recommended that you brush the animal, and that if not removed those tangles not only prevents optimal lavage, but that also form important knots difficult to untangle.

After that it is good to use a suitable shampoo. When rub them you have to do it differently, Depending on whether the animal has long or short hair. And wash once, It is advisable to dry very well to prevent diseases and then use conditioner to moisturize the hair of the dog. A small brushing, our mascot will be perfect.

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Two neighbors found eleven dogs abandoned in or Repibelo (A Coruña)

Spartacus found a home shortly after being found, with his ten brothers, by two residents of Arteixo walked on the night of last Tuesday in the area of O Repibelo. A Local police officer volunteered to take the animal, a mixed puppy for less than one month of life, and that it bears the name of the famous Gladiator who defied the Roman Empire.

Agents feed, last Tuesday, the puppies found by two neighbors. / the opinion

The police rushed to the scene, together with another partner, After receiving notice of the neighbors. After feeding the Cubs with milk, the agents were in contact with Servigal, concessionaire of the privation of the consortium of ACE marine service, to take responsibility for the animals.

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Young people use animals to practice stabs in Cartagena (Colombia)

Machete, stab wounds, shocks and burns, These are some of aggression who suffer many animals unprotected in Cartagena.

The complaint is the director of the environmental guard of this capital, Roberto Ruiz Moreno, "those who say that"the most affected are the donkeys, given that we have received at least five of these animals with serious injuries in less than four days, "especially with cuts and chuzadas deep". (Click here to read: Homeless animals Rescue Foundation).

It ensures that the research done by this body indicate that many of these injuries are caused by adolescents and young people who use the animals as white to practice techniques of fighting with weapons.

Treatment and adoption

Attacked donkeys have been found by the national police and the environmental guard in neighborhoods like Torices, Nariño, Daniel Lemaitre and others close to the Hill of La Popa.

"One of the saddest cases is that of a donkey that was recently given birth and was recovered in moments in which children of a sector of Nariño it were attacking with punches and even took her calf but we don't know where", features Roberto Ruiz.

The tortured animals remain at the headquarters of the environmental guard of Cartagena in the spirit mangrove Park, where they receive care from doctors of the Municipal unit of technical assistance agricultural (Umata).

Once healthy, It is expected that the donkeys are adopted by farmers from nearby Cartagena municipalities.

At last, Roberto Ruiz asks citizens to make them witnesses of attacks on animals, It reporting through the single line of emergency 123.


An embargo of 12.000 EUR threatens the life of 500 dogs

The Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap) have to get 12.000 euros in one week for part of the quotas on the Social security of the dismissed workers and that should 150.000 euros in compensation

Some of the volunteers, tied to the booths. Photo: Miguel angel montesinos

To cooperate with donations Enter the web of The Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap)

About 500 animals, between dogs and cats, they are in an extreme situation. Outside of the financial problems of the Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap), manages the refuge in which live in San Antonio de Benagéber, the future of these animals is uncertain. On the Center weighs an order if before you next Thursday are not collected 12.000 EUR, that would be United to the 6.000 It has already raised the Svpap and that would serve to postpone the payment of the debt that the entity has with Social Security and which amounts to 26.000 EUR. This amount is to be paid in respect of the fees of the 8 laid-off workers in 2011.

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The dog with three legs that helped a child, with rare disease to overcome their fear of the outside world

  • Owen, of 7 years, He realized that the genetic condition made him different from other children
  • His foster-father Haatchi, a shepherd of Anatolia that had lost a leg after being tied to a railroad
  • The dog and the child soon became inseparable and Owen now loves going with Haatchi dog
perro de tres patas
Owen with his friend Haatchi, It has helped you overcome your anxiety from the outside world

Owen you scared talk to people and he was concerned about leaving your House in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
But now Haatchi, a dog Shepherd of Anatolia adopted in a rescue Center, did Owen to give a twist to your life.
Both can be seen walking together down the street as two friends any.
Owen suffers from Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare illness that causes that your muscles are always tense.

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A yorkshire terrier's 100 grams can become the dog the world smaller

This miniature dog has his sights put on a great title: Be the smallest dog in the world and be recorded as such in the Guinness Book of the Records.

Suni, the small Yorkshire Terrier, weighed only 45 g at birth, and three months later he measured only 6 height cm, It was smaller than the mobile phone of its owner.

While Sunni has gained weight since then, It is still a tiny dog, now weighs 100 g.
Veterinary from Jarocin, Poland, do not believe that it comes to weigh much more.

It is not much higher than a bottle of Nail Polish. For something is the smallest dog in the world.

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Brutal mistreatment of dogs in Brazil pet shop

Brazil police had to disperse a crowd of dog owners furious once the pictures of their pets being tortured in a pet store were broadcast on television.

The images show how the animals were abused in a shop (call four legs) in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The woman who reported the video was outraged with aggression, Since the ill-treatment were constant and animals yelling in pain. Some left very bruised and traumatised after the beating received.

Found by the team of RJTV, the balloon for Rio de Janeiro chain channel, the owner of the establishment was surprised by allegations. He said that he never received complaints of ill-treatment.

The video was filmed by an anonymous witness.

“I understand when one takes a pet, It should be treated with love, because they have feelings. But this place was not so, they missed their ice water and docked you the mouth and banged them”, said the complainant witness.

The video shows how hits to defenseless animals, and miss them the snout water to drown them. Up to struck with objects and those tied. A docile Labrador that does not put resistance also will hit ruthlessly.

The owner recognized the aggressor as his son, Daniel, of 20 years. It only managed to apologize because this occurred at a time that she could not control him. “I am only sorry, I have nothing more to say”, the woman said.

VIDEO: Warning graphic content. Violent abuse of dogs in a store bathroom in Rio de Janeiro


A dog dragged the body of teammate killed by an outrage and mounts guard for one week next to his corpse.

The dog continues to protect the body of his deceased friend died a week after the accident.
Witnesses say that the animal dragged the body to a safe distance from the edge of the road
The dog continues to wake your friend, Unable to accept death
Local residents may not tempt it so you leave the body of his friend

They are the harrowing images of a dog that has lost his best friend.

For seven days, the animal has rode guard next to the body of your partner, you don't want to accept the death of his partner after it was hit by a car.

The dog dragged the body of your partner away from the edge of the road on the outskirts of Filippovka, in the Perm region (Russia), refusing to leave the area since.

In its place, time passes by tapping with your feet to the inert body and giving your own body heat, waiting for a miracle that will never.

People passing by the place of the scene can be heard the howls of the dog, not being able to suppress many of them tears.

Locals offer you food and drink waiting for dog complete with his particular duel, but no avail.

Witnesses described the dogs as “Romeo and Juliet”, and have made attempts to give a decent burial to the animal.
But when they try to tempt the dog, He does not move, and does not allow that no one approach to less than ten meters from your partner.

A resident said: “It is very sad. Do not leave that no one approach to it and meanwhile still trying to give his own body heat.”

It is not known what happened to the dog – the video was released ten days ago and the new updates have been difficult to find.

We hope you had a happy ending.

Many peasants, sensitized for the loyalty of the animal, they have committed to adopt the dog when his lonely vigil comes to an end.


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