Traces achieves a House of refuge in Puertollano for 245 dogs in the past two years

The reception centre of animals the humane manages “Footprints” Puertollano has achieved the adoption of 245 dogs since he started the activity of this group in February of the 2011, as reported this morning in the Councillor for health press conference, Eva Morales, the President of traces aompanada, Karen Caws, and and one of the leaders of the protective, Veronica mile.

A comvocatoria in which also gave that account last year adopted a total of eighty dogs in different parts of the country and in the 2012 already been made search a home to others 105 canes. International expansion also grows and is the adoption of sixty dogs hunting and mestizos in France has materialized, United States, The Netherlands and Italy.

Currently the Centre attends to 250 dogs, a large amount according to in the words of the President of footprints, Karen Caws, Since it had to be a place where all the needs, evaluate the animal and its subsequent sterilization so that he would be ready for their departure.

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Owner of circus convicted of abuse to an elephant in United Kingdom


Employer received 3 years probation, Although his wife was acquitted of the same crime. Still looking for the caregiver of the animal, direct perpetrator of physical abuse.

Bobby Roberts (69), the owner of a circus in the United Kingdom, He has been sentenced to 3 years probation by the mistreatment of Anne, an Asian elephant's 58 years,BBC reported.

The trial began in March of the 2011, then to the ONGprotectora of the animals Animal Defenders International (ADI) It leak a shocking video in which appears the caretaker of the ancient mammal, Nicolai Nitu, abusing him on numerous occasions. In the recording you can see how Anne falters at times.

Roberts has been condemned for not having been able to stop these actions to 3 years probation. His wife has been acquitted of the same charges.

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Filariasis or heart worm

What is filariasis?

The heartworm (also known as filariasis or heart worm disease) is one parasitic disease of wide distribution in Spain and it affects especially Canids and more specific to our dog.

The disease is caused by adult worms of the family of the Nematodes and gender Dirofilaria.

Is transmitted by mosquito bite and it consists of the presence of worms that lodge in the heart and lungs of the dog, being able to get to cause heart failure and death.

Filariasis is spread?

The mosquito transmits the parasite (called filaria or heart worm) of one sick dog to another healthy. The adult of filaria released larvae in an infected dog (microfilariae) directly into your bloodstream.

Mosquito ingests these microfilariae alongside blood and inside they develop into infective forms, It will stay in your oral cavity until it returns to feed.

The mosquito transmits the parasite larvae When bites a healthy animal. They begin their journey to your location

final where they will reach adult form and begin to reproduce thus beginning a new cycle of life.

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They are attached to a lost dog and it burn live on a plot of Valencia

Aranzazu fell as each afternoon next to your walk to Tidus, a crossroads of Belgian shepherd who took just over one year ago in the protective of Valencia, Modepran. However, He escaped in a small oversight that later proved fateful: “Couldn't ran behind him because I am a foot wrong so, as it was not the first time that I went, I went home to drop off my child and then went to look for it”.

After a couple of hours of searching by the neighbourhood of Benimamet in Valencia, around the 22.30 hours heard some heartbreaking bark that it came from a field that is next to the stonemasons metro station. Aranzazu explains horrified and between sobs how saw Tidus “tied to a fence” jumping desperate “with his whole body wrapped in smoke and calcined”.

Aranzazu called running to the Local police and to the vet. After the first cures, He could take it home “with the 70% body searing with first and second degree burns“. Though Tidus is still alive, “It is suffering much”. Veterinarians have been told that it is possible that it can survive and Aranzazu is clear that it will do “everything possible” to allow to recover from his wounds and discarded completely “sacrifice it”.

The facts occurred the past 14 November, as stated in the complaint that lodged in police premises and so far officials have not given with this terrible fact book. The neighbors are suspicious of a group of people known by the neighborhood that days ago attacked with stones about cats and up to a beggar.


They denounce the massacre of 100.000 ducks a year in a granaja of foie gras in Teruel

The Organization for the rights of animals Animal equality has denounced the death of 100.000 ducks a year by the practices “irregular” during the process of production of foie gras, as the priming of the animals, Caracierzos farm, in Santa Eulalia de el Campo (Teruel), considered the second largest in Spain in production of this product.

For this reason, Animal equality has presented, This Wednesday, a complaint with the Ministry of agriculture, Food and environment against this farm by the “failure to comply with provisions of the regulations in force in the field of animal welfare, conditions that must meet sanitary facilities and hygienic conditions”, as it has indicated the Organization.

The Organization has uncovered various irregularities, through a process of research and documentation carried out between the years 2011 and 2012, that it was practised in Caracierzos as the use of individual cages during feeding forced or priming process –practice banned in European legislation–; the sign of neglect veterinary causing health problems in animals; as well as the presence of animals held in plastic constructions.

In addition, It has revealed the lack of filtering systems of air and Windows in the farm facilities; the use of a system of feeders and drinkers that favours the spread of diseases among animals; and the use of spaces that lack of equipment and proper controls for the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles accessing the farm.

Also, Animal equality has criticised the presence of blood and covered with broken beak ducks, without be attended during his stay at the farm; with eye infections; with indicators of stress; and some dead inside and outside cages.

The Organization has also underlined the farm of Caracierzos provides outstanding companies that sell products derived from duck nationwide in supermarkets, establishments ‘ gourmet’ and well-known restaurants in Spain.

The spokesman for Animal equality, Sharon Nunez, It pointed out that this research uncovers a “scandal for the foie gras European industry” and has requested that the administrations “take letters in the subject”.

Last but not least, It has announced that they would begin a campaign during 2013 For what “follow no ignored this situation. The initiative will take place as a result of investigations presented during 2012 and aims to “create social debate, push specific prohibitions of the production of foie gras in Spain and establishments to stop selling this product”. “We do not want that I will develop the product in another way, but to ban the production of foie gras”, It has concluded.


Arrested for causing the death of his dog with a poison – Toledo (Spain)

The Civil Guard It has stopped in Toledo to E.V.M., of 53 years of age, to cause the death of your dog with poison, placed in a container within a vineyard of your property, located in the municipal term of Lillo.

The facts which gave rise to this arrest occurred when the Civil Guard Lillo communicated to patrol the service of protection of nature (Seprona) of the death of a dog Villacañas, While accompanying his owner in the practice of hunting, as reported by the delegation of the Government in press release.

Thus the things, the members of this squad met with the owner of the animal, who informed agents that this had drunk the liquid containing a container that was in a vineyard. Immediately after, the dog began having spasms and vomiting, so you moved it to a veterinarian in the town of Corral de Almaguer, who certified the death of the animal by a powerful poison intake.

The patrol of the Civil Guard, alongside environmental agents of the Ministry of agriculture and environment of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha made a Visual inspection of the terrain, locating four plastic containers containing a liquid, yellow, taking samples of this substance.

Agents of the Civil Guard They proceeded to identify and locate the owner of the land, proceeding his arrest. The team of Seprona of the Civil Guard Toledo instructed the relevant proceedings.

Europa Press

A blind teenager recovers his passion for running with your dog guide

Nobody prepares you for the barriers that, suddenly, life. Nor a Sami Stoner, 16 years, legally blind for any type of competition since a disease attacking his eyes to the 13 years and his vision was reduced to diluted shadows and emborronadas lights. But athletes, well well professional amateurs, les is born a sense of overcoming that multiplied in Stoner. Racing cross country which was involved would not be dangerous despite their eyes, Chloe, Guide your dog, accompany their strides and his breath.

Stoner started playing football in College. It was his way to socialize and with which their parents got that you are interested in sports. But this teenager from Ohio balloon ran out because had already not enough girls in the Institute. You have chosen then the a.tletismo, but in its mode of cross-country. Nothing like it, hated it, Although the disaffection lasted him just a few days. Soon running sneakers were your routine, one that liked to participate.

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Cruelty beyond belief: A truck with five hundred cats rescued path of restaurants in China

These images show the time in which a truck with 500 Jacks was arrested during a routine check carried out in Xuzhou, in the Eastern Province of Jiangsu (China).

Scary: Some of the cats had been stuffed into bags with just enough space to breathe

Cats, in sorry state, they were stacked in cages towards food for sale as meat establishments.
Lucky for the animals, some of them had been stuffed into sacks, the truck was intercepted and subjected to control.

Once stopped the truck, the officers were surprised to verify the contents of the load.
The official Sun Hai, that contributed to the rescue of the terrified cats, said: “The driver asserted that the load was of rabbits”, but then, to discover the canvas they were surprised to see a lot of cages and sacks with living cats.

After the discovery, a group of volunteers belonging to an animal protection centre arrived quickly on the scene.
They opened the bags to save the animals about to die suffocated and were provided with food and water.

It is believed that the cargo owner refused to reveal the origin of cats and that even it took seven hours of negotiations the management to deliver them to rescue teams.

Cats have been transferred to an animal rescue Center in Tangzhang County, where being treated.
For a long time it has been condemning the treatment of animals in China, where cats and dogs are sold as food.
Previously, cats and dogs had been seen inside cages without space to move, many of them sick, in a market of live animals in Nanhai, China.

The caged animals: Many of the 500 cats were overcrowded in small cages in the back of the truck.

The market of the three birds, where cats live in small metal baskets, shall be deemed to operate as a market of poultry in southern China.

Dog meat is also believed that it is a staple food in this area of China and the people believe that it is the best meat to keep warm during the winter.

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Source: dailymail

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