Akita Inu breeders in Spain

Criadores Akita Inu en España

Breeders Akita Inu in Spain

The Akita or Akita Inu (Akita dog?) It is a breed of dog originating in Japan, named for the Akita Prefecture, where it is believed that it originated. From time to time is called Akita-ken.

In its origins was a hunting dog and for generations it was used by the Warriors of the Japan as defense and attack dog. It was also used for hunting bears.

It is an easy dog ​​to train and a very balanced character.

In Spain the Akita Inu It is considered a potentially dangerous race, by Royal Decree, so for possession you must obtain the license for possession of potentially dangerous dogs and register it in the Municipal Register of potentially dangerous animals corresponding. One of the things that are required for this license is insurance of civil liability to third parties

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Barrio of Río Negro, 9. 39795 Escalante (Cantabria)

Phones: + 34 942 64 23 89 Email: [email protected]

On the web page does not appear in the listing any breeder recommended and recognized by the Spanish Canine Association of Nordic dogs and Akita Inu, so recommend consulting this body on the seriousness and reputation of breeding sites we offer below, before you buy a copy.

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The special relationship between a sick boy and his dog

La relación especial entre un niño enfermo y su perro

The special relationship between a sick child and his dog Juno. Anyone who has taken a dog or a cat from a shelter can testify that there is something special about a rescued pet, It is as if animals feel that it has been given a second chance in life. This is certainly the case of Juno, a Belgian Malinois that was rescued from a shelter just a few days before they are slaughtered. But from the day that came to live with his family in Alcoa, Tennessee, Juno has assumed the role of Savior of Lucas Hembree, a four-year-old boy.

Lucas suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome, an inherited disorder of metabolism, which makes the body is unable to properly break down long chains of sugar molecules called glycosaminoglycans. As the disease progresses, children lose the ability to speak, walking and eating. The disease also causes a severe neurological damage that leads to aggressive behavior, hyperactivity and convulsions.

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Norwegian Buhund
Noruega FCI 237

The Norwegian Buhund It is usually excellent obedience and dog agility competitions.


Norwegian Buhund (Norsk Buhund, Nordiske Spitz-sinks, Norwegian Sheepdog or Norwegian Pastor) is a breed of dog Spitz type of Norwegian origin which is closely related to the races Pastor Iceland (Icelandic Sheepdog) and Jämthund.

Vídeos del Norwegian Buhund
Norwegian Buhund in Bath Aftermath (MP4 Version)
Norwegian Buhund Kahsha Eating Peanut ButterLightbox for Video by VideoLightBox.com v1.11

The name Buhund "derived from the Norwegian word"BU”, meaning farm, farm or mountain refuge, place where he lived the pastor while tending his flock in the summer. The Norwegian Buhund is used as a grazing dog and guard dog.

As we said, Norwegian Buhund belongs to a class of so-called dogs of the Spitz type. All of them have in common the pointed ears and curled tail. Within the Spitz breeds, There is much variation in terms of size, to the coat and the color.

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FIMASCOTA 2012: Exposition canine in Valladolid

Fimascota 2012: Antonio Horcajo y Tuna (Galgo Afgano)

Last Saturday (25 February), We were visiting the dogshow whose title heads this post. Already then in house, plays investigate, because it is interesting to know from where emerge things and what type of event is this. Because, We found history narration.

FIMASCOTA It is an event on an annual basis that organizes the Society dog show Castellana, This year we have been able to enjoy it in the 25 to the 26 in February of 2012 in the facilities of the fairground of the Feria de Valladolid. For lovers of pets is an unmissable, because it is an ideal time to see close rare breeds ('rare' because they are not fashion, or because it is difficult to get ejemplares…).

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Spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria


Defenders of animals have managed to thwart the strange tradition of spinning dog, a cruel ritual for “protection from rabies” that is still practiced in Bulgaria which is in turn dogs over a river, tied to a rope, in order to prevent rabies.

For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of a rural area of Bulgaria, Brodilovo, in the southeast of the country, they have carried out this annual ritual of spring.
It's turn dogs clamped by a rope extended until that was tense and then thread the dog through a knot at the end.

Local residents then leave the animal to fall into the water with the inertia of the giro.
Terrified dogs reach such high speeds are unable to swim at the time of fall River.

However, the Pagan tradition – prohibited by law in 2006, but it is still practiced – This year was thwarted after that organization for the rights of animals montaroan a campaign to denounce the cruelty.
The members for the rights of the animals of Sofia have guarded the shores of the Veleka River, passing the weekend for locals to comply with the law.

Video with cruel images, not recommended for sensitive people:

Via [ENG]: dailymail

English Water Spaniel

English Water Spaniel (Spanish water dog) It is a breed of dog that has been extinct since the first part of the 20th century, He was last seen in the Decade of 1930. Is of English origin.

He was very famous for his skill in hunting waterfowl and being able to dive like a duck. Described as similar to a Collie or a cross between a Poodle and a Springer Spaniel curly hair and was generally white with color stains liver or brown.

The English Water Spaniel is prior to the Irish water dog (Irish Water Spaniel). Historians of the race, They claim that they have been mentioned by Shakespeare "in his work"Macbeth”, and they believe that they have influenced genetically in several modern dog breeds, including therein to the American Water Spaniel, the Curly Coated Retriever and the Field Spaniel, Although it is unknown if the race was involved in the creation of Irish water dog.

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Collie hair long
Rough Collie

The Collie hair long (Rough Collie, meaning rough Collie) is one of the breeds of medium-sized and long-haired Collie who was born in Scotland in the Decade of 1800.

Both the Collie of long hair (Rough Collie) as the Short hair Collie (Smooth Collie), they are descended from a variety of grazing dogs from Scotland and Wales.

  • The variety of Scotland, It is characterized for being a strong dog, large, aggressive, raised to care for flocks of sheep in the Highlands, an all terreno…
  • The variety of Wales, However, was a small dog, Agile, home and cuddlier, and also pastor of goats.

These two varieties of dogs crosses shepherds are born the precious Collie that we call today Collie hair long (Rough Collie) and Short hair Collie (Smooth Collie).

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English White Terrier

English White Terrier (White English Terrier, also known as Old English Terrier or British White Terrier) is a breed of dog extinct, of English origin.

"The name of"English White Terrier"it was invented and adopted at the beginning of" 1860 by a group of breeders willing to create a new breed of dog, inspired by the typical Terrier work but with a higher acuity of hearing. This premature intention was born later the Fox Terrier, the Jack Russell Terrier, the Sealyham Terrier and, later, in United States the Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier.

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