Posted by pets | 6 October 2011

Lukanikos, the anarchist Greece dog

Today's protests came back to take the streets in the capital of Greece, After several months of demonstrations by the economic crisis the European country is going through. However, This note aims to make protagonist to Lukanikos, a stray dog that from the 2008 se haRead the rest

Posted by pets | 3 October 2011

A red Doberman kisses the firefighter who rescued

This photograph shows a Doberman Red kissing one exhausted firefighter. The just save her from a fire in your home, rescuing her, carrying her and the House by the front garden sacandola, While he continued fighting the fire.

The dog was pregnant. El bomberoRead the rest

Posted by pets | 1 October 2011

Threats to the refuge for dogs of Écija after removing the PP aid

The City Council worked with learn, currently hosting to 220 pets, from 2005.

Achilles is a big and sad face boxer. Rex is a still larger German Shepherd. Both have a common history nothing cheerful. His owner not given eating nor much less bathing them.Until a … Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 27 September 2011

Irish water dog

Irish water dog

The Irish water dog She loves children and happily participates in their games.

The Irish water dog (Irish Water Spaniel), as its name suggests, It is a water dog and the largest and one of the oldest breeds of Spaniel dog. However, is one … Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 27 September 2011

Frisian water dog

Frisian water dog

The Frisian water dog is - virtually- unknown outside the Netherlands.

The Frisian water dog (Wetterhound. CRF not. 221) It is a breed of dog originating in Holland of small mammals and waterfowl hunting. The name comes from the Frisian language Wetterhûn, What … Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 27 September 2011

Dog of water Spanish

Dog of water Spanish

The Dog of water Spanish is a faithful dog, obedient, Alegre, laborious, courageous and balanced

The Dog of water Spanish (Spanish Water Dog) It is a breed of dog originally from Spain, traditionally used as pastor, Assistant in boats and hunting. The breed was recognized by the Read the rest

Posted by tiadoc | 27 September 2011

American water dog

American water dog

The American water dog always delivered to work, is obedient and easy to train.

The American water dog (or American Water Spaniel) It is a breed of dog originating in United States, little-known outside of North America.

American water dog is known since the middle of 1800, … Read the rest

Posted by pets | 27 September 2011

A dog puppy was released on several occasions to the sea until a swimmer rescued him


In an act of atrocious cruelty, a young depraved launches a helpless puppy to the sea.
The stunning puppy nothing towards the shore where its owner was waiting, but by five times the poor animal is thrown forcefully to the sea.
The fact has happened in waters … Read the rest

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