The Mayor of Torah declares as imputed by the fatal shooting of a dog – Lleida

The Mayor, After declaring in Solsona ACN's Court
The Mayor, After declaring in Solsona ACN's Court

Mercè Valls maintains that not witnessed the Act and that it did not give any instruction concerning

The Mayor of Torah, Mercè Valls, said Monday at the courthouse in Solsona as imputed by the case of the fatal shooting of a dog in public the past 29 in March of 2012. Valls has been imputed as co-author of a crime against the rights of animals, Since the month of January was quoted to declare the consistory Councillor Josep Maria Alsina as the perpetrator of the shooting to a dog in the middle of the street. The Attorney for the environmental group Ipcena - who has filed the complaint -, Carles López, He explained that in his statement the Mayor has alleged that City Hall had no resources to take care of the animal and that she not witnessed the execution of the abandoned dog neither nor gave any instruction.

In statements to the press, Valls has assured that in his statement he explained how happened the facts and has stated that it has “respect for Justice” by being quoted to declare as imputed. Even so, the Mayor did not want to give details of his statement because “the case is under trial”.

By your side, the Attorney for the environmental group Ipcena - who has filed the complaint -, Carles López, He said that the Mayor, in his statement, “It has alleged that the Town Hall had no resources to take charge of the animal and that she not witnessed the execution of the dog”. According to López, Valls said that “not witnessed the shooting against the animal, While he said that he heard them, and it has also stated that it did not give any instruction to the Deputy Mayor”.

The lawyer of Ipcena said that the ecological entity considers the Mayor responsible for the facts, to the extent that “It corresponds to control what the members of the Government team and, therefore, You cannot tolerate or accept the execution of an animal to the public via”. According to López, “We argue that she acted as Mayor and that he had direct collaboration with the facts, While not materially because she not fired, but in control of the situation”.

The facts

The incident took place the 29 March of the 2012. After the City Council of Torah attempts to find someone who take care of an abandoned dog that had in the population, It was the service of protection of the Natura (Seprona) who captured and tied the animal to a stick, but the agents of this body were place leaving the dog and alleging that charge could not be. The animal was tied to the outskirts of the village, near a residence of grandparents, a children's playground and soccer field.

It was then when Alsina, before the Mayor and other witnesses, I would have fired three shots with a shotgun. The death of the animal created controversy in the village, and different fora and banners hung in the street wanted to denounce the death of the dog. As a result of the facts, Alsina of the post of Deputy Mayor who occupied and lost the municipal responsibilities that had dismissed the Mayor of Torah, While continued as Councillor.

On that occasion, the Court of first instance of Solsona issued the dismissal of the case because it was considered that it was not sufficiently justified the perpetration of a crime.

Source: LaVanguardia

“Nero”, the French bulldog walking on wheels

French Bulldog

Wheels allow the French bulldog to move with total autonomy after being disabled by a herniated disc. OSCAR VAZQUEZ

The vet recommended sacrifice after a herniated disc, but the owners of the Vigo can would not

There is a dog in Vigo (Pontevedra) going on wheels. It's called Nero and suffering paralysis in his back legs. It was a French Bulldog very uneasy that it always pulling their owners when they drew it walking down the street. But one day suffered a herniated disk that damaged spinal cord. The poor animal was bedridden and unable to move because he lost sensitivity in the back. The veterinarian told the owners that there was nothing to do. Sacrificing it was an option, but they, a family residing in the Centre of Vigo, She refused to end her life.

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A dog stood next to his dead partner


The dog did not survive to the beat of a car when she was crossing the street. After the accident, teammate dragged her to one side and gave her taps to revive it.

A dog was a whole day next to the body of his dead partner.

They had been raised together from puppies and escaped in a neglect of their owners who left the door open.

The ride proved tragic for the female, She was murdered in Arica, Chile. The dog ran alongside his partner until, Thanks to the diffusion through social networks, its owners found them.

The male is black and the female, white. Yesterday, in an oversight, escaped pets. The dog did not survive to the beat of a car when she was crossing the street. After the accident, teammate dragged her to one side and gave her taps to revive it.


Stray dogs before and after the retreat

dog 1

Many dogs have been born in the street, others have been abandoned, they run scared, but still it has not lost faith in the human being. For many people there is no problem, they have never thought of the suffering of a dog, It's easier to look elsewhere and continue the journey. Others directly to mistreat and abandon these innocent four-legged companions, Fortunately, There are people who cannot remain indifferent. Part of this entry speaks of them with images. These dogs were abandoned, lost, or they simply do not have a place in a home, workers or volunteers of shelters found them, they healed them, They fed and gave affection.

Many of these kind and gentle creatures will soon find a new home and a few fellow human beings that will give them love. Respect the dogs, they are always going to be faithful companions. And if you can, adopt instead of buying, contribute to avoid the suffering of thousands of dogs, many of them doomed to certain death.

Found this little wandering through the streets of Antigua, West Indies. His name is Byrd …
This is Byrd before going to their new home – much happier and stronger.
This poor dog was found near the golf course of Cedar (Old). They baptized it with the same name “Cedar”

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They charged by serious animal abuse to two women who were in his house 19 dogs between faeces and corpses

Animal abuse

The nightmare continues in the village of Villanustre, in Rianxo (La Coruña). The images of this town slipped in the media of all Spain five years ago because it was discovered that a family had each 130 dogs crammed between Lee and skeletons of animals in sheds, a refuge and at home. And yesterday the story was repeated. This time they had 19 dogs in identical conditions. But with an aggravating factor: the dogs were all between the courtyard and the home of the family, full of feces, bodies with an unbearable stench and canines. Seprona, Local police and volunteers took to the animals. But the drama of its owners is still intact.

To understand what happened yesterday must go back 25 years. Carmen Tubío - which is now in retirement age- and his daughter, Mari Carmen González, They then began to welcome dogs. They came to build a shelter and to be rewarded for his altruistic work. But they were hands. They put dogs in sheds, in your home… Everywhere. The year 2008, in theory, It was a before and an after in its history. It was discovered that dogs were living in horrific conditions and withdrew them 130 canes. And they sanctioned them. But it was not enough.

A few days ago, mother and daughter led to one of the copies to a veterinarian. They wanted that they cut hair. In the clinic, to see the terrible aspect of the animal — with wounds all over the body and numerous pathologies- He was told that it needed urgent attention. They marched. Someone saw them and reported the case to the Vox Ánima protective. Y, yesterday, an operation consisting of Seprona, Local police and officials of the protective of animals Vox bore and Moura landed in Villanustre. They wanted to get dogs for good. And they did.


The daughter was not home - apparently, now lives in another village- and her mother left that they have to take the animals, Although it did between tears and saying to create correct dogs and your own family - in the House also lies her husband and an old- live so far: surrounded by stools. «Eu coidoos, EU coidoos. Non Eles can live sen nin us sen eles min», repeated between tears. The Seprona, I was trying to remove him his theory and reassure her, imputes to her and her daughter two separate offences of animal abuse.
Yesterday also came to light another most damning reality still. A bedridden elderly woman to live in that House, According to said some people who saw her yesterday, is not in optimum conditions. And Mari Carmen has a small son that, According to different witnesses, is in that home daily.

Ago 25 years began to host animals and they were awarded for their work

Source: SMH

A dog healthy is sleep and buried next to his owner in the United Kingdom


Toffee a healthy five-year-old Labrador was apparently asleep and buried at the request of its owner

A blind woman who could not bear the idea of spreading of his faithful dog guide, He allegedly ordered sleep it and bury it next to it.
Shelia Stadler, of 68 years, Terre Haute (Indiana), accompanied by her dog Toffee Guide to five years of age died the 8 March, After a long battle against cancer.
A few days later, Toffee, that it did not suffer health problems, was put to sleep by the family of Stadler and placed in the coffin of the Sra. Stadler.

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Moroccan arrested with 37 dogs dead and ready to turn into sausages

A Moroccan was arrested yesterday in the center of Casablanca with 37 dogs killed and skinned, and according to his confession ready to turn them into sausages, According to you today the journal “Aujourd'hui ’ hui le Maroc”.

The finding occurred by chance, When a truck driver committed a traffic violation and was intercepted by a policeman; to inspect its cargo, the agent discovered the bodies of dogs in tow.

The driver, It seems to be a butcher, He confessed that he was heading with his load the old medina, where dogs would be identifiable and transformed into sausages.

In 2009, seven people were arrested in Casablanca for selling dog meat mixed with dyes and chemicals to make it pass by minced beef and market it in a country where the dog is particularly despised.

This image may offend your sensibilities
dead dog


Canada dog rescues a girl trapped in a frozen river

Rocky received Prize for his achievement.

Rocky has for decades been a fictional hero, but in Edmonton, Canada, Today there is a hero named Rocky who is definitely real; just eight years and four legs.
This Rocky, a cross between Labrador retriever and Husky, It is acclaimed by get a girl of nine years of a river ice cream on Sunday of Easter. Its owner, Adam Shaw, of 27 years, obtained a similar acclaim.

"If that man and the dog had not been there; just try not to think about that", said Miranda Wagner, the mother of Samara, nine-year-old, and her sister's 10 years, Krymzen, in an interview with CNN affiliate, CTV.
"I just wanted to give you a big hug and tell you that it is my hero. If there were no State there would not have my girls", said Wagner. "The doctors said that two more minutes and Samara had left".

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