Local police in Arteixo saves a dog die hanged on a tree – Galicia

The dog, After being rescued.

The animal, as it was located.

When officers arrived at the place where it was hung high, the dog was still alive

Two officers of the Local police of Arteixo rescued yesterday evening a puppy that was on the verge of dying hanged if they fail it to prevent security forces.

The agents received the warning from a neighbor who warned of the presence of a dog hanging from a tree in a field of the parish of Swabian, in Arteixo.

A patrol that was near the area went quickly to the call and found that he had a rope around the neck and that they had hung him from a considerable height with the clear intention to cause the death of the animal, Although he was alive.

The officers proceeded to remove the rope and down the tree. When was loose, they found that the animal was in a perfect state of health. They then proceeded to follow the standard protocol in these cases and the puppy was transferred to the Kennel that manages the As MARIÑAS Consortium.

Crime of animal abuse

Municipal police trying to now find out the identity of the person who has hung the dog, will fall within that a crime of animal abuse. In addition, also requested cooperation of citizens to give the author of the facts.

The animal, It is located in the As MARIÑAS Consortium Kennel, It can be adopted.

Those who are interested should please contact this service.

Source: SMH

Investigating two young men for the death of a dog thrown from a fifth floor

The dog was found by neighbours in a container.

The police crowded which led to the opening of proceedings in a magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor of Alicante accuses two lads, one of them minor, a crime against the fauna and the flora. Witnesses in the area say that the animal shot by a balcony.

A magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor of Alicante have opened proceedings to investigate an alleged animal abuse committed by two young, one of them minor, that supposedly he launched a dog from a fifth floor balcony of a building located in the street mathematician Romero of the Alicante capital last September.

The facts were reported to the service of protection of nature (Seprona) of the Civil Guard for the protective of animals and plants of Alicante, and Local police also opened an investigation to try to clarify what happened.

A crowded police at the Local police of Alicante, presented at the Palace of Justice of Benalúa shortly after the facts identified two youths of Moroccan and Ecuadorian nationality, the last minor, as the alleged perpetrators of a generic crime against the fauna and the flora.

The crowded incorporates testimonies from witnesses which clarify that the accused were enjoying floor the day of the incident because the guy who lived in the lent it for a party. Also, This inhabitant had given the House the real tenant of the property and owner, at the same time, the now deceased dog.

The Court of instruction number 3 Alicante has opened proceedings to investigate what has happened but it has not been able to locate so far reported adult, According to judicial sources indicated this daily, which specified that, for its part, the juvenile prosecutor has also done the same with respect to reported minor.

The animal attack occurred the past 24 September when, allegedly, a group of kids was drinking and listening to music in the home of a girl, owner of the dog, He was not in the House where the events took place. During the party, two kids, supposedly caught the dog and threw it into the void, where he was laying. The animal could be photographed by neighbors in a container of organic waste during the next morning, Although neighbours consulted by this newspaper didn't know how went to the container, It is located next to the school of adult Alberto Barrios.

The protective impulse

The alleged animal aggression was put in knowledge of Seprona of the Civil Guard by the protective company of animals and plants of Alicante, He asked that a criminal investigation was opened and that is attributed to the authors a crime of animal abuse. This entity described this episode of "barbarism" and complained that what happened could not be unpunished.

However, was the canine unit of the Local Alicante police which was able to identify, After opening its own investigation, the alleged perpetrators of abuse as well as the owner of the dog.

The police statement that arrived to the Court has forced the opening of proceedings in a magistrate's Court and the juvenile prosecutor to make the courts which are in charge of trying to clarify what has happened.

Apparently, According to sources consulted by this newspaper, the two accused youths would know because they coincided in a prison for minors.

Source: diarioinformacion

Emotional reunion for a woman and his lost dog talk


Silvina wheel had lost to Peter, a Mongrel dog's advanced age adopted does 2 and a half years, After that rescued him from a house where they had it abandoned to their fate. At that time it was salty, He had a wound infected on the back and their former owners even came to hit a shot to kill him and literally "remove it off".

Achieve a so old dog, almost no teeth, recovers, required a huge effort.

For this reason, When does 15 Silvana days returned home of Lamadrid to the 400 and found the open grating couldn't believe it. Pedrito had escaped.

After two weeks of intense search, a pair of mascoteros found him in the La Carrindanga road, a few meters from the sesquicentennial road bridge, with a leg wound, among other signs that well not had spent it very.

When he received the call by phone Silvina was to search for it in the car, loaded it and on the way to the veterinary medicine, It starts an incredible conversation with his friend. It asks what happened and the dog seems to reply to you telling her ordeal and the suffering that had.

Watch the moving video.

Via: labrujula24

The Dutch Shepherd Wiebe and tents


The Dutch Shepherd Wiebe takes to drink water from a pond whenever he returns home after a pleasant ride,
Dorri Eijsermans, the owner of Wiebe, leverages to give food to the fish when both return ride. Fish have associated the time drinking Wiebe with lunch. They have begun to rise to the surface to recognize its presence. Wiebe seizes the moment to give a tender Kiss to carp.

Picture: Dorri EIJSERMANS / Special news

Save a dog that was thrown with the legs attached to the Sar River in Padrón

Rescued it a young man who walked the area and stays with the animal


Galicia / Santiago de Compostela

Lila is a Mongrel bitch from German Shepherd Dog of less than a year that has just saved die drowned in the Sar River passing default, where he appeared with four legs tied up with a rope. The animal is recovering in A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the House of their Savior, Mario Agrasar Salegui, of 21 years.

On the afternoon of last Wednesday, This young man walked a few tracks parallel to the Sar River in the villa and in the last bridge riding, before the riverside walk from the mouth, He stopped and on the Bank of the river sighted an animal that, in principle, It seemed to him to be a "raposo" and which was trying to get out of the water. I had the body in the water and head on the shore.

He came and saw that it was a dog that was with four legs tied. He rushed out of the water and remove the ties. He took her to the vet, where there no you major injuries, Apart from the strong marks left by strings and a major malnutrition. After verifying that it had no microchip, Although a small plaque with the name Lila, took it to his house, where currently recovers.

The neighbor of A Pobra got in touch with the Association of Defense of the rights of animals Vox Anima, based in A Pobra, that at the time he denounced the emergence in recent months of other dogs tied the same way on beaches of Rianxo, Boiro and Ribeira. Now, the Association denounced the case of Lila in the Seprona.


From Vox Anima show «concern» by what qualify «usual» which seems that «it is expanding», Since is the fourth case of animals in that State or, Perhaps, «even the fifth if we have appeared in Aguiño zoophil, but in advanced state of decomposition which prevented to ensure that he was tied, Although presented ties marks on their legs».

Mario Agrasar, yesterday already walked the streets of A Pobra with bitch, He plans to stay with the animal for «maximum possible ao coidala», After everything that happened. Stays with her and leaves him with the same name. It is quite clear: the person who left it there wanted it drown, by the way in which it was deposited the bitch waiting to raise the tide and because, It said, It was impossible to see it unless "you stop na Ponte e looked to purpose abaixo», for or river». Given that it's a young animal, Vox Anima suggests the possibility that the owner of the bitch's get rid of her because «non lle served to or work I wanted to».

Saved this black target, Lila found his best friend in the young Mario.

Source: SMH

Bitch kept afloat to girl's 4 years and saved his life


Sasha, a German Shepherd Dog, saved the lives of Milena's 4 years.

The incident took place in Cañada de Gómez, in Argentina.

The story of Sasha and Milena already toured the country. Sasha is a German Shepherd bitch. Milena is a girl of 4 years to which your dog saved from death. Everything took place last Sunday in the town of Cañada de Gómez, Iriondo Department, 225 kilometers southwest of this capital.

According to said Valeria, Milena Mama, Milena left his house unless the family had noticed it. Thinking he was at a neighbor's House playing, as I used to do it several times a day, nobody worried until they began to pass the minutes and parents intranquilizaron is.

Read moreBitch kept afloat to girl's 4 years and saved his life

Arrested the owner of a dog by relocate a stone so he drowned with the tide

On a beach in Ayamonte (Huelva)

Agents of the service of protection of nature (Seprona), based in Lepe and belonging to the headquarters of the Civil Guard of Huelva, they have arrested the owner of a dog as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of animal abuse, Since supposedly it tied it to a stone so he died drowned at the beach.

According to the Guardia Civil, the arrest occurs after an investigation initiated when a citizen alerted the Guardia Civil through its website that had seen on Facebook a photograph of a dog dead on the shores of the sea in the province of Huelva, providing the link that had seen the scene.

Like this, They commissioned the Seprona officers to conduct checks and to keep track of this entry in the aforementioned social network they managed to get to the alleged perpetrator of the facts.

As they were able to see in consulted various Facebook walls, the causes that led to the owner of the animal to kill it this way is that He had no money to sacrifice by legal means, so he decided to leave tied the animal to a large stone on the banks of the beaches of Ayamonte so the tide when it climbed drown the dog.

The foto-denuncia was Once the waters had dropped and once uploaded to the network had a wide impact, as many users of this application that scolded the conduct of the owner, Adds Guardia Civil.

Agents, Once they had knowledge of the identity of the same, stopped him and put to justice, having instructed the relevant proceedings, they were delivered in the Court of instruction of guard of Ayamonte.


This image may offend the sensibilities of the reader

See image

Dog Ayamonte

A young man kills a dog to throw him through a window in Huesca

The alleged perpetrator, apparently, has diagnosed mental health problems. The can, Boxer breed, He belonged to the family of the young man for ten years.

Local police are investigating an incident at a family home in Huesca in which a young man with alleged mental problems ended up throwing out the window a dog breed Boxer who had ten years his mother. The animal fell from the first floor to the Causeway and although two veterinarians immediately attended the scene to try to help you, not they could do nothing more than confirm the death of the dog.

According to various sources reported this Wednesday, the event took place on Tuesday, around the 11.00, in a block housing of the Martínez de Velasco Avenue. For reasons that are unknown, several residents who were in the area were surprised to see that a dog “He came out flying” by the window and immediately warned both the Local police and the national police.

Source: Herald

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