Dog breeds that begin with the letter G – (Complete list)

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of dog breeds that begin with the letter G

Dog breeds in Alphabetical Order

1 Garafian Shepherd

Pastor Garafiano

The Garafian Shepherd It is a very docile and friendly dog.

The Garafian Shepherd is a breed of dog indigenous native to La Palma Canary,

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2 Gascon Saintongeois

Gascón Saintongeois

His great passion is hunting, therefore it is advisable for those who practice it.

The Gascon Saintongeois he is a strong sporting dog, trusted

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3 German Hound

Sabueso alemán

The German Hound it is a fairly common dog in its country but very rare outside its borders.

The first written traces of the

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4 German Hunting Terrier


The German Hunting Terrier is in no way suitable exclusively as a companion or family dog.

The German Hunting Terrier is a

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5 German Longhaired Pointer

Perro de muestra alemán de pelo largo

The first thing to keep in mind is that the German Longhaired Pointer is a
dog of

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6 German Mastiff

Dogo Alemán

The German Mastiff, Great Dane or German Boarhound It is a breed of dog known for its large size and delicate personality, considered as the

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7 German Pinscher

Pinscher Alemán

The German Pinscher is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.

The German Pinscher (from german pinscher “bite”) is a breed of

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8 German Roughhaired Pointer

Grifón de pelo duro

The German Roughhaired Pointer has a calm and balanced character.

The German Roughhaired Pointer It is the breed of hair dogs

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9 German Shepherd

Pastor Alemán

The German Shepherd It is one of the most popular dog breeds, the world's largest and versatile.


It is important the coexistence that

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10 German Shorthaired Pointer

Braco Alemán de Pelo Corto

A strong hunting instinct is the most important characteristic of the German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer (Deutscher

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11 German Spaniel

Perdiguero alemán

The German Spaniel it is very appreciated especially for hunting.

The study of the history of hunting teaches us that it does

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12 German Spitz

Spitz alemán

The hair German Spitz requires certain care, especially for exhibitions.

The Spitz It is one of the German domestic dog breeds

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13 German Wirehaired Pointer

Braco Alemán de Pelo Duro

The German Wirehaired Pointer is very affectionate, active and intelligent.

The German Wirehaired Pointer (Drahthaar) is a race of origin

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14 Giant Schnauzer

Schnauzer Gigante

The Giant Schnauzer is a balanced dog, sweet with children and distrustful with strangers.

The Giant Schnauzer is a breed of dog

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15 Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The development of Golden Retriever it's quite slow. He does not physically become an adult until 18 months of age.

The origin of the “Golden

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16 Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter

The name Gordon Setter is due to the Dukes of Richmond-Gordon, creators of the breed

Scottish native, the Gordon Setter was

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17 Grand basset griffon vendéen

Gran basset grifón vendeano

The Grand basset griffon vendéen is tenacious, brave and a little stubborn.

The Grand basset griffon vendéen have been through more than 400

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18 Grand Griffon Vendéen

Gran Grifón Vendeano

The Grand Griffon Vendéen he is a dog of great character, beautiful cloak and dreamy look. It is a pity its little diffusion. Big

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19 Gray Norwegian Elkhound

Cazador de Alces Noruego

An advantage of Gray Norwegian Elkhound is that it is a friendly and social dog does not tend to dominate or attack.


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20 Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound

Gran sabueso anglo-francés tricolor

The Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound is considered rare, very little spread outside of France and currently little used even

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21 Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound

Gran sabueso anglo-francés blanco y negro

The Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound can be used both in pack and individually.

Esta raza es originaria del “Anglo – Saintongeois Bastard”

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22 Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound


The Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound it is considered little spread outside of France and little used even within its country.


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23 Great Dane

Gran Danés

It is an expensive dog, that he eats in proportion to his size and that when he is young he needs some care


It is important

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24 Great Gascony Blue

Grand Bleu de Gascogne

The Great Gascony Blue is known for its deep barks

The Great Gascony Blue It is an ancient race resulting

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25 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Gran Boyero Suizo

Despite its impressive size and weight, The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is strong and agile.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog he's an old dog

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26 Greenland Dog


The Greenland Dog not an easy breed to control, it is necessary to thoroughly document their character.


It is important

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27 Greyhound (English Greyhound)

Galgo Inglés

The Greyhound It is a breed of dog that is used mainly as a companion and competition animal..


It is important to

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28 Griffon belge

Grifón Belga

The Griffon belge is almost identical to Griffon Bruxellois, from which differs only in color.

Originally from Belgium, as

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29 Griffon Bruxellois

Grifón de Bruselas

The Griffon Bruxellois is known to have a big heart, and a strong desire to snuggle and spend long hours with your

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30 Griffon Nivernais

Grifón del Nivernais

Brave and vivacious, the “Griffon Nivernais” he is an obedient and loving dog. never shy, it is not aggressive either.

These dogs were crossed

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31 Grossespitz (Giant or Large Spitz)

Spitz grande

Although I do not necessarily suspect it at first glance, the Grossespitz (Giant or Large Spitz) it is also extremely robust and weather resistant.

While the

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32 Guatemalan Dogo

Dogo Guatemalteco

The Guatemalan Dogo It is a variant of the Doge race, a native of Guatemala. It's a watchdog.

From the age 1990, the

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