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Warren hound breeds
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Razas de Podenco

The different “Warren hound breeds” are characterized by being little barking, extremely clever and agile for hunting.


It is called Warren hound to a type of hunting dog of ancient origins. There are several breeds today throughout the entire Mediterranean: is believed to be the origin of these modern breeds in old Egypt (specifically in the Tesem race) and that the dogs were broadcast by the Mediterranean coast by the Phoenicians. Its appearance slightly recalls a Jackal or the image of the Egyptian Dios Anubis.

Various genetic studies carried out in recent years have come to the conclusion that contrary to the widespread belief that the Podenco is a type of primitive dog imported a few 3.000 the area of middle years, These dogs really are close genetic relationship with the rest of European hunting dogs and are not more “primitive” that most of them.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale brings together the Podencos within section 7 (“Primitive type - Hunting Dogs”) Group v, the Pharaoh Hound which in its place of origin is used for rabbit hunting is not included in this section, If not in the section 6 (“Primitive type”).

Podenco breeds recognized by the FCI


Not recognized by the FCI


Other races, Despite not being recognized by the FCI, they have morphological and usage characteristics typical of Podencos., are:

According to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the difference between Greyhound, Lebrel and poodle is based on the following definitions:

  • Greyhound: Lightweight dog breed, with small head, large eyes, the pointed snout, the ears are thin and hanging, the slim body and neck, the long legs and tail.
  • Sighthound: Variety of dog that is distinguished by having an upper lip and drooping ears, the strong muzzle, straight back, the long body and legs removed back. It was given this name for being very suitable for hunting hares.
  • Warren hound: The somewhat lower body, but more robust than the hound, with round head, the ears stiff, straight back, moderately long hair, the coiled tail and hands and feet small, but very strong. It is little barking and extremely shrewd and Agile for hunting, by its great view, smell and resistance.

Warren hound breeds

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