Police shoot dog because it ladraba

Dog cinnamon

The officers of units 164 and 165 District delights in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, shot this morning against a dog, identified as “Cinnamon”.

The policemen were eating lunch at the intersection of Ignacio Ronquillo and passage of the North of Chaveña colony, When one of them he was going to buy a drink and the dog will bark.

The agent brought the assault rifle and shot him at close range the animal.

The incident occurred with children and older adults who were at that time in public.

The official aggressor lifted the sleeve, While “Cinnamon” I'll stick with the spine shattered and unable to walk, According to staff of Centre Antirrábico attended at the request of the owner to take charge of the can.

The animal was transferred to facilities of Pro Animal defense Association (Aprodea) where would be staffed by veterinarians who conditions it is, they will define if they sacrifice to the dog to avoid more suffering.

The Secretary of public security, Julian Leyzaola, It has not issued for comments.

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