Sealed in Italy a Kennel of dogs for scientific vivisection

The Italian Police today sealed installations in Montichiari (North Italy) Green Hill company, dedicated to the breeding of dogs for vivisection in scientific research, suspicion of a possible crime of animal abuse.
This action, carried out in an operation involving some 30 agents, It is the result of the complaint lodged by the associations Legambiente and League Antiviviseccion (LAV) the judicial authorities of the province of Brescia (North Italy), According to police sources reported today.

The agents seized the Beagle dogs, both puppies and adults, they found onsite at Green Hill, composed of four ships, offices and land for a total of about five hectares, This Wednesday it remained under the seal of the Italian authorities.

“We look forward to inquiries in progress can shed light permanently on the actual conditions of enclosed animals”, said the Chairman of LAV, Gianluca Felicetti, in a statement.

Green Hill facilities were some 2.500 dogs, both puppies and adults for procreation, bred for this practice of dissection of live animals, even without anesthesia, scientific purposes, as they have denounced the associations for the defence of animals.

The past 28 April platforms “Green Hill close” and “We deal with Green Hill” They convened a protest that ended with the arrest of twelve activists, Once they managed to release around 30 dogs of installations in Montichiari.

Activists denounce every year 900.000 animals, including a few 1.000 dogs, they are used in six hundred Italian laboratories for scientific research of different types, something seeking to change soon with a law which provides for the prohibition on dog breeding Italy, cats and primates for experiments.
This draft law, that currently handles the Senate, do not close the doors to these animal experimentation, but forcing the use of anesthesia in the laboratories.

After the operation against Green Hill, both LAV and Legambiente called new senators to approve this law as soon as possible, with a view to “a clean research, Scientific and ethically acceptable”.

Source: EFE

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