Imprisonment and a fine for a man for killing blows a dog in Siero (Asturias) – Spain

The judge, It supported the indictment by the Prosecutor's Office of environment and town planning of the Principality of Asturias, highlights the “ruthless action” of the accused

The Penal Court number two of Oviedo has convicted a man for killing blows a dog of Mastiff breed in SIERO, in the summer of 2010. In particular, the sentence the accused to three months in prison and one year of disqualification for the exercise of profession , trade or trade related animals, the payment of the costs of the trial and to, in respect of civil liability, compensation paid to the owner of the dog with 800 EUR.

The judge, It supported the indictment by the Prosecutor's Office of environment and town planning of the Principality of Asturias, highlights the “ruthless action” of the accused, “It was only interrupted when he was discovered” by the owner of the animal. The sentence is not firm and against her should be appeal to the Provincial Court.

The judgment considers proven that, in the early hours of the 28 to the 29 in August of 2010, in Aveno (SIERO), the accused, L. A.. (L)., He gave numerous and violent beatings with a long and heavy object to a dog of Mastiff breed Spanish, It led to a different injury intensive, with crushing of lumbar vertebrae that caused the paralysis of the posterior third, as well as bleeding at the abdominal level. The serious injury suffered by finally caused the death of the animal.

The Prosecutor's Office of environment and planning accused the defendant of a crime of animal abuse. According to collect the judgment, L. A.. L. “He hit with a metal bar the dog repeatedly for various parts of body (e) printed strong shock, which is inferred from the gravity of the injuries that appreciated the veterinarian”. This “ruthless action” only interrupted“When was discovered” by the owner of the Mastiff, which is why “It can be noted that the accused wanted to kill the animal”.

“The martyrdom which was for the dog being subjected to these repeated and violent blows with the bar, followed by the painful agony that had to undergo because of serious injuries inflicted until he died, present us with a “modus operandi” Developer of a particular cruelty”.

The court give full credibility to the testimony of the owner of the bitch, describing as“precise, detailed and fully convincing”. This explained in the view that, “on the three and the morning peak, he woke up to hear the screams of the bitch and looked out the window, seeing the animal lying on side, trying to get up, and a subject wearing an elongated instrument, stick type, in the hand”. For this reason, points failure, “He went to the lantern and focused on the individual, well seeing that it was the accused”.

Below, women “He ran to warn her sister down, I slept in another room, and went out to the outside, where was found the dog badly, I was going in direction to a few pine trees, crawling and falling back”. Since the dog was aggressive by the pains that had, they waited lunch next time to pick it up with a blanket and take it to the veterinarian. He died hours later. -ep

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