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Photo: mypetsmart.com

The exact development of the RagaMuffin is a little uncertain. They were developed from cats Ragdoll in the Decade of 1990, When a group of breeders broke away from the international organization of the Ragdoll cat (IRCA), on the grounds of having its own vision of the race. Because only members of the IRCA were allowed use the name “Ragdoll” farmers were forced to seek a new name. Curt Gehm dubbed the new race “RagaMuffin”, they were descendants of street cats who founded the Ragdoll breed. While the Ragamuffin and the Ragdolls are closely related, There are differences – the Ragamuffin allow all colours, Unlike the Ragdoll, the shape of the head is vaulted in the RagaMuffin instead of flat, nut instead of oval-shaped eyes, The RagaMuffin bones stronger than the Ragdoll, short and thick hair. The cat breeders association (CFA) recognized the RagaMuffin in 2003.

Photo: mypetsmart.com

The Ragamuffin are gentle giants in the world of the cat. Extraordinarily sweet and loving, you make wonderful companions. They link to all in the family and expect a lot of touch and affection of all persons. They like to play and they tend to be “soft overused” which means that they tend not to use their claws to the play.

They require interaction and do not like to be alone for a long time. They like to sit in silence in the lap of its owner, and also have fun with any type of game. Due to their docile nature, is a cat inside – It is not likely that you know to defend against attacks if we walk out of the House with him. Their docile nature makes them good with children of all ages. Also gets along well with other pets.

The average lifespan of the RagaMuffin is of 12 to 16 years. There is no special for this breed health problems.

Males can weigh 13,6 kg or more.

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15 comments on “Ragamuffin
  1. Ximena says:

    How do I get a RagaMuffin, (vi) Animal Planet cat ABC and I fell in love.

  2. Fernando says:

    Friends : I live in Lima, Peru and would like to get a RagaMuffin, they know a breeder?
    Thanks and greetings

    • LMixer says:

      Holi I also saw ABC feline and I fell in love with the rgamuffin and also of the British short hair if lguien knows how to get them on ima please diganmeloooooooo peru

  3. Sabrina says:

    TMB saw the Animal Planet cat ABC and I fell in love. Where there are breeding in Argentina would

  4. Camila says:

    Hello, as the other comments I also saw feline ABC on Animal Planet and I fell in love, then I wanted to ask them if they know of someone that sold in Chile or in some nearby country, for transport or something like, any information will be very grateful.

  5. Marieli says:

    I have one beautiful and attest that are so, My Benito is highly familiar, I have moved twice and it has not affected you, occasionally escapes and comes all arunado but Victor, I have it its first month and they let me in the door of my house. The master

  6. VIC alfred parra valenzuela says:

    Good evening my name is Vic Alfred Parra, I am interested in purchasing a pair of cats ragamuffin would like to know is your cost of shipping to bogota, colombia or any information who can sell these kittens excellent in any nearby country my email is alfredp1217@hotmail.com for any contact thank you

  7. Sergio says:

    Hello everyone, Anyone have a breeder of ragamuffin data.????

  8. I love cats and especially this race….. Anyone know if here in peru the raising ????

  9. Lena says:

    Hello all,

    I am flying to Lima in April 2015, I can bring two Ragdoll kittens with me. If anyone is interested, please contact
    rk@ragdollsea.com website RagdollSEA.com

  10. Magnolia says:

    Nice to meet you,I live in Lima- Peru and am interested in adopting a ragamuffin or a ragdoll, preferably baby , If anyone has any information please contact me , Thank you

  11. OrNee Maria says:

    I wonder if my cat belongs to that race...She is the closest to the race.

  12. Tomas Mejia says:

    Hi I'm from bogota colombia need a Ragamuffin white with the naris red female maximum two months old send preci the cheapest possible

  13. Make says:

    Hello, I am from La Paz – Bolivia.
    I would also like to have a couple Ragamuffin.
    I wonder if anyone can sell me the race due certifications in Peru and Chile. Thank you.

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