Buzzard Mallorquí

Ratonero Mallorquí

The Buzzard Mallorquí It is a great companion dog and an excellent guardian.

The Buzzard dog Mallorquí, is a small dog, originally from the island of Majorca, Spain.

The origin of this breed is not at all clear, but his association with the Gos Rater Valencia or dog Ratonero Valenciano is very evident given the proximity of geographic and historical references.

In the early 20th century, There were migrations of Valencia to the island for the cultivation of rice in wetlands of Albufera. This fact could involve the introduction of dogs to hunt rodents.

His involvement with the agricultural field, In addition to small rodents Hunter (field rats were used for human consumption), It has also been an excellent Hunter of hares and rabbits. On the other hand, in a popular context has been called “eriçoner”, because it is very likely that sea urchins and other hunting have been more affordable prey. But the hunting system is different from other dogs, as the Ibizan Hound.

Already as Ratonero Mallorquí is introduced in the bushes and is gradually taking the Hare (in mallorquí to this fact is called “buidar”). His qualities as a great Hunter, due to his muscular legs and small physical structure that provides the ability to perform large jumps.

Ratonero Mallorquí is recognized officially as a breed of dog by the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Government of Spain from 2002. It is also listed in the native races of the Balearic Islands. And in the year 1990 melt the Club Spanish of Ca Rater Mallorquí (CEPRAM), It comprises breeders, hunters and amateur lovers of the breed. In the year 2002 the Ca Rater Mallorquí Club It took a leap in its history to be officially recognized as a purebred dog breeders group.

Physical characteristics

The general appearance of the Ratonero Mallorquí is to be a dog that does not exceed the 5 kg. The head is in proportion with the body.

The face narrows towards the snout, black truffle, eyes round and amber, thin lips, ears sharp firm and robust neck, the same length as the head.

The structure of the body It is quadrangular in males and more elongated in females, These are minor proportions.

The bib is wide, the arched ribs, the collected belly and rump is muscular and rounded. The tail is cut flush with the body or may be a vertebra, Although there are times that puppies can be born tailless or with a rudimentary falling.

The limb they are muscular and strong, especially the later ones, and the feet of Hare, fine.

The skin is thin and attached to the body, presents no folds or Chin, the hair is short and smooth.

Stains always occurs in the color of color fire in the mouth following the labial commissure, up the cheeks, on top of the eyes (giving the expression “Quatre ulls”) and the internal profile of ears. It is also common to appear a stain of color fire chest, limbs and perianal region. Fire tone can vary from being more up Matt power.

In addition to this generality, Ratonero Mallorquí can be black, the most common, but there is also variation in Brown, with the amber color of eyes lighter.

In addition, this breed may also be tricolor in these two colors (tricolor white, black and tan; or tricolor white, Brown and fire). All these variants are recognized, with more or less mottled white on the other color.

Like this, the Tricolor nails are not black in black individuals and fire, but depending on the spots they can be black and white (or brown), as well as female nipples. The white colour is dominant and stain all areas in which appears the black (or brown) and/or fire.

Buzzard Mallorquí: Standard CEPRAM


Racial prototype

General characteristics

Ca rater mallorquí is a small dog, well below the average size of the canine species. Its height does not reach the 40 centimeters are normal, and the 32 a 36 cm in males and 29-33 centimeters in females.

Its weight is reduced, of 3,5 a 5 males pounds, and 3 a 4 kg in females. Taking into account that the profile of the head, skull and face is straight, You can say that according to the systematic classification of Baron dog rater mallorquí is straight, brevilineo and ultraelipometrico.

It is a lively temperament animal, loving, very nervous and susceptible. Great guardian of the House, Since suddenly tell the owner. Great Hunter of rats and rabbits, Since it enters into any hole, jump the walls very easily, aside that runs very quickly. It is also an excellent pet.

Regional characteristics

HEAD: Little stresses but it is harmonious proportion with the body. The face is narrow, sharply pointed, with well marked masseter. The nose is black and small, and is this is their normal color, While there is a correlation between the color of the nose, lips and eyes, they are similar. The lips are thin and collected, well glued to the gums. The corner is not marked and color normally black, as the nose and other mucous membranes. The teeth are white, healthy, strong and correctly positioned. The bite is in the form known as scissors. The palate is also black or brown coloration. The eyes are round, large, a bit prominent and horizontal and frontal. Its color is dark amber. The eyelids are thin, well stuck to the eye and black. The ears are well right, medium-sized, triangular, Mobile, high insertion and protrude from the external lateral plane of the head when the animal is in alert situation.

NECK: The neck is robust and cylindrical, low birth and is the chest up and forward extension. Its robustness gives feeling of agility and has the same length as the head.

BODY: Is square aspect in males, However in females is more elongated. The muscles are strong, long and well marked. The cross is not very marked and has the same height as the rump. The chest is wide and rounded with the tip of the breastbone fully integrated within the curve that forms. The sternal line (the chest post) matches the height of the elbows. The shoulders are oblique, the dorso-lumbar line is horizontal with the strong spine, straight, short. The belly is picked up, the rounded rump and the arched ribs.

TAIL: A feature of this breed is born anuro, with a small vertebra body flush. It is interesting to note that some dogs are born without tail and others with a very rudimentary tail that often atrophies and dropped only one.

LIMBS: The forelimbs are well separated by the chest, It stands out, and, in general, Members are dried meat, good muscular, especially the subsequent, equipped with strong bones and good joints, which promotes the great ability to make jumps on his vertical at high altitude. The feet are very fine and the so-called Hare type.

MARCH: Both trot and Gallop is very fast, Since moving limbs at great speed.

SKIN: It is very thin and is glued to the body. It does not have never or Chin, or other twists. The coat is short and fine. And the main color of the coat is black and Tan with varying degrees of extension of the black on the fire and the hue of the fire, Since this is more power in some cases or more matte and Tan in others. Often, the presence of white spots, variable extension. You can also give a mutation of Brown and fire, and therefore also the white and orange.

Source: The Club of Ca Rater Mallorquí official website

Character and skills

On the other hand, Ratonero Mallorquí is a good dog company.

Formerly linked to keep free of rodents stables and, also, is an ideal guard dog.

His character is awake, nervous and Intelligent, In addition to tremendously loving with its owner.

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  • Otros nombres: Ca Rater Mallorquí.

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