Gato Siamés


It is one of the most easily recognizable breeds of cat. Its pointed coat pattern originated as a mutation in Asia at least five hundred years ago. It is not known if this pattern was very widespread, but it has been associated more with the far East and especially Thailand. These cats are bred in the Royal families and temples. Later, they were admired by foreign visitors and at the end of the 19th century came to the West.

At the beginning knew the cat from the East, both tips and color, like the Siamese, but name was always more closely related to the classic type of tips of blue eyes. In the Decade of 1920 It was decided that only cats that had this pattern could be called Siamese twins, and uniform cats at the end called for Oriental short hair. Siamese cats from time to time also produced long-haired kittens, and these have been developed in the Balinese.

The aspect and the Siamese identity remain a disputed question. Over the years, the Siamese has progressively become more Boning and lengthened, with a more pronounced wedge-shaped head, especially in North America. Some breeders, However, they preserved the oldest type, It has a strong complexion and a head round or "Apple". In the color, the more conservative records only recognize black tips (called seal), chocolate, Blue and lilac; the traditional Oriental colours, red, cream, as well as tips turtle and striped accepted as Siamese twins in Europe, but they are called short tips of color in North America. Whatever their colors and names, all these cats share the typical Siamese Extrovert temperament, playful, talkative, you want attention and company. It is not a lonely cat, but you need an attentive owner or another feline company, and as the two.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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