Cat breeds starting with A

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Cat breeds starting with A
The bobtail, it matures slowly, It has a muscular build and a hard coat that may seem a little greñudo.

History, physical characteristics, character and skills, images and videos of cat breeds that begin with the letter A

Alphabetizing breeds of cats

1 Abyssinian cat


The name of Abyssinia refers to Ethiopia, but most of the stories about the origins of the Abyssinian refer to

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2 Aegean cat

cat aegean

The Aegean cat is a natural breed of cat from the Cyclades islands of Greece.

It is likely that this species

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3 American bobtail cat

American Bobtail

The Bobtail americano he is playful and intelligent. Some have dog features, they learn tricks and can retrieve things

The history of Bobtail americano

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4 American Burmese cat

Burmés americano

of the “American Burmese cat”

The race Burmese Modern was developed in the United States and Great Britain under different breed standards.

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5 American Curl


The American Curl not to be confused with Scottish Fold, having ears folded forward due to a mutation.

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6 American Keuda


It is thought that the American Keuda is the descendant of some of the first cats brought to Texas and some may have

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7 American Longhair Cat (Maine Coon)

Amrican longhair

The American Longhair Cat has a great addition to the stables, since it tends to be very fond of other animals like

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8 American Polydactyl Cat

American Polydactyl

The American Polydactyl Cat is specifically bred to have extra fingers, for his temper, your good health, and its color or size.


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9 American Ringtail


The American Ringtail It is one of the newer breeds of cats existing without registering, It is at this time as a race in one

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10 American shorthair cat

Razas gatos

An especially famous representative of the breed was the lady short hair blazer “India”, who lived in the White House as “first cat”

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11 American Wirehair cat

Foto: Wilkipedia

The American Wirehair cat it is a breed of young cat. This type of cat belongs to the category of domestic cats.

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12 Angora cat

Gato de Angora

The name of Angora cat can create confusion. It differs enough from the Oriental Longhair cat and of the Cat

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13 Antipodean cat


The Antipodean cat was previously known as the New Zealand shorthair cat and / or the Australian longhair cat.

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14 Asian cat

Gato asiático

The Asian cat It is physically very similar to the European Burmese Cat.: only the colors of the cats' fur differ between the two breeds.

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15 Asian Semi-longhair cat (Tiffanie)

Asian Semi-longhair

At first sight, the Tiffanie is defined by its owners as a cat “aristocratic”: refined, sociable, quiet, often with an air of dignity.

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16 Asian Smoke Cat

Gato asiático humo atigrado

At the beginning, he was known as Gato Burmoire because its origin seems to come from the cross between the Burmilla cat and the

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17 Australian mist cat

Australian Mist

The Australian mist cat has been named Australia's national cat.


The coexistence that you are going to have with your new one is important

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