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    Posted by pets | 26 April 2012

    They rescued a dog that was spraying poison and sandwiched in a cave in La Gomera – Spain

    Hunting with dogs in La Gomera

    The Association Pro Animal Gomera It was reported that collaborators of the protective and the Civil Guard officers have rescued a dog that was spraying poison and sandwiched in a cave in the area of La Hoya, in Valle Gran Rey.

    The rescue occurred thanks to a few neighbors notice, those who having heard continual amourning dog that came from the cliff decided to upload to inspect the site, explained the Secretary of Pro Animal, Dominique Lecroc.

    Neighbors found the bottom of a cave walled with stones to a large black dog, with rottweiler German Shepherd miscellany, tied with a rope and that gave off a strong smell to poison. The dog, about seven years, presented malnutrition and dehydration, lack of hair and muscles, and burns on the eyelids, noted Lecroc. The animal was transferred to the veterinarian to receive first aid and later evacuated to a canine hotel Tenerife.

    Pro Animal Gomera, that it had submitted complaint before Civil Guard and the city of Valle Gran Rey, It has requested the cooperation of citizens to find out the identity of the owner of the animal. Remember that the cave where he found the dog is located in a steep and very little frequented place, so it believes can be a neighbor in the area.

    It denounces that in so far this year already has been in La Gomera more dropouts of animals than ever, as well as a considerable increase in acts of cruelty. In this regard, It refers to some recent events as puppies thrown into a container inside a garbage bag or other seven launched from a car could only of those who save two.

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    One comment on “They rescued a dog that was spraying poison and sandwiched in a cave in La Gomera – Spain
    1. Georgina says:

      I would like to find the perpetrators and if they can not legally make them nothing, Hopefully someone will do the same.

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