Retriever curly hair

Retriever de Pelo Rizado

The Retriever curly hair Unlike the other Retriever is a good guardian.

The Retriever curly hair (also known, as Curly) It is a breed of dog native to England, dedicated to the hunting of birds of mountain and water birds. It is the largest of dogs bailiffs and is easily distinguished by the mass of wavy curls covering its body.

In addition to being the largest is the oldest of the Retriever and like their cousins descends from the Newfoundland and the Irish water dog of who inherited these characteristic risos.

Some historians, pose that in the formation of the race also have been its bit the Poodle, and perhaps the first farmers arrived in England.

The debut of the first issue of hair curly Retriever in a dogshow, took place in the year 1860, and the first official race club was founded in the year 1896.

Physical characteristics

Retriever curly hair is an active dog, Not bad muscled a dog dedicated to bird mountain and waterfowl hunting. Retriever curly hair is, slightly, different in terms of structure the other most common bailiffs dogs. It´s longer than high.

The the mantle is composed of a layer of sharp and tight curls.

The colors the fur of the Retriever of curly hair are solid black and Brown (liver)solid. Occasionally, they may have some tufts of white, but the white spots are a serious misconduct.

The eyes they should be black or brown in the black dogs and brown or amber brown dogs. Yellow eyes are rare, but they may appear. The nose should be, completely, Pigmented and the same color as the layer of the dog.

Its height the cross is of 25 a 27 cm in males and females in 23 a 25 cm., However, There may be a wide range of sizes, in dogs bred for the field, usually I tend to be smaller.

The weight You must be in correct proportion to the size of the dog.

Retriever curly hair: Standard FCI


HEAD: View of front and side it has a wedge. Well-proportioned body.


  • Skull: Skull and muzzle are of the same length. Top axes of the skull and the muzzle are parallel.
  • Depression links (Stop): Bit strong.


  • Truffle: Black on black copies, brown (liver) in the Brown specimens.
  • JAWS / Teeth: JAWS strong with perfect scissor bite, regular and complete, that is to say that the inner side of the upper incisors is in close contact with the external surface of the lower incisors, teeth being positioned perpendicularly in the jaws.
  • Eyes: Large, No bulging, oval-shaped, in an oblique position. Black in black dogs; in brown dogs (liver) they present a color that blends with the color of the fur.
  • Ears: Quite small, insertion barely taller than the line of the eyes; well attached to the head and well covered with short curls.

NECK: Strong, slightly arched, moderately long, without jowl; free and loose, He joins harmoniously well oblique shoulders.


  • Top line: Well sustained, level. The distance between the cross and the insertion of the tail is slightly longer than that between the cross and the soil.
  • Pork loin: Short, vigorous, strong.
  • Breast : Deep well, transverse oval, reaching the elbows; the sill is visible; ribs are snugly and securely extend backwards.
  • Bottom line and belly: Slightly gathered.

TAIL: In harmonious extension of the topline; It should reach approximately the Hock. When is the dog moving, It is led straight top line level.


PREVIOUS MEMBERS: Straight, well located beneath the body.

  • Shoulder: Well muscled and oblique.
  • Arms: The scapula and arm are approximately the same length.
  • Metacarpus: Strong.
  • Front feet: Round, Compact. Well arched toes

LATER MEMBERS: Strong and muscular.

  • Stifle-warm-patellar angulation (knee): Moderately angled.
  • Hock: Well descended and layered.
  • Rear feet: Round, Compact. Well arched toes.

MOVEMENT: Journey without effort, free and energetic, with a good range of the forelimbs and a strong push from the hind limbs. Members move in a parallel plane. To speed up the extremities tend to get close to the median plane «» (single tracking»).


Hair: Fully covered body, from the back of the head to the tip of the tail, for a lot of hair in the form of small firm curls, tight, well glued to the skin and frizzy hair. Without inner layer of hairs and no bald spots. Elsewhere hair smooth.

COLOR: Black or brown (liver).


Height to the cross:

    67,5 cm. (27 inches).
  • Females: 62,5 cm. (25 inches).

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog, and the ability of the dog to carry out their traditional work.


  • Aggressive or fearful dog.
  • Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Los machos deben tener dos apariencia testiculos normal completamente descendidos en el escroto.

TRANSLATION: Lic. Oscar Valverde Calvo (Costa Rica) and Jorge Nallem (Uruguay).

Character and skills

Retriever curly hair, is a dog balanced and agile, resistant, strong and funny aspect. It was originally developed as a hunting dog, and his temperament and conformation reflect this objective.

In the news, they are still used in many countries as bird hunting companions, including hunting, both upland and waterfowl. Like most of the perdigueros dogs, they are valued as pets and are a happy breed and fun lovers. If the hair curly Retriever, have enough exercise, It will be calm and relaxed in the home environment, namely, It is an active dog but he also knows to enjoy the tranquility.

Retriever curly hair, It can sometimes be distant with strangers, but tend to be very loyal and affectionate with their owners and family. They are extremely intelligent, in general, But training can sometimes be difficult to, that they can easily get bored with repetitive training.

It is a dog, also, appreciated by its resistance, Retriever curly hair - general- you need a high-quality food. Some breeders use a natural diet, It consists of meat and vegetables which can complement with high quality dog food.

Last but not least, Remember that hair curly Retriever, It is an intelligent dog and is very happy when there is a proper exercise, mental stimulation and play, issues that must be present if it adopts a dog. They are ideal for active sports such as hunting tests, Flyball and agility, Since the love in the open air, work with people, and the activities of any kind. Where are you adequate dose of exercise, at home will have a calm dog.

According to the international encyclopedia of dogs (1984), “the joy of this dog is swimming“, which makes it a particularly valuable dog to cross streams and rivers.

The life expectancy average of the Retriever of curly hair, is of 14.9 years, Although there are cases of dogs who have lived up 15 or 17 years of age.


Retriever curly hair, It is a rare watch dog and find, both in their country of origin and the rest of the world.

A key feature in his character as opposed to the other Retriever is that it tends to be very reñidor with other dogs, and that can that he has hindered its spread…

Images of the Retriever of curly hair
Videos del Retriever de Pelo Rizado

  • Otros nombres: Curly Coated Retriever / Curly / CCR / Retriever à poil bouclé / Kraus Gelockt Retriever / Cobrador De Pelo Rizado.
  • Group 8 / Section 1 – Bailiffs of hunting dogs.

Dogs breeds: Retriever curly hair

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