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Posted by pets | 8 August 2011

Ringtail americano

The American Ringtail is one of the most recent cat breeds existing without registering, It is at this time as a race in a pilot phase. It originated a few years ago, When in 1998 a male street cat was rescued in Fremont, California. When the cat grew up, It was discovered that he tended to keep their tail in a position stooped over the back. There was no deformity or physical defects in the animal, the cat did not appear to have any kind of discomfort while holding the tail in this particular way. Soon, other cats in the locality were observed with a similar “ring” in the queue. After the genetic consultation, the final decision was made to develop these cats as a unique formal race. The original ringed tail male is crossed with a foreign female. Since then, several litters are born with the features that show the “Ring-tailed cat”. Originally called “RingTail Sing-a-ling” these cats are named American Ringtail cats “and they are currently on the road towards the full recognition of the bodies of registration of the feline breeds.

A relatively large size, the Ringtail is a long and muscular animal. Both sexes can reach a weight of 5 to 7 Kg. in adulthood. They have a long back and Fort. The skin is soft and silky and can come in any color or pattern. The color of the eyes is not strictly defined by the moment. The tail is straight with curls at the tip that fall along the back. The legs are medium-sized fingers linked by membranes.

Spunky American Ringtail

The famous Ring-tailed is due to two different genes that produce the appearance ' vertical’ and ' curved’ the tail. Seen in certain domestic and wild cats, and even in purebred dogs. They are not associated with any health problem. Its own tail is muscular and broad at the base, well-developed bones are not fused. Cats have tails ring position when it is calm. It serves not only to balance the cats in movement, but also to slow down during a Chase at high speed.

The American Ringtail is very friendly and loving by nature. They interact well with children and other family members, They even developed a strong attachment with one person in particular, However they are a bit shy in the presence of strangers. Curious by nature, explore everything what they see in their surroundings and are particularly fascinated by water sources, Perhaps a relic of his wild days when used to quench his thirst drinking from the backwaters of water in nature. Another “Wild” attribute, It is their habit of its food storage, hiding in different places of the House for food at a later time. Because of its unique design and beauty, these fascinating safe cats win the attention and fame to prosper as a distinct breed, widely recognized in the next few years.

2 comments on “Ringtail americano
  1. Robert jara says:

    I have cats bar and one of the litters I came out a kitten with the well ringed tail behind the very elegant while walking without any defect or health problem is intermediate hair and grey and white

  2. Shelley W says:

    I adopted or should day rescued two 5 week old American Ringtail sister. One is larger and shorter haired, while the runt is a medium haired girl. The oldest escaped accidentally at almost a year and was pregnant by a male larger Tuxedo DS. She lost 2 of her four babies due to stillborn. We never allowed our girls to drink Did Palos .CA water again.

    I currently have my beautiful sisters age 3.5 years. I have the amazing daughter from the first litter. She had the softest cost of all 3 Queens. She is amazing as well. I have two 1 year old males that one is my baby boy. I have recently gotten color point red males from a litter and one is medium haired and the other is long haired. They have the palest blue eyes I have ever incountered since they at some angles seem almost white. They have a sister whom I am keeping whom is almost a siamese, but has some snowshoe spot characteristics. She had white spotty areas on her mask and areas of her Siamese coloring. She then has some dark spots on her chin. I have not once ever had a kitten born without the Ringtail larg muscles at the base of the tail. The don’t seem to have C or S curves which they curve over their backs. Every single kitten I have been able to take the tail and lay it on their back and touch the base of their skull.
    The have all had longer back lwgs, which most litters will be General a little wobbly up to 8 weeks. They all have a triangular shaped face, long muscular torso, and some have small couger tips. They all have webbed toes. Are very verbal and trill regularly while holding a conversation with me. The are loving, liyak, intelligent and very active. They love other pets including the dogs. The can leap up to or longer then 12 feet either up or straight across a room at ages of 4 to 5 months. They are very demanding in such things where one of our first queens assumes when she had her harness on, that we were not being good parents when we took the two small dogs for a 4ide bit didn’t include her.,

    I have never really loved female cats until my Ringtails. I do enjoy watching the tail acted up over their backs when they are happy. They are varied where some tend to be very laid back in life, where as others can be bossy and needed you to meet their demands. Lol Would never trade this breed for any other. They have become our fur babies and with a preemie boy as now my so demanding son. Lol

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