Romania approves it sacrificed the wild dogs

The Parliament of Romania sought to end on Tuesday with the chronic problem of the wild dogs by approving a draft law that will allow citizens to catch and kill the animals, a decision that has angered activists.

According to the authorities, There is more than 40.000 wild dogs in the streets of Bucharest, a problem exacerbated by dictator Nicolas Ceaucescu Communist, that forced thousands of people to move to apartments which could not do is charge of the animals.

In the 80, Ceauşescu ordered the destruction of many villages in the capital to make room for concrete apartment blocks. The problem of stray dogs has not undertaken properly since, and every year there are thousands of people receiving treatment for dog bites.

The new legislation allows that authorities slaughtered dogs no one take 30 days after his capture. However, municipalities would need to organize local referendums or carry out surveys if they want to impose this practice.

Activists for the rights of animals from around the world, including French actress Brigitte Bardot, they have begun to raise awareness of the problem, criticizing the project in Romania to kill dogs and instead proposing his capture and sterilization, a more complicated and expensive process.

“This is immoral”, He told Reuters by telephone Marcela Pisla, President of the Association of Cutu-Cutu animal rights.

“In any way, the wild dogs may not be captured, and animal lovers will hidden to many others, In addition to that there will always be puppies abandoned on the streets”, said.

During his tenure as Mayor of Bucharest at the beginning of the last decade, President Traian Basescu provoked protests by his attempt to clean up the capital of herds of stray dogs, throwing back finally in the face of international criticism.


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