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Sabueso Serbio Tricolor

The Hound Serbian Tricolor It is rare even in their country of origin and it is almost impossible to see outside.

The Hound Serbian Tricolor (Srpski Trobojni Gonič or Trobojac) It is a breed of hunting dog. His original name was Yugoslavian Tricolor Hound, changing its name in 1991 After the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

The race was exhibited for the first time in 1950, whereas in principle a variant of the Serbian Hound, but was recognized by the FCI as a separate breed in 1961.

The Serbian Tricolor Hound is a variety within the Group of hounds that has existed in the Balkans since a long time ago. For many years, the race was considered simply as one variety of other Hounds of Serbia, but in 1946 This was strongly rejected and was awarded the race condition independent of other hounds and adopted the specific standard.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale recognises the breed in 1961.

Today, the Serbian Tricolor Hound, It remains popular in their country of origin, Despite the fact that it is not seen beyond its borders.

Physical characteristics

The Serbian Tricolor Hound is a dog of owls size, that hunt in packs of career, namely, they are looking for free to find prey, instead of going in Group.

They are used in hunting bears and hunting, as well as for the pursuit of foxes.

The height the male will of 45 a 55 cm and in the female of 44 a 54 cm., the weight of the Serbian Tricolor Hound will of 20 a 25 kg.

The mantle is of hair short, abundant, slightly thick, with well-developed internal mantle.

The life expectancy Serbian tricolor Hound, round the 12 years.

Hound Serbian Tricolor: Standard FCI


HEAD: Longheaded, thin; the top lines of the skull and nose spout are divergent.


  • Skull: Seen from the front and profile, It is slightly bulky; the frontal furrow is pronounced. The occipital Protuberance is little developed. The distance between the ears ligament corresponds to that between depression slightly and the occipital Protuberance. The superciliary arches are little spoken.
  • Depression links (Stop): It is not very pronounced.


  • Truffle: Well-developed and always black.
  • Snout: Cuneiform, shorter than the skull; the proportion being searched between the length of the muzzle and the skull is of 8,5: 10. It progressively decreases depression slightly with truffle. Cano-nasal is straight. The side lines of the snout are converging.
  • Lips: Thin, together, moderately developed, fairly short and rounded at the tip of the snout. The edge of the lips should be black. The upper lip slightly exceeds the lower; the commissure is firm.
  • JAWS / Teeth: The jaws are strong and present a joint in the form of scissors, uniform and complete. Is accepted in the form of clip joint.
  • Cheeks: Flat.
  • Eyes: Almond biscuits, almost oval, medium-sized, in slightly oblique position. The edge of the eyelid pigmentation is dark (preferably black). The color of the iris is as dark as possible.
  • Ears: High are presented; medium length, pendants. Close to cheeks, they are moderately wide. The tip is slightly oval shaped. The ears are more thin than thick.

NECK: Strong, of a length which corresponds almost to the head. The top line is slightly arched. The neck forms an angle with the horizontal of 45 50 °.

BODY: Rectangular, its length exceeds of a 10% the height at the withers.

  • Top margin: Straight.
  • Cross: It is little pronounced.
  • Back: Well muscled, straight, strong, elongated.
  • Pork loin: Well muscled. Its length is almost equal to that of the rump.
  • Rump: Slightly inclined (of 20 a 25% in relation to the horizontal), well muscled, Broadband.
  • Breast : Strong. Its height corresponds to the 50% the height at the withers; its perimeter exceeds this in a 20%.
  • Bottom margin and belly: The oval tip of sternum is slightly outgoing. The belly is slightly raised.

TAIL: It prolongs the rump line. It is thick in the birth and decreases gradually towards the end, arriving at the level of the Hock. Slightly stooped upwards, It is lower than the line of the back. It is covered by abundant hair.



  • In general: Strong, straight, well muscled, parallel.
  • Scapula: Approximately of the same length as the arm, muscular, solid, well attached to the chest wall. This forms an angle of 45 to 50 ° to the horizontal.
  • Arm: Well glued to the body, strong, muscular, approximately of the same length as the scapula. In relation to the horizontal, forming an angle of 45 55 °.
  • Elbow: Well glued to the body, solid; the height from the ground to the elbow corresponds to the 50% the height at the withers.
  • Forearm: Straight, strong, well muscled.
  • Carpus: Solid.
  • Metacarpus: Strong, slightly oblique (up to 15 ° in relation to the vertical).
  • Front feet: Jack's foot, with fingers together and solid. The nails are strong, preferably dark black. Bearings, Dark they are well developed.


  • In general: Strong, straight, well muscled, parallel.
  • Thigh: Strong, well muscled, straight.
  • Babilla: Solid, parallel to the plane of the body. With an angle of about 120 °.
  • Leg: Well muscled, of a length approximately equal to the thigh.
  • Hock: Strong, its angle measured ones 135 to 140 °.
  • Metatarsus: Strong, almost vertical.
  • Rear foot: A little longer than the previous foot; fingers together and solid; fingernails, dark black, they are strong. Plantar bearings are resistant and elastic, Dark.

MOVEMENT: Elongated step, extended and vigorous strides. Preferred movement is loose trot, uniform, harmonious and well sustained.

SKIN: Elastic, well Pigmented; adheres well to the body.


HAIR: Short, abundant, bright, a bit dense, taut on the body ; the inner layer of hairs is fairly well-developed. The hair is a little longer on the back edge of thighs and the underside of the tail.

COLOR: The base color is a deep red or reddish color Fox, with a blanket or Chair black. Black may reach head, where it forms black marks on temples.

White, star pattern on the head and a stripe that extends over the snout, It forms a partial or full collar underneath and around the neck. A white mark on the front part of the chest is allowed, This can be extended up to the tip of the sternum and reach the belly and inside of legs. The tip of the tail may be white. White must not exceed the third of the surface of the body.

SIZE: Height to the cross.

  • Males: 45 a 55 cm., ideal size 51 cm..
  • Females: 44 a 54 cm., ideal size 49 cm..

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above mentioned criteria is considered an absence and severity of this refers to the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.


  • Aggressive or fearful dog.
  • Upper or lower prognathism.
  • Absence of a tooth, the absence of two premolars is acceptable 1 (PM1).
  • Different color eye.
  • Body too long.
  • Threaded queue, high or threaded insert on the back. Tip of tail hook-shaped or diverted laterally.
  • White markings with the background of the coat color spots.
  • White color that is more than one third of the surface of the body.
  • Presence of a fourth color.
  • Top or bottom size prescribed by the standard.
  • Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Los machos deben tener dos apariencia testiculos normal completamente descendidos en el escroto.

TRANSLATION: IRIS Carrillo (Puerto Rico Kennel Federation).

Character and skills

The Hound Serbian Tricolor, is a dog loving, cheerful and dedicated, is fully fell to its owner.

It is a dog very insurance of himself, reserved with strangers, independent, loving with children if he raised with them from puppy.

It is usually dominant, But if you receive a proper socialization that won't be a problem.

Images of the Serbian Tricolor Hound
Videos del Sabueso Serbio Tricolor

  • Otros nombres: Sabueso Tricolor Serbio / Yugoslavian Tricolour Hound / Jugoslavenski Trobojni Gonic / Srpski Trobojni Gonič / Trobojac / Dreifarbiger Serbischer Laufhund.
  • Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds.

Dogs breeds: Hound Serbian Tricolor

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