Save a dog that was thrown with the legs attached to the Sar River in Padrón

Rescued it a young man who walked the area and stays with the animal


Galicia / Santiago de Compostela

Lila is a Mongrel bitch from German Shepherd Dog of less than a year that has just saved die drowned in the Sar River passing default, where he appeared with four legs tied up with a rope. The animal is recovering in A Pobra do Caramiñal, in the House of their Savior, Mario Agrasar Salegui, of 21 years.

On the afternoon of last Wednesday, This young man walked a few tracks parallel to the Sar River in the villa and in the last bridge riding, before the riverside walk from the mouth, He stopped and on the Bank of the river sighted an animal that, in principle, It seemed to him to be a "raposo" and which was trying to get out of the water. I had the body in the water and head on the shore.

He came and saw that it was a dog that was with four legs tied. He rushed out of the water and remove the ties. He took her to the vet, where there no you major injuries, Apart from the strong marks left by strings and a major malnutrition. After verifying that it had no microchip, Although a small plaque with the name Lila, took it to his house, where currently recovers.

The neighbor of A Pobra got in touch with the Association of Defense of the rights of animals Vox Anima, based in A Pobra, that at the time he denounced the emergence in recent months of other dogs tied the same way on beaches of Rianxo, Boiro and Ribeira. Now, the Association denounced the case of Lila in the Seprona.


From Vox Anima show «concern» by what qualify «usual» which seems that «it is expanding», Since is the fourth case of animals in that State or, Perhaps, «even the fifth if we have appeared in Aguiño zoophil, but in advanced state of decomposition which prevented to ensure that he was tied, Although presented ties marks on their legs».

Mario Agrasar, yesterday already walked the streets of A Pobra with bitch, He plans to stay with the animal for «maximum possible ao coidala», After everything that happened. Stays with her and leaves him with the same name. It is quite clear: the person who left it there wanted it drown, by the way in which it was deposited the bitch waiting to raise the tide and because, It said, It was impossible to see it unless "you stop na Ponte e looked to purpose abaixo», for or river». Given that it's a young animal, Vox Anima suggests the possibility that the owner of the bitch's get rid of her because «non lle served to or work I wanted to».

Saved this black target, Lila found his best friend in the young Mario.

Source: SMH

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