A Brown praying mantis shows a flower


A Brown praying mantis shows a flower to his companions in Tangerang, Indonesia
Photo: Yudy Saul / Barcroft Media

A frog flying riding on a rhinoceros beetle

Flying Frog

A flying frog looks like a rodeo rider, Since upload effortlessly on the back of a rhinoceros beetle. The photo was taken by specialist wildlife Hendy Mp in the sambas, Indonesia
Photo: Hendy MP / Solent News & photo agency

Ibis: an Egyptian bird sacred and ugly but very "clean"

Ibis eremita

It was considered a beneficent ave, capable of devouring poisonous snakes that terrorized the population, and this is the reason why associated it to the God Thoth health. Read more in franciscojaviertostado

As the dog and cat

Dog and cat

Are - as the dog and the cat-. This is one of the expressions about animals, like many others, do not respond to the reality. There are dogs and cats that get along well and others, Not good.

Source photos: liveinternet.ru

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The pangolin


Manis is a genus of folidotos mammals of the family Manidae, commonly known as pangolins. They have large scales covering most of his body. Found in the tropical areas of Asia and Africa. Wikipedia

Red large woolly monkeys monkeys

Red large woolly monkeys monkeys

The monkeys red large woolly monkeys live in the treetops of the Amazon rainforest, they eat fruits, seeds, nectar and occasionally caterpillars. The monkeys only fall levels higher during the dry season, When is food scarce.
Photo: BBC / Chadden Hunter

The Hispaniola solenodon

Hispaniola solenodon

The Hispaniola solenodon is a strange creature with appearance of shrew with a long snout that have specialized teeth to deliver poison.
Photo: Gregory Guida / Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust / PA

A baby armadillo in the Palm of your hand

Armadillo breeding

Armadillos have very poor vision, and they use their keen sense of smell to find food. They use their claws to dig and find food, as well as for the build of their burrows. The young are born with soft leather skin, It hardens in a few weeks.