Selkirk Rex

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It comes from a mutation in a litter in Wyoming ((UNITED STATES)UU.) in 1987 He gave the cat a rich coat with hair and curly whiskers.

Subsequently crossed with a Persian black and the offspring also possessed this funny fur.

The American short hair, the British and the Exotic they helped to establish the race.

Wide head, wedge-shaped with the snout tip. Big eyes, macaroons, in line with the layer color. Ears wide base. Large body, strong, solid, long and muscular with broad shoulders. Long tail, covered by abundant hair. Its fur can be semilargo, curly, short in the face, totally devoid of inner coat.

Given his lack of subpelo fits evil cold, It is a House cat.

The nature of the Selkirk is the most affectionate and patients of the feline world, accepting the sometimes excessive games of children with patience and tolerance.

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