He survives after receiving 40 shot in the head and being buried alive until the snout

The discovery of a dog had been buried alive until the muzzle after receiving 40 shot in the head It generated the alert in Malta to carry out a reform of its animal welfare laws. The animal, a question of races cross without defining female, they have called the Star, It was found near the town of Birzebbuga by animal welfare officers investigating another unrelated case.

After hearing moans from underneath a wooden board with a trunk placed on the upper part of the same, to make it more heavy, agents were discovered the painful spectacle. When Star was taken from Earth discovered that their four limbs had been tied and that He had received several impacts of pellets, of which doctors removed his instead of 40 his skull during surgery emergency at the hospital in Ta ' Qali.

Star is currently alive and recovering while their continuous aggressor released. The social impact of these events has been highlighted through several initiatives as pages Facebook expressing their support in any case has come to add 7000 followers and more than 1000 requests on line to catch the perpetrator and generate funds to pay the vet bills.

Source: dailymail.co.UK

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