Otros nombres: African short hair.

The Sokoke cats is one of the few recognized breeds that are of natural origin. It is native, It means that they have evolved on its own, without human intervention or initial selection of breeding.

What we do know of the descent of the Sokoke, Thanks to the recent arrival of the DNA of the Cat Genome Project research, It is that it shares a genetic affinity with the cats of Lamu Island, as well as street cats on the coast of Kenya. All of them have recently been grouped into a small branch of the Asian Group of the domestic cat. These three types of cats also share genetic material with the Savages of Arabia.

In Swahili this cat is called kadzonzo, It translates as 'resembling a tree bark'. It originated in the Sokoke Forest, in Kenya, the habitat of many endemic and rare animals. In 1978 Jeni Slater found a bait of kittens who lived on his coconut plantation. They were slender build, with the pattern of classic striped cat or spots, Unlike the atigrados local cats spotted and compact.

The Sokoke is the particularity of having a consistent pattern, and a set of features making it easily identifiable as a race. It is the only race recognized in this small gene family of domestic cats branch, evolved in the coastal zone of Kenya.

It is a cat of size medium, Agile and athletic, with a body surprisingly muscular that belies its exterior appearance. The body has a feeling of stiffness when they are standing or squatting, but is all muscle to pick it up. However, a relaxed Sokoke is susceptible to lead and sustain.

– Dense fur, short, bright and amber
– Long, thin tail with wide dark rings.
– Almond-shaped eyes, Amber to light green, combines very well with fur.

The Sokoke cat is an independent race, is not aggressive, but some consider it a temperamental and proud breed. It is intelligent, energetic, fun, insurance. Uses quite the voice and body language. His senses of vision, hearing and smell are highly developed. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 1,5 to 2 years.

Since only a few generations separated you from their ancestors in the forest, the sokoke is not a lap cat dóciI.

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