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Finnish Spitz
Finlandia FCI 49 - Nordic Hunting Dogs

Finnish Spitz

The Finnish Spitz it is a dog that can annoy the neighbors, because he barks a lot and with a particularly piercing voice.


This fox-colored four-legged friend from Finland with the typical concise character of the Spitz is a Nordic hunting dog, who has gathered a small but loyal following around the world. It is especially popular in its homeland, Finland. Below you can read interesting facts about the Finnish Spitz, which in Finnish is called “Suomenpystykorva“.


Finnish national dog

For centuries, the Finnish Spitz has been used as a hunting companion in northern and eastern Finland. In particular, has helped hunt small predators, moose and waterfowl, and later this dog became more and more specialized in grouse and black grouse: Scare these large birds into the surrounding treetops. Now him Finnish Spitz barks persistently until its two-legged partner is close enough to shoot prey.

Little is known about the exact development of the breed. However, the Finnish Spitz probably descended from dogs Spitz, who have been the everyday helpers of the people in Russia for more than 1.000 years. Towards the end of the 19th century, finnish Hugo Roos observed the original Spitz in northern Finland while hunting and recognized its extraordinary abilities. He advocated selective breeding and thus developed the modern Finnish Spitz – although the standard has been changed several times since then. In Russia, the four-legged friend is also known as the Karelo-Finnische Laika, but in 2006 the Finnish and Russian breeding associations agreed that the two names are the same breed. This means that Finland has been recognized as the country of origin of the breed and is responsible for the standard..

Since 1979 the Finnish Spitz has been the national dog of Finland.

Physical characteristics

Compact body, upright ears and a bushy tail curled over the back: The Finnish Spitz medium-sized it is optically a typical Spitz and stands out especially for its red or golden-brown fur. This consists of two layers: The soft, dense undercoat and the hard top coat. The undercoat is always a little lighter.

Males can reach a height at the withers of about 47 cm., the females some 42 cm.. Depending on its size, the dogs weigh between 10 and 15 kg.

Character and skills

If you want a stuffed dog that always strives for recognition from his two-legged friends, you are wrong with a Finnish Spitz. This independent and sovereign dog knows better than anyone where he is going, and therefore never fully subordinate. He is extremely intelligent and loves to learn, if you can teach him something new. Frequent repetitions quickly bore you, so your willingness to cooperate can decrease rapidly. He is brave and very keen to bark: one of his characteristics is a penetrating voice – More on this later. One Finnish Spitz can be used as a guard dog, but he needs to be connected to his human pack. He is friendly with his caregiver or family and enjoys spending time with children.

Attention: It is a very Barking Dog.

At this point we would like to point out a special feature of this dog, the bark of joy Finnish Spitz. Please, consider it: In finland, with a population density of about 16 Inhabitants per square kilometer, the closest neighbor usually lives far away. Here the dog is not only known for his strong voice, but also positively emphasized and encouraged in the form of barking competitions.

This skill is extremely important for hunting, so that the dog can offer good guidance to the two-legged hunter who cannot move so easily through partially snowy forest. The Finnish Spitz they don't just bark, they also dominate different variations, from short sounds to a kind of song.

Many Finnish Spitz they can do up 160 sounds per minute. So if you are thinking about the arrival of such a dog, you must first inform yourself about their joy of barking. Even if you can control or reduce it, some Finnish Spitz they will continue to bark more than most other dogs – this is simply in their genes. If you live in a rural area, you can use the Finnish Spitz as an excellent guardian of the house and the yard.

Activities with the Finnish Spitz

To the Finnish Spitz he loves the time he spends with his reference person, as well as being outside. Therefore, it's better to combine both as often as possible and take it for long, long walks. It is a wonderful companion on walks, if you keep him on a leash or have his hunting instinct under control. this last, However, is a challenge with this breed, if recoverability is not trained from the beginning. Frequent repetitions are not fun for him Finnish Spitz, but they are looking for a common activity that also trains their smart little head. The trace job, for example, it's a pleasure for him Finnish Spitz. In all sports activities, you must ensure that your partner does not overexert himself., so you stay motivated and injuries don't occur.

Finnish Spitz education

If you are thinking that a Finnish Spitz move in with you, You should already have some canine experience to guide this independent companion to the required basic obedience. Don't expect me to be completely subordinate to you, race is too independent for that. Be consistent with everything that is important to you, but leave the Finnish Spitz his own head (testaruda) elsewhere.

With a loving consistency and positive reinforcement you can train this dog well as a rule. In any case, he is very intelligent and likes to learn new things – then it is also, as a result, cooperative. Use this for your training. With a young man Finnish Spitz it makes sense to visit the puppy school, to establish positive contacts with puppies of other breeds and to strengthen or develop your social streak. Also basic command training at a dog school can be very helpful with him. – it's best if you find a dog school that already has experience with the idiosyncratic character of Spitz.

Robust health

The typical Finnish Spitz is a robust and weather resistant dog: the breed is considered to be hardly affected by specific hereditary diseases. If you are thinking of acquiring a dog of this type, it is important that you buy it from reputable breeders, as they reduce the risk of genetic diseases through responsible breeding. An example would be the predisposition of some dogs to Hip Dysplasia or problems with the knee and elbow joints. Talk to the breeder in question about the health care of parental animals.

You yourself can contribute a great deal to your dog's health by providing him with a healthy diet and exercising appropriately for his age and level of training..

This breed of Spitz it is quite sensitive to heat due to its origin in the far north… The walks in winter, on the other hand, are to the taste of this four-legged friend. The breed reaches an average age of 12 to 13 years.

The Finnish Spitz diet

It also, a balanced diet adapted to the needs of your four-legged friend is an important component for their health. Like all dogs, the Finnish Spitz requires a meat-based diet. Therefore, make sure meat is the first component for the pet food you choose. The grain should not be included. This applies regardless of whether wet or dry food is chosen. With a pure diet of dry food you must pay special attention to the fact that your quadruped ingests enough liquid.

Water must always be freely available. After meals, their Finnish Spitz definitely must have time for a digestive nap, so it is better to feed after joint excursions. Remember that treats must be added to the daily ration, otherwise your dog's slim waist will be in danger. It is also possible to bring dry food as a reward.

Dry chews, like cattle ears, satisfy your partner's chewing needs. Dental care treats or freeze-dried meat snacks especially for dogs are other sensible rewards that you can give your four-legged friend a tasty little treat with..

Care for the Finnish Spitz

Although caring for this dog's coat is quite easy, should not be careless, especially during coat change. In spring and autumn the Finnish Spitz usually has a lot of hair – help him get rid of dead hairs by brushing him regularly – preferably daily. This way you can prevent skin irritation, which can develop rapidly if too many hairs from the dense undercoat remain on the dog. Outside the coat change, just brush your partner once a week. During this grooming ritual, that you should already practice with your puppy, it is better that I also look in the ears, which should be cleaned with a dog ear cleaner if necessary. A brief claw check should also be performed at regular intervals – usually older quadrupeds or those that only walk on soft ground need support from you in the form of a pedicure. Here a dog clip provides valuable services.

Is a Finnish Spitz right for me??

A dream home for a Finnish Spitz It is a large plot of land in the field to watch over her, including family connection. The breed is suitable for dog lovers with a great sense of independence, who like to move in nature with their partner and who can impart basic obedience to the stubbornness of their four-legged friend thanks to the skill, consistency and calm. He is not a city dog ​​and his barks of joy alone could make him unsuitable for keeping indoors., even if you can have a quiet Finnish Spitz as a roommate through lots of activity and patient training.

As a family dog ​​it is very suitable, provided you have the appropriate occupation and education. It also, is patient and trusting with children with whom he usually has a good relationship – but make sure the four-legged friend can back off if he feels like it. The Finnish Spitz not suitable for hot regions and also not a companion for a beach holiday – loves cooler climates, what is much better for him.

Talking about vacation: Before deciding on this dog, Please also consider that you should be well looked after in case of illness and on vacation. Preferably from someone who already knows you and is familiar with the characteristics of a Spitz. Of course, you can also take it on vacation with you, but before registering it in a hotel, you must be sure that you do not want to charm every hotel guest with your loud voice. Therefore, this type of trip is only possible with a very well bred Finnish Spitz.

Also consider in advance the one-time costs and especially the regular costs that you will have to pay when your new pet roommate moves in.: In addition to the basic equipment and purchase price of a dog from a reputable breeder, there may be considerable travel expenses for a puppy bought abroad. Once your Spitz lives with you, there will be high quality food costs, taxes and insurance for the dog and expenses for regular visits to the vet, including vaccinations and deworming.

Where can I find my Finnish Spitz?

Like many other races from the far north, the Finnish Spitz is a rarity in southern Scandinavia. In many countries not a single litter of Finnish Spitz in a year, so if you have fallen in love with this breed, you will usually have to travel long distances to get a puppy as a new member of the family. Contact the Nordic dog breed clubs, that can help you find a dog of this breed, which is especially popular in its home country, and possibly establish contacts with breeders in Scandinavia. If you adopt a puppy from abroad, there are some things you should consider… Find out in time! Remember: It always makes sense to visit the puppy in the kennel to meet the parents and the circumstances in which the four-legged friends live.. If possible, you should also visit the breeder personally before deciding to buy a puppy from abroad. Here too there is the possibility to sniff each other and ask questions without time pressure. After all, buying a puppy is a matter of trust.

If you want a Finnish Spitz adult as companion, there is little chance in most Central European countries to get a matching dog – maybe you are considering a trip to Finland in the near future and find it there. Otherwise, nordic dog breed clubs will help you on your quest. Maybe a Nordic cross or another breed of Spitz can conquer your heart.

advice: Start looking for your new partner with watchful eyes and an open heart, because many hybrids of Spitz have similar characteristics.

Characteristics "Finnish Spitz"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Finnish Spitz" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Training ?

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Suitability of the apartment ?

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Can be alone all day ?

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Suitable as a first dog ?

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Weight gain ?

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Health ?

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Intelligence ?

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Kindness with child ?

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Tendency to bite ?

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Tendency to bark ?

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Tendency to flee ?

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hair loss strength ?

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Suitable as a guard dog ?

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Joy ?

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Cat friendliness ?

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Power level ?

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Images "Finnish Spitz"

Spitz finlandes

Spitz finlandés by Pets Adviser from Brooklyn, USA / CC BY

Spitz finlandes

Spitz finlandés by Pets Adviser from Brooklyn, USA / CC BY

Videos "Finnish Spitz"

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types
  • Section 2: Nordic Hunting Dogs. Proof of work for Nordic countries only (Sweden, Norway, Finland)..


  • FCI – Group 5 – Section 2 Nordic Hunting Dogs.
  • AKC – Nordic Hunting Dogs
  • ANKC – Nordic Hunting Dogs
  • CKC – Nordic Hunting Dogs
  • ​KC – Nordic Hunting Dogs
  • NZKC – Nordic Hunting Dogs
  • UKC – Nordic Hunting Dogs

FCI breed standard "Finnish Spitz"

FCIFCI - Finnish Spitz

Alternative names:

    1. Finnish Hunting Dog, Finnish Spets, Finsk Spets, Loulou Finois, suomalainen pystykorva, suomenpystykorva (English).
    2. Spitz finlandais (French).
    3. Karelo-Finnische Laika, Suomenpystykorva (German).
    4. Spitz finlandês (Portuguese).
    5. Loulou Finois, Suomalainen pystykorva, Finsk Spets (español).
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