The Sterling cat is named, probably, for its silvery appearance (“Plata de ley”). The color of the fur is impressively luxurious.

Apparently, the race has its origins in the United Kingdom. It is an established race. Chinchilla in United Kingdom was known as long hair and appears to be a product of the selective breeding that back at the end of the 1800, between “Persian Colorbred in the United States.UU. and hair long Chinchilla Colorbred of the United Kingdom.
In the Decade of 1990 The International Cat Association (TICA) He accepted the sterling as a new breed.

The ideal eye color is green or green.
It has characteristics similar to the original Persian cats, a round head, with short limbs and a hairy tail.
The hair on the body is long, except at the shoulders and the top of the hind legs, where is a bit shorter. The thick layer does not require much preparation, Despite the fact that the fur is very dense. An occasional brushing once or twice a week is all that is needed to keep your cat healthy and well hairstyle Sterling.

It is fair and easy to train.
The famous cat of fiction created by Lewis Carroll, the Cheshire Cat, based on Sterling race.

After the age of four, cats no longer grow, but they still have a very youthful appearance, that lasts fifteen to twenty years.

In addition to be pleasing to the eye, the Sterling is playful, loving, quiet, confident and cheerful by nature. It is not surprising that these cats are a few excellent pets.

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