Tad, the abandoned dog


It was four months ago that I met Tad. I had every intention of sacrificing him and put an end to the most horrific suffering that I have ever seen in person. I see the commercials for the ASPCA, I see images online, I read news in headlines… but I can promise you that all this falls short when you know first-hand. It's an indescribable feeling… Heartbreak and rage. Who would this do?? Why do they do??

Most of the time… never have answers. I am inclined to think that this is probably the best.

I remember all the people who told me that euthanasia was the best thing for him. He had suffered too much and was selfish on my part to try to save it. I often wonder why so many people that it is expired so easily?? Not me wrong, I have given I up?? … had to let me go??. Now I think I would not, He would fight until the last moment. Would have been more selfish apply euthanasia with him, Let him continue trying, It is my opinion.

He never surrendered … not once. It's been through a lot in a very short space of time, and look where we are now. I look back over the past four months and as passed … could have sacrificed you, But how much would have missed you!!

However, is not me … so I look back through the eyes of Tad and I now understand why looks at me as you do … It is not a look that says: ' Mommy’ or ' I love you’ … is more a look of: ' You're my hero, and I owe you everything. It is genuine gratitude, an expression of the most powerful way of saying 'thank you'. Now I understand why acts as it does … Has never been given the opportunity to experience the world without having to fight to survive. I don't want to be blasphemous, but Tad has “born again”.

This is new for him … These experiences need more time. I would remind you to be patient. I understand why not let me out of sight, I understand why goes absolutely insane when I can not see or know where I am. Everything makes sense … I don't know if “separation anxiety” is the correct term to explain it.

I look back your photos and videos, Miro from the beginning, I don't remember it seems so horrible, I do not remember the seriousness of its many problems. But then I realize … they are photos and videos, I can't see him to “He”, I can not see his will, their struggle, his spirit … Perhaps that is why he protested when trying to save him. So many Tad have overcome so many problems. My battles are not compared with the war waged in your body. Their problems make mine look so small!! … I try to remember this when I'm having a bad day.

Once you've lost all hope … I hope that the history of Tad seizes your mind, and I hope that you realize that this is not anything … You can do. No matter how began … Remember that you can go from point A to point B. .. Tad did in just four months.

Point A
Point B

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