German Mastiff
Alemania FCI 235 - Molossoid - Dogo

Dogo Alemán

The German Mastiff, Great Dane or German Boarhound It is a breed of dog known for its large size and delicate personality, considered to be the "Apollo among all races" by the International Cynological Federation.

The great Dane, even being a giant race, should not be clumsy in his walk and movements. Your character should be friendly and never shy. Males should be stronger than the females Constitution.

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German Mastiff

Mastiff danés
Dinamarca FCI 315 - Molossoid - Dogo

Mastín Danés

The Mastiff danés is calm, with good temperament and friendly.

The Mastiff danés (or Broholmer) It is a breed of molosser type dog, originally from Denmark.

It is a dog of Doge of large size type, rectangular and strong Constitution; its motion is regular and energetic. His appearance is dominated by the powerful forelimbs.

The head is broad and solid; strong neck with some loose skin, and the chest wide and deep.

Otros nombres: Danish mastiff / Broholmer.

Crupo 2 / Section 2 – molosoids and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Mastiff danés

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