They charged by serious animal abuse to two women who were in his house 19 dogs between faeces and corpses

Animal abuse

The nightmare continues in the village of Villanustre, in Rianxo (La Coruña). The images of this town slipped in the media of all Spain five years ago because it was discovered that a family had each 130 dogs crammed between Lee and skeletons of animals in sheds, a refuge and at home. And yesterday the story was repeated. This time they had 19 dogs in identical conditions. But with an aggravating factor: the dogs were all between the courtyard and the home of the family, full of feces, bodies with an unbearable stench and canines. Seprona, Local police and volunteers took to the animals. But the drama of its owners is still intact.

To understand what happened yesterday must go back 25 years. Carmen Tubío - which is now in retirement age- and his daughter, Mari Carmen González, They then began to welcome dogs. They came to build a shelter and to be rewarded for his altruistic work. But they were hands. They put dogs in sheds, in your home… Everywhere. The year 2008, in theory, It was a before and an after in its history. It was discovered that dogs were living in horrific conditions and withdrew them 130 canes. And they sanctioned them. But it was not enough.

A few days ago, mother and daughter led to one of the copies to a veterinarian. They wanted that they cut hair. In the clinic, to see the terrible aspect of the animal — with wounds all over the body and numerous pathologies- He was told that it needed urgent attention. They marched. Someone saw them and reported the case to the Vox Ánima protective. Y, yesterday, an operation consisting of Seprona, Local police and officials of the protective of animals Vox bore and Moura landed in Villanustre. They wanted to get dogs for good. And they did.


The daughter was not home - apparently, now lives in another village- and her mother left that they have to take the animals, Although it did between tears and saying to create correct dogs and your own family - in the House also lies her husband and an old- live so far: surrounded by stools. «Eu coidoos, EU coidoos. Non Eles can live sen nin us sen eles min», repeated between tears. The Seprona, I was trying to remove him his theory and reassure her, imputes to her and her daughter two separate offences of animal abuse.
Yesterday also came to light another most damning reality still. A bedridden elderly woman to live in that House, According to said some people who saw her yesterday, is not in optimum conditions. And Mari Carmen has a small son that, According to different witnesses, is in that home daily.

Ago 25 years began to host animals and they were awarded for their work

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Stop a man by abuse and neglect of domestic animals

The neighbour of Nules in Zaragoza had animals with extreme thinness and some dead, among horses, Mouflon, goats, dogs, pigs, donkeys and wild boar

The Civil Guard have arrested a man in Nules, neighbor of Zaragoza, for an offence of abuse and neglect of domestic animals in a facility where he had animals in extreme thinness and some dead. The arrest occurred after inspections of the SEPRONA and the official veterinary services of Castellón (OCAPA), which have made various complaints in the field of animal health and protection of pets.

After receiving a notice of a citizen, reported by the Civil Guard said in a statement, an inspection was carried out the past 9 January in which tracked down a dead horse and remains, apparently, a pig, What violates health measures of destruction of dead animals. In installations, in a State of abandonment, several horses were, Mouflon, goats, a dog, pigs and wild boars, all of them, except two donkeys and wild boar, in extreme thinness.

In addition, There was no food in any part of the installation, whose owner had no documentation relating to animals or environmental license. The detainee, F.P.L., of 62 years, already have had seized you in October of 2012 eight raccoons, for lack of identification and appropriate veterinary care. The man was set free prior knowledge of the Court's instruction number 3 of Nules.


Mistreating an animal in Aragon (Spain) It can cost 150.000 EUR

Complaint not be fed to 22 dogs in Fañanas, Huesca...FILE

It is the community with the penalty high for this type of crime. Since the beginning of year, the Seprona has received 25 allegations of mistreatment of animals, including that of a man hanged his dog

Mistreating an animal in Aragon It can cost up 150.253 EUR, the highest fine of all Spain and a lot distance which can be found in the rest of the country communities, Although it is not almost never imposed and also, "it is common that no one should pay", According to Mar García, President of the Aragonese protector of animals Alborada.

Since the beginning of year, the Seprona (Protection of the nature of the Civil Guard service) He has received 25 allegations of animal abuse in the three provinces. 17 of them took place in Teruel.

In most cases, denouncing the lack of food or the lack of control, and almost always it's pets. In a same farm in Zaragoza, for example, they arrived to find up to five irregularities. A serious, by keep livestock bravo in "poor sanitary conditions" and "weather, "lack of blocks".

The Law 11/2003 animal protection in the autonomous community of Aragon It establishes fines stepped by the type of crime: the light reaches the 600 EUR, the bass up to 6.000 and the very serious are punishable with 150.253 EUR.

The services provincial of agriculture de la Diputación General de Aragón are responsible for determining the seriousness of each case. In the BOA still not reported any cases that have received the highest fine. In fact, the majority does not nor the thousand euros.

Anyway, the potential penalties are far superior to the other communities of Spain. In Madrid, the maximum is of 30.000 EUR, in Asturias of 90.000, in Galicia of 15.000 and in Navarra, of 3.000.

A hanged dog

L'aliaga, ADPCA, PAW, Animal equality, Equanimal and Anima Naturalis are just some of the many associations that are working to ensure respect for the rights of animals in Aragon. There is even a party, PACMA-party animal in Aragon.

Alborada is on that list. "We take care of communicating the Seprona when there is any irregularity", has the President, that addition It praises the work of this unit of the Guardia Civil because it says that they act very quickly.

"The problem is that they reported", "be punished and then can not change the situation", says García. Those reported are declared insolvent or simply ignore the sanctions.

Remember a case that happened in Fañanas, Huesca, where a neighbor received a complaint by not feeding to 22 dogs. "The first warning was given in" 2005, he fined more than thousand euros. Three years later, He received another similar sentence, "but even last year was a live dog", says.

Also in Huesca, a few months ago was reported a man hanged his dog. In Zaragoza, so far year already several equidae and wild cattle by lack of feeding of owners have died.

"Recently we learned of a woman who called the police because in their building had two dogs on a low terrace". When speaking with the community of neighbors, "the woman owner of animals almost hit and since suffering harassment", says Mar García.

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A Hunter, charged for shooting a cat in Córdoba – Spain

Image of Tula, the injured cat | The refuge

Tula lost his left leg wounds caused by the ammunition.
For the first time in Spain, Fourteen guns is addition to a Hunter for firing an animal.

A Hunter in Alcaracejos, Córdoba, declares today as for allegedly shooting a Gata It responds to the name of Tula, and he lost his left leg wounds caused by the ammunition. In Court No. 1 of Pozoblanco,Córdoba, a criminal procedure for an alleged crime of maltreatment has opened up to domestic animals, in which the Organization The refuge is specified as a popular accusation.

This is the first criminal procedure in which the shelter is personado from the entry into force of the reform of the criminal code the past 22 of December. Since this organization, that complaint the abandonment and mistreatment of animals, are satisfied, that thanks to the reform of the criminal code the people that they will commit such acts eventually sat in the dock.

The facts date back to the past 25 April, When the refuge receives one called alert of the family of Tula that they warn of its cat is shot supposedly from a neighbor of Alcaracejos, Córdoba, in the presence of them. Tula is removed urgently to a veterinary Centre where, At last, him they maiming the left leg by the serious injuries caused by the ammunition. Immediately protectionist members moving to the location of the incident and presented two complaints: in the barracks of the Guardia Civil of Pozoblanco, Córdoba; and another at the courthouse in that same location.

The Civil Guard decided to requisition to the defendant, alleged perpetrator of the shooting, a total of fourteen guns, include a compressed air carbine, six shotguns and seven rifles. For the first time in Spain, Fourteen guns is addition to a Hunter for firing an animal.

The refuge is immersed in more of 150 criminal proceedings, Civil and administrative in different autonomous communities.

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A dog puppy was released on several occasions to the sea until a swimmer rescued him

The unwanted puppy is thrown into the sea by a young person from Xiamen in China .

In an act of atrocious cruelty, a young depraved launches a helpless puppy to the sea.
The stunning puppy nothing towards the shore where its owner was waiting, but by five times the poor animal is thrown forcefully to the sea.
The fact happened in the waters of Xiamen, Ciudad-Prefectura of Fujian province in the People's Republic of China.
The disgusting scene was captured by a passerby who was walking on the beach.

Other people who were on the beach he shouted that he will stop, but this ignored the pleas.
Over time the puppy, already exhausted, it lost strength to swim back to the beach and managed to reach a rock.

  • cachorro de perro
    Dazed and exhausted: After returning to the beach, only to be thrown again, the dog swims to a rock.
  • cachorro de perro
    Rescued: The young man has left the scene and a swimmer takes the dog before bringing it to the beach
  • cachorro de perro
    Terror has ended: new owner of the puppy shows the fearful dog.
  • cachorro de perro
    We are going home: The woman promised to give the small dog a happy life.

The energúmeno left the beach and the dog was rescued by a swimmer.
Gave it a young woman who witnessed the abuse.
One of the witnesses, the Sr. Wang, said: “I thought that the man had reached the beach for a walk with his dog, But what made us surprised everyone.
“He grabbed the dog, He leaned back and threw it with all the strength to the sea.

“The puppy was very small.”
“The perritó landed in the water some 20-30 meters of distance.”
The Sr. Wang said he was amazed to see how the man throwing the puppy to the sea by five times, ignoring attempts by people around that it relinquish its attitude.
“The man was very cruel.. ”
The new owner of the puppy undertook to give to the defenseless animal a good home.
Unfortunately, the man who carried out the cruelty, will probably remain unpunished.

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Detainee while beat his two dogs with a bar on the street – Sevilla (Spain)

A man, J.C.S, of 32 years and Swedish nationality, He has been arrested after acting violently against national police officers after they try to punish him on a street in the Centre of Seville by delivering a beating with a steel bar to two dogs of your property.

As reported by the national police, the man was arrested accused of crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, When are you attempted to identify by mistreating animals in public street with a steel bar.

The intervention occurred when the operating room of the 091 He informed the police that had received calls which explained that a person threatened passers-by with a metallic object.

Once on the scene the agents found the veracity of these threats and various citizens explained that the reason for them was that had sharp you their behavior, because he wore a while shouting and beating two dogs who were with him with a metal bar.

  • He was charged with crimes of resistance, disobedience and attack against the agents of the authority, After that is him trying to identify by mistreating animals

Why agents requested his personal documentation to identify, what the man refused repeatedly and, nervous and agitated, He began making insults to the police who even tried to hit with the metallic object.

The man was even falsely punched and kicked the officers, so it had to be reduced and stopped.

The dogs showed symptoms of continued ill-treatment, and after the arrest of its owner officers noticed that the dogs presented numerous injuries, new and old.

One of the dogs was lame for the same and showed symptoms of malnutrition, so began the formalities necessary to make welcome them any institution for the protection of animals, making your move to one of these centres.

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A cat survives after his owner tried to cook in a microwave

Stephen Stacey, of 20 years, got your cat in the microwave before the animal arañase you hand. In Portsmouth.

The cat survived the savagery when veterinarians so sumergiesen in water and subsequently treated it with ice. Despite all, seven hours after the attack the cat was still emitting heat.

The animal suffered eye injuries, brain tissue, in the language and several internal organs.

The young man, at the trial, He was sentenced to not return to animals of lifetime, According to the Daily Mail quoted, In addition to 16 weeks of jail.

Lawyers for Stephen Stacey, expecting a child with his girlfriend of 17 years, they tried to lower the sentence stating that it no longer drink, and he wants to reform his life. None of the allegations convinced the judge.

The cat, It has been renamed as Nancy, It is totally recovered in the hands of a protective.

You lower taxes if deliveries dogs for sacrifice (Sonora – Mexico)

City of San Luis Rio Colorado announced a fundraising campaign that consists of making a discount of 200 weights to the taxpayer for every stray dog delivered to the authorities.

NECESSARY?? In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection (Photo: THE UNIVERSAL file

Jesus Baldenebro Manuel Arredondo, Mayor of this border town, He said that it aims to increase revenues by raising in property taxes and water and at the same time attacking a problem of canine overpopulation affecting diseases.

The munícipe stated are calculated each 70 thousand dogs Street and in the past two years have been captured and sacrificed at least 17 thousand animals, due to the pollution problems that lead to the urge to defecate and dirty road.

He clarified that there are other measures for controlling canine sterilization and the adoption of animals, but the positive results are minimal.

He explained that with this campaign the only thing people have to do is deliver the dog in the Centre of the city Animal Control, and after a brief formality are deducted 200 weights in the property tax or water bill.

In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection, explained the Mayor, and so far they have had no problems with associations for the protection of animals.