You lower taxes if deliveries dogs for sacrifice (Sonora – Mexico)

City of San Luis Rio Colorado announced a fundraising campaign that consists of making a discount of 200 weights to the taxpayer for every stray dog delivered to the authorities.

NECESSARY?? In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection (Photo: THE UNIVERSAL file

Jesus Baldenebro Manuel Arredondo, Mayor of this border town, He said that it aims to increase revenues by raising in property taxes and water and at the same time attacking a problem of canine overpopulation affecting diseases.

The munícipe stated are calculated each 70 thousand dogs Street and in the past two years have been captured and sacrificed at least 17 thousand animals, due to the pollution problems that lead to the urge to defecate and dirty road.

He clarified that there are other measures for controlling canine sterilization and the adoption of animals, but the positive results are minimal.

He explained that with this campaign the only thing people have to do is deliver the dog in the Centre of the city Animal Control, and after a brief formality are deducted 200 weights in the property tax or water bill.

In the Centre of Animal Control, the dogs are slaughtered by a lethal injection, explained the Mayor, and so far they have had no problems with associations for the protection of animals.


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