Tennessee Rex

The Rex Tennessee is a natural mutation that spontaneously appeared in the Tennessee Valley in the summer of 2004.
Cats are covered from birth with a coat of curly hair, a very soft consistency. Curly hair is more prominent in the neck, shoulders, chest, legs and tail.
Skin shines in the light with a rich satin appearance which intensifies the colour of the fur. The glossy side believes that it is an expression of the mutation of Tennessee Rex on the stem of the hair, along with curly hair. The glossy effect is due to “air bags” the stem of the hair. The hair seems to be more fragile in the hind legs, until it disappears completely in the area. In general the cats do not appear to have the tendency to baldness seen in some of the other rex mutations.

The Rex Tennessee is a medium to large cat, with a type of semi-cobby body and a short, thick neck. The ears are medium-sized to moderately large tipped slightly rounded and broad at the base. The eyes are round and large almond-shaped to sleep when it is warning. The eyes may be of different colours. The nose should be straight and without relief. The chest is filled with hair completely Rexed, extending from the chest to the stomach. The torso is great, long, rectangular, but not thin, very curly from the base of the ears and wavy hair towards the hips. The body is muscular and athletic. The legs are in proportion to the body, large, round, totally Rexed. The tail is of three-quarters of the entire body and completely Rexed.

The temperament of the T-rex is friendly and affectionate. His appearance is that of a healthy cat, strong and solid, with a unique and peculiar coat.

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