The Newfoundland (or Newfoundland In English), It is a breed of dog of giant size and colour - commonly- black, originally used as a working dog in Newfoundland. They are known for his affable character. They are very loyal to their families and by nature have characteristics and trends for the aquatic rescue.

The Newfoundland have webbed feet and water resistant coat. Males reach a weight of between 60 and 70 kg, While the females arrive to 45-55 kg, by placing them in the category of dog “giant”. Males grow to 72 - 90 cm to the cross.

The majority of the Newfoundland, are black. Colors accepted by the AKC are black, Brown and white with black markings, sometimes called Landseer in honor of artist Edwin Henry Landseer, who translated it into many of his works. The FCI considered at the Landseer a separate race, While other federations just take it as one variant of the Newfoundland.

The origin of the breed can be placed in Newfoundland, on the eastern coast of Canada. At the beginning of the Decade of 1880 many fishermen in various parts of Europe travelling to take advantage of the Newfoundland cod banks, they were two types of working dogs: one of heavier build, large and long coat; While the other was a lighter water dog, active and soft fur. The eldest was the Newfoundland, While the small was the collector of Labrador, also known as Variant St. Johns, Newfoundland. Dogs of both races were used equally to pull the nets of fishing and other heavy equipment.

In the year 2006, Discovery Channel commentator, Bob Goen, He reported that the Newfoundland have a strong tendency to rescue people from the water.

A legend recounted by Goen account than a Newfoundland, alone helped in the rescue of 63 sailors from a shipwreck.

Another myth was born out of an article published in the 21 in April of 1912, According to which a named Newfoundland “Rigel” It would have helped rescue many survivors of the Titanic. The existence of this dog has never been proven by any historian, and any document of the company or testimony of the survivors mention this fact, so it is believed is completely false.

The description of the race of the AKC says “The affability is the letter of the Newfoundland; This is the most important feature of the breed”. It has dubbed them the “gentle giant” and “the nurse of nature”. Are very protective with children; the dog Nana in the works of Peter Pan's author James M. Barrie, for example, is a Newfoundland.

Newfoundland puppies tend to be more quiet, with regard to other races. The Newfoundland takes up to three years to reach maturity. Despite his deep bark, they are not good guard dogs. It is known that they regret when they are separated from their families. Because of its large size, It is difficult to integrate them into some houses.

The Newfoundland is prone to some health problems, including Hip Dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, subaortic stenosis and Cystinuria (a birth defect that leads to the formation of bladder stones).

“Here lie the remains of a creature that was beautiful without vanity, strong without insolence, brave without ferocity, and had all the virtues of man and none of their defects. These accolades, It would be unearned be written about human ashes praise, they are just a just tribute to the memory of Boatswain, a dog.” George Gordon, Lord Byron, on the Newfoundland.

Dogs breeds: Newfoundland

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