The Tornjak is a breed of dog mountain Shepherd, native of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. 'Tor' means poultry in Bosnian and Croatian.

The Tornjak It is a molosser type dog, big and strong, well proportioned and very agile. His body is almost square. Their bones are not light, but not especially heavy or thick and their fur is long and dense and protects the body against bad environmental conditions in which has raised traditionally. The body of this dog is strong and well built, with harmonious movements and clear dignity. Its tail is hairy and carried in high as if it were a flag.

The Tornjak has a clear look, confident, serious and calm. Its mantle is generally long but has short hair on the face and legs with the top long, LaCie, thick and hard, being particularly long at the top of the rump, on the shoulders and on the spine can be slightly wavy.

The muzzle and forehead, to the imaginary line joining the ears, on the ears and the front parts of legs and feet, is short. It is especially abundant around the neck (as a long-haired), dense and long on the upper thighs (as bombachos). The inner coat is in the long winter, thick and with a pleasing texture lanosa.

Generally, is a calm dog, nervous nor aggressive, It is a stoic dog, tough and sturdy.

At a first glance may seem indifferent to the environment animal, but when the situation requires, He is a guard dog and alert as it should. On the other hand, with his human family is very emotional, loving and protective.

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