The toyger is a creation of Judy Sugden. At the end of the Decade of 1980 began to use their Bengali, along with a domestic cat striped mackerel and a cat of the India, to create a tiger in miniature. The cat who created, originally called California toyger, It has been exported to Britain and Australia, and it seems to have potential for one greater acceptance.

In the standard of breed, lodas parts of the toyger, from the nose to the tail, they are described as "muscular". The short coat, thick, Orange has a brightness of «destello», as the Bengali, and the striking striped pattern lacks the curved lines and the dorsal stripe striped mackerel. The toyger is still a race underway and should gradually seem increasingly to Tiger aspect.

As to the nature, the toy-gers should be gregarious, but relaxed, intelligent and adiestrables.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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