A pet is left every three minutes at Spain

Animales abandonadosCouncils and the protective of animals they collected every day in Spain around 400 dogs and abandoned cats, What is an animal every three minutes and a half, Although last year there was a decrease in the number of drop-outs and an increase in the adoption, According to the follow-up report of the Foundation Affinity corresponding to 2010.

The data, in line with last year, are based on surveys carried out protective and municipalities more of 10.000 inhabitants, and point out that in 2010 We collected about 109.000 dogs –a 6% less than in 2009–, and almost 36.000 cats –a figure similar to that of the previous year–.

Unwanted litters are among the causes of abandonment (14%), the change of address (13,7%), economic factors (13,2%) and the loss of interest in the animal (11,2%), that is why the Affinity Foundation –that makes this study from ago 23 years– It considers that the economic crisis also affects pets.

All the dogs that are collected, the 45% they are adopted, the 17% they are returned to the owners and the 16% dying to euthanasia application, in a trend that reflects an increase in adoption of dogs in a 5,5% and cats in a 10%, While the length of stay of the animals in the protective has multiplied.

The crisis affects to the protective, indicates Affinity, because they have seen as well as during 2010 the 25% their members have left to participate, What is a “significant loss of resources” for entities.

The Affinity Foundation insisted on the need to tighten up the law and sanctions, increase the sterilization of animals, more campaigns against the abandonment, accreditation for the keeping of animals and the compulsory identification thereof, among others.

Barcelona (EUROPA PRESS)

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