A dog puppy was released on several occasions to the sea until a swimmer rescued him

The unwanted puppy is thrown into the sea by a young person from Xiamen in China .

In an act of atrocious cruelty, a young depraved launches a helpless puppy to the sea.
The stunning puppy nothing towards the shore where its owner was waiting, but by five times the poor animal is thrown forcefully to the sea.
The fact happened in the waters of Xiamen, Ciudad-Prefectura of Fujian province in the People's Republic of China.
The disgusting scene was captured by a passerby who was walking on the beach.

Other people who were on the beach he shouted that he will stop, but this ignored the pleas.
Over time the puppy, already exhausted, it lost strength to swim back to the beach and managed to reach a rock.

  • cachorro de perro
    Dazed and exhausted: After returning to the beach, only to be thrown again, the dog swims to a rock.
  • cachorro de perro
    Rescued: The young man has left the scene and a swimmer takes the dog before bringing it to the beach
  • cachorro de perro
    Terror has ended: new owner of the puppy shows the fearful dog.
  • cachorro de perro
    We are going home: The woman promised to give the small dog a happy life.

The energúmeno left the beach and the dog was rescued by a swimmer.
Gave it a young woman who witnessed the abuse.
One of the witnesses, the Sr. Wang, said: “I thought that the man had reached the beach for a walk with his dog, But what made us surprised everyone.
“He grabbed the dog, He leaned back and threw it with all the strength to the sea.

“The puppy was very small.”
“The perritó landed in the water some 20-30 meters of distance.”
The Sr. Wang said he was amazed to see how the man throwing the puppy to the sea by five times, ignoring attempts by people around that it relinquish its attitude.
“The man was very cruel.. ”
The new owner of the puppy undertook to give to the defenseless animal a good home.
Unfortunately, the man who carried out the cruelty, will probably remain unpunished.

Via: dailymail

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