An embargo of 12.000 EUR threatens the life of 500 dogs

The Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap) have to get 12.000 euros in one week for part of the quotas on the Social security of the dismissed workers and that should 150.000 euros in compensation

Some of the volunteers, tied to the booths. Photo: Miguel angel montesinos

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About 500 animals, between dogs and cats, they are in an extreme situation. Outside of the financial problems of the Valencian society for the protection of animals and plants (Svpap), manages the refuge in which live in San Antonio de Benagéber, the future of these animals is uncertain. On the Center weighs an order if before you next Thursday are not collected 12.000 EUR, that would be United to the 6.000 It has already raised the Svpap and that would serve to postpone the payment of the debt that the entity has with Social Security and which amounts to 26.000 EUR. This amount is to be paid in respect of the fees of the 8 laid-off workers in 2011.

Danger of embargo

To personify the situation of animals "and to appeal to all concerned people", yesterday said Teresa Ricart, the President of the Svpap, volunteers from the entity chained to the booths of the dogs and locked in cages in which they live. The stamp was extremely curious. One of the volunteers, to hang from your neck chain tying dogs, He criticized that it was 'too heavy' and claimed that they were lighter.

But for now the heaviest string that is tied to the Svpap neck is that control Social Security and laid-off workers. These were reported to the Svpap when it stopped paying them and fired them in September of 2011. Those workers are added to those performing their duties in the Veterinary Clinic of the Palleter Street, they spent three months without charge and demanded their payroll. The protective sources consulted by this newspaper, the idea was to pay them eight days per year worked, as the Convention stipulated, said. Employees reported the situation to the courts and claimed payment of 45 days per year worked. Justice gave them the reason and now the Svpap have to pay some 200.000 euros in compensation, as well as the four and a half months that passed between the dismissals and court ruling which stipulated the amount to pay.

The most immediate is the debt to Social Security. According to sources of the entity, came «from coup"five orders of urgency the past 10 October. With the bridge of the 9 October and the Día de la Hispanidad by means, the efforts of the Svpap with Social Security were delayed, and only got a deferment of the debt if they paid nearly the 70 %, 18.000 EUR, before Thursday 25 October, the next. Thus the things, from the Svpap yesterday showed optimistic with regard to the solidarity that expect to receive from supporters, conscious people, Wildlife and volunteers. "We believe that we can do it", ensured. On the horizon, alert, is a solution that no one wants to parra dogs and cats from the shelter of San Antonio de Benagèber: the implementation of animal, that you now live cramped in a crowded shelter.

Ancient protector of Valencia

The Svpap preceded Modepran as a concessionaire of the collection service of dogs and cats in the city of Valencia. The Svpap relationship with the City Council and, in particular, with the Department of health who directs Lourdes Bernal was not positive, especially at the end. Died the summer of 2011 When the Svpap left the service due to «continuing defaults», as reported, of the consistory, to which is added, According to sources of the protective, reductions in budgetary allocations that underwent the Svpap from 2010 at the rate of one 200.000 euros per year. The relationship ended very worn, with Exchange of accusations of defaults and mismanagement between the entity and Bernal included.

Under rain and penetrating odor

Even strong rain which in the morning yesterday hit all C. Valencia, and of course San Antonio de Bangéber, He avoided that dozens of volunteers from the Svpap encadenaran to the cages of dogs. So a group of them drove animals for a walk while another is keen in clean cages and remove, in part, the penetrating smell of excrement of enclosures. After, they were tied to the booths and sat down at the gates to personify the situation where live dogs from the shelter. A.. S. Valencia


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