A cat survives after his owner tried to cook in a microwave

Stephen Stacey, of 20 years, got your cat in the microwave before the animal arañase you hand. In Portsmouth.

The cat survived the savagery when veterinarians so sumergiesen in water and subsequently treated it with ice. Despite all, seven hours after the attack the cat was still emitting heat.

The animal suffered eye injuries, brain tissue, in the language and several internal organs.

The young man, at the trial, He was sentenced to not return to animals of lifetime, According to the Daily Mail quoted, In addition to 16 weeks of jail.

Lawyers for Stephen Stacey, expecting a child with his girlfriend of 17 years, they tried to lower the sentence stating that it no longer drink, and he wants to reform his life. None of the allegations convinced the judge.

The cat, It has been renamed as Nancy, It is totally recovered in the hands of a protective.


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