A man buried alive to his dog and the police found two days later

The animal was saved ' in extremis’

That dog is man's best friend is a cliché, because the cruelty suffered by Jerry is him not nor an enemy. Its owner, an Italian of Desenzano del Garda, in the Lombard region, buried it half a meter in depth and covered with rubble. Their moans alerted to a pedestrian who told the police, After digging found the animal to die dehydrated.

The dog had been two days buried, a blindfold tied eyes completed torture planned by its owner, According to published ' Il Corriere della Sera'.

Jerry lay beneath the Earth and his salvation has been a miracle. A Walker, weird in that area in open country, he heard about from moans in an area near.

He alerted the police who arrived shortly after and after a few brief minutes of inspection on the ground they heard a somewhat distant cry, that came from bass about rubble.

There dug the officers who found the dog that was breathing with difficulty, soaring eyes with signs of dehydration.

After several hours of research, the police identified the owner of Jerry. The man admitted having buried alive his dog 40 hours before.

He is now charged with animal abuse, aggravated by the cruelty of the fact, While the dog has been relocated to a refuge for animals in Brescia, location where the event occurred.

  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano

  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano
  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano
  • foto Polizia Locale Desenzano

Source: Telecinco

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