A dog risks her life to save four cats from a fire

Leo, a small - size- dog, he risked his life to save four cats from a fire at Australia. But it is not the first, and probably the last. We have already seen how a dog crossing a highway to rescue a 'companion'. Simple insinto for survival??

It happened years ago, a dog proved to be something more than a pet in Melbourne, Australia.

Following your own instincts and leaving aside the imposed war between cats and dogs, he saved four small cats of a fire.

It happened in a house where fortunately the family managed to escape along with another of their pets except for Leo, the dog, He refused to leave the House to protect cats.

Later, have not been few stories of pets that save their owners, or other animals, in extreme situations.

They are domesticated to be docile man friends, but not to give his life for us, or by their peers.

The debate remains open between those who believe and those who do not, do you have feelings animals??

Source: thesimpsons.com

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