An abused dog, with a can around the neck, rescued in the city of Dallas

The animal suffered because they were placed on his neck a tin box that left him very hurt.

A dog that roamed the streets of Dallas caught the attention of users on Facebook numbers who did not hesitate to express his point of view about the misfortune which suffered from the canine before being rescued.

It was the profile of Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, institution that is in charge of providing care and support to dogs and animals maltrados in the Lone Star State, who unveiled the case of cub.

It was a stray female dog, He had a tin box placed on your neck - probably starting by any person- and whose condition was deteriorating.

Profile account that the animal, found in a road near Dallas was in a State of malnutrition, with wounds in the neck and worms on the skin, It was also already infected.

The Agency vets proceeded to remove the oxidized brass of the neck with a pair of pliers and then sent the animal to Animal Allies of Texas, where appropriate care for their recovery gave.

Users who saw the pictures in the profile made comments as “Whoever that you've done this the dog, should do you the same”.

Others expressed their wish because the animal has soon recovered and did not have negative emotional sequences.

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Via: eluniversalsanantonio
Photos: dallasanimalservices

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