A yorkshire terrier's 100 grams can become the dog the world smaller

This miniature dog has his sights put on a great title: Be the smallest dog in the world and be recorded as such in the Guinness Book of the Records.

Suni, the small Yorkshire Terrier, weighed only 45 g at birth, and three months later he measured only 6 height cm, It was smaller than the mobile phone of its owner.

While Sunni has gained weight since then, It is still a tiny dog, now weighs 100 g.
Veterinary from Jarocin, Poland, do not believe that it comes to weigh much more.

It is not much higher than a bottle of Nail Polish. For something is the smallest dog in the world.

Its owner, Anna Pohl, He hoped that his small dog take the size necessary to be registered as the smallest dog in the world.

“When he was born he was so small that we didn't think he could survive, but we were wrong”, said the Sra. Pohl.

The owner of Suni has been in contact with officials of the Guinness Book of the Recors to see if her little dog is eligible to be registered as such.

“It is a beautiful thing, but you have to be very careful when you sit or walk, any mistake would be fatal.”

Although it seems that Sunni is the smallest dog in the world, following the rules of the Guinness Book of Records, you will not be registered until it is 12 months.

El récord actual de perro más pequeño del mundo está en posesión de un chihuahua de Kentucky, EE.UU, y fue coronado como tal en 2008.

Suni tiene competencia no sólo en Boo Boo, sino también en un Chihuahua puertorriqueño llamado Milly, que a los cuatro meses pesaba 170g.


Via: dailymail

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