A dog called ´Milagros´ – Alicante

Mari Carmen Brotons embracing and kissing the miracles dog who has saved his life. JESUS CROSSES

Survival. Yira is an abandoned dog that has survived against nature. It has remained two days heartfelt, trapped and unable to move more of 30 degrees after suffering two abuses on the road of Elda and Sax. His rescuers have been renamed. It is now called “Miracles”.

They say that the dog is man's best friend but the man might be, at the same time, the best friend and worst enemy of the dog. All this you know much Yira, a dog of mixed race and little more than year and a half of life that has survived despite suffering two atrocities and remain immobilized two days in the interior of a drain, without eating or drinking anything and higher temperatures to the 30 degrees. That is why their saviors, a couple of Sax, they have decided to rename it. It is now called “Miracles” to remember his gesta. A miraculous adventure dating back to the 22 hours of the 20 August when both drove his car along the road of the turret linking Elda and Sax. Near this latter municipality was when both realized the presence of the dog malherida on the asphalt after having been winding minutes earlier by a car. They quickly sought a place to turn around and, just when they managed to stop at the hard shoulder to aid her, a tourism MPV circulating in direction to Elda her struck for the second time.

Yira was rolled scared unable to move the hind legs towards a nearby bushes and disappeared into the darkness. “The image was terrible. We hit a lot and while we try to help the poor animal we proved impossible to find it”, Remember Mari Carmen Brotons.

But in the end the search resulted. Two days later had spotted it with very weak vital constants in a drain near the place where was hit. “We have been to the vet and he made many tests. At first we thought that it would not exceed it and that it would end up dying, but after entering the dog at the clinic for one week he began to improve and we brought her home, and on Thursday - explained yesterday excited - began to walk”. The mestizo still presented on the face and hind legs the wounds of the two abuses. “It continues with the shock in the body, He still has the sad eyes and trembles much, but every day we see more happy and more confident it, and that also makes us happier to us and to all persons who have turned to help her”, It says its new owner as the previous continues without signs of life despite numerous attempts to locate it. Was the vet who detected the chip which contained the name and telephone number of the owner. But it has not responded to any of the calls and messages that have been sent in the last nine days. Thanks to the chip also it has could ascertain that the dog was called Yira. Now, However, He begins to respond to the name of miracles because it is a miracle to continue with life for his rescuers.

Complaint to the Guardia Civil

Mari Carmen Brotons yesterday went to the barracks of the Guardia Civil of Sax to denounce the facts. “I think it is very sad that there are people who leave their pets thrown out there, abandoned to their fate, without any humanity or remorse”, regrets. For this reason and for the “strange disappearance” the owner of the dog has decided to denounce the facts and, step, He has also claimed more road safety on the road from the turret. “Each week he died hit in this district a dog or a cat and accidents are too frequent”. His grandfather died just years ago on this same road when it circulated in bicycle and a car that went into the Elda took him ahead. The driver even stopped to rescue it.


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