Turkish van

The range is a range that appeared natural and isolation in the mountainous area of Lake Van, to the East of Turkey, where it has been documented for centuries. It became known abroad when two specimens were brought to Great Britain, in 1955. North America did not arrive until the Decade of 1970. In Great Britain, the entirely white variety, the Turkish vankedisi, also sometimes called van kedi, It has increased its recognition thanks to the CGGF, but it is still virtually unknown in North America.

The impressive pattern of the fur of the cat, that just color in the ears and tail, known simply as van. Their strict standards of color extends to the eyes, It must be amber, Blue or one of each color, This being the classic look of this race. Although it is elegant, silky hair and sweet expression, the van is not a cuddlier cat, but an active and independent cat, famous in his homeland for his ability to fish and swim.

Can reach a meter in length from the snout to the tip of the tail.

Visual guide to cats, Dr. Bruce Fogle

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